Green Building Congress Mumbai 2016

The Green Building Congress event is going to be held from 6th to 8th October 2016 at Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, Maharashtra. For the past five years India has been witnessing a significant change in economic activities especially in the construction industry. There is a tremendous growth in construction and building sector. It is also observed that with the increase in income level of people there is also a change in lifestyle in various demographics of the society. Hence this is putting an enormous pressure on water, energy and materials, etc.

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) was established with the vision `To usher in a green building movement in the country and to facilitate India become one of the world leaders in green buildings by 2015'. With this vision the council has enabled a market transformation to green concepts, materials and updated technologies. They started off with 20,000 sq.ft of green footprint in the country in 2001, but today you will find more than 2,007 Green Buildings with a Footprint of over 1.40 Billion sq.ft are being constructed all over India.


Why Should You Exhibit at Green Building Congress 2016?
  • Showcase and Be visible
  • Connect with new and existing customers
  • Platform for launching new green building products & technologies
  • Over 7000 Visitors to visit the stalls
  • Business Networking Opportunities
Green Building Congress Mumbai 2016