The Granite Stones was established in the year 1996 and since then the company has been the top most exporter and manufacturer of Granite in India. They specialize in the of granite stones that is used in the creation and of the interiors and exteriors of homes and office. They are involved in this business for more than 15 years and they deal in granite stones of more than 20 varieties.

The professional firm of the company is established in India and the founder and president of this company is Mr.Sundeep Gandotra. The company not only serves the domestic clients but various business houses located internationally are included in their clientele. They have a broad production portfolio of many successful projects till date. The manufacturing of granite and its initial process starts in the mine. Further when the process of manufacturing is done, they move ahead to place the stone for quality and authenticity testing and after, in case, it is approved, only then it is delivered to the clients. The company makes sure that only premium quality products are being delivered to their esteemed customers.

Quality Control

The Granite Stones has got its customers' trust and reliability just because of its quality controlled products and services. They understand that it is the most important and crucial element of manufacturing section. They quality check the products that are surpassed through extremely high standard quality tests. Their team of skilled and highly efficient members caters utmost attention and care while testing the quality of each and every manufactured granite stones. In order to achieve the highest possible accuracy in the quality tests, they have employed amazingly talented and well specialized inspectors having experience of more than 20 years and they make sure the delivery of perfectly tested and standard quality is transported to the customers with a focused and positive approach. The most important aspect of the quality control in their products and services is they include a number of steps such as:
  • Checking the hardness of stones.
  • Its strength.
  • Resistant power of the stone against water.
  • Checking the changes in stones under different conditions like humidity, temperature variation and microbes.
  • At last, the stone is transferred for testing of packaging after the testing of production.

Packaging Details

Since, Granite is a very fragile and delicate stone therefore it requires a great care and attention while packaging. The team that is engaged its packaging, is well trained and skilled enough to pack the stone so that it remains in its inventive form and undamaged. The company exports the stones in all the parts of the world hence they ensure the perfect and quality packing of the same so that it may reach to the client's door-step as it was packed initially. There is use of corrugated boxes to pack the granite stones and further they are packed in wooden crates. The wooden crates are treated with high quality pesticides to avoid termites. Afterwards, the pesticides treated wooden crates are placed in waterproof plastic which is sealed properly after then.


Today's world is extremely competitive and customers demand to get the products within the scheduled time. Also, delay and delivery and irregular services indicate the low standard of a company. But the Granite Stones is listed among the most sought after and leading manufacturers and exporters of granite and the company has maintained its reputation and prestige with the scheduled time delivery and end to end customer assistance along with after sales services too. Their trained and fully experienced shipment and delivery division entirely fulfils the responsibility of shipping and transportation of the cargo on the particular port.