Grass is the company that has maintained its reputation and unique identity in the industry from over 60 years. The company is enlisted among the topmost and leading manufacturers of quality process machines and furniture fittings for multiple uses. It is a dynamic and renowned company for manufacturing process machines and furniture fittings. The Hinge and Slides manufactured by the company are uses in the furniture of renowned and well established brands of industry. They are also used in many kinds of craft workshops of high quality.

The foundation of the Grass was laid down 6o years ago. But before that, the Mepla factory was engaged in the production of furniture fittings since the year 1929. Besides, ten years ago from 1929, the Mepla Factory was merged with the Alfit AG, that was formed in the year 1976. Afterward, both the Mepla and Alfit AG were got hold of by the Wurth Group and since the year 2004 the Grass fits in the Wurth group. Resultantly, in the year 2007, the new Grass Company came into existence after emerging from the union of the Mepla-Alfit and Grass. This is how the worldwide known company with wide range of amazing products for the furniture industry. The company offers innovative and creative technology to its customers with top most quality and best in class designs.


Excellent quality. The basis of high customer satisfaction of furniture manufacturers and consumers.

Their esteemed customers depend on them for their high end furniture and authentic and quality craft workshops. They accepting the responsibility of fulfilling the customer's demand and expectations, always strive to deliver the fitting systems with the faultless and smooth functioning.

GRASS Academy

The Grass academy is a place where all the Grass customers, partners, and employees can gain knowledge. This enables them to manufacture and market only top and genuinely quality products. Their services are capable to manufacture thousands of such systems on a daily basis. This is their core strength due to which they have stabilized their position in this industry since for long years.  They make sure to meet the high standards of quality management and each and every product is surpassed from the high level of quality testing.