Get premium gardening solutions at budgeted range from Green Carpet. The green carpet is a leading and top most brands offering a wide range of gardening solutions. In fact, they are a one stop solution for all the gardening services and products. The products and services catered by them ensure the decrease of carbon foot prints. The company is truly committed to catering the greener and redefined way of living to their global customers. They help their customers to convert their living dreams in a healthy and clean environment. They aim to become a catalyst in order to enhance the quality and way of living.

Products nurtured with eco-friendly global standards
The Green Carpet is the most sought after company by the customers located all around the world. This is so because of their quality and value brought by it in its services and products beneath its standard. The products are manufactured making sure that they are not only environment friendly but also highly affordable and cost effective.

The company has a team of highly skilled and certified professionals that are well-versed in creating the products can meet and suit the expectations and demands of the customers. They never compromise with the quality and authenticity of the products and services and continuously effort to cater the most innovative and best in class products.

Our Vision

They aim to build an enterprise that is far reaching in its network, with commitment to excellence in distribution of products and services while maintaining the highest standard in quality to complement the fostering/development of an environmentally healthy world.

Their Objective

At Green Carpet,they are constantly striving to create an environment that is cleaner, greener and environmentally, a safer world for our children to live in. To this end,we endeavour to provide products that enhance the quality of life around us.

Their Values

Respect for Natural Resources
At Green Carpet, they understand the need to conserve and respect the value of  natural resources. They believe that we have a responsibility as a generation to preserve our resources so that our future generation is able to live in a better world.

Commitment to Excellence
They believe that to offer products and services which are the best that an individual can afford translates directly into providing quality of life.

Their strength lies in our ability to maintain customer satisfaction as our highest priority and address every single need of each customer who comes in contact with us.

Save Water - But Splurge On Design

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Green Thumb Myna Batavia Solves Your Gardening Problems

By Lavanya Srinivasan | Published: May 19 2010

Plant Doctor Myna Batavia set up her gardening solutions store Green Carpet - The Garden Centre in 2002 and since then her business has grown in leaps and bounds.

Myna Batavia who worked as a HR professional for nearly 12 years gave it all up to start something on her own. She set up Green Carpet - The Garden Centre at Kormangala in 2002. The store was set up with the aim to provide complete gardening solutions under one roof.

"I started the business on a very small scale in 2002; I've always been passionate about gardening, since I come from Coorg. In the present situation where pollution is ubiquitous, greenery has become a rare phenomenon. The community style of living, which does not allow much space to tender a garden, is also one of the reasons for the reduction in the green factor. Keeping all these factors in mind I started Green Carpet," Says Myna.

Green Carpet caters to the needs of the community by offering garden products and services to decrease carbon foot print. Says Myna, "Green Carpet is committed in making the dream of a green and clean environment a reality, that's something I strive for. I've set up at least 100 terrace gardens in Bangalore and it gives me immense pleasure to see more and more people becoming environmental conscious,"


Myna, who put in an initial investment of Rs. 9 lakhs, has grown her business to Rs. 5 crore in just a matter of four years. Myna's business entered a new plane when she became the sole distributor of Lechuza and Scheurich.

Lechuza and Scheurich are both avant-garde German brands of pots which are made available in India only through Green Carpet. These pots come in different mediums - ceramic, wood, fiber and galvanized steel and so on. The store also houses self-watering pots.

"The self-watering pots are from the German company, Lechuza. There is a funnel with storage for water at the bottom of the pot. So you pour the water in through the funnel and the plant will take in as much as it needs. This way you can water your plant once a week or once in two weeks," Points out Myna.

Backed by a team of qualified personnel including landscape architects, horticulturists and gardeners, the centre also imports items from Germany, Italy, South Africa, and Australia to suit preferences of customers. The prices of the products range from Rs. 1100 - 16,000.

Green Carpet also has a "Plant Clinic". Plant clinic takes care of your greens while you are on a longish holiday or assignment. "Certain plants need extra care and attention, like the rose plant. So if your plants are sick, we use our products to rejuvenate them," says Myna.

So, now if you are planning to set up your terrace garden and looking for some assistance, you know where to head.


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