Clean and green surroundings are the requirement of every client today. Whether it is a beautiful home that you own or the aesthetically designed corporate office campus of any company, the beautifully designed external surroundings have become an essential need today. This is where landscaping the outer space of your home or corporate places come into picture. Grand Designs (P) Ltd. is a growing company currently working in areas of Gurgaon, Jaipur.

With the constant and urgent need of protecting environment and making our nation a cleaner and more beautiful place, many innovative techniques have evolved in the last decade. Clean and Green India needs more of such ideas. Grand Designs (P) Ltd. is the firm that deals with landscaping using different products and services along with the development of Infrastructure. These products and services include landscaping of your outer areas in the form of beautiful and well structured gardens and elements like water fountains, sculptures etc.

Indian Government has started many initiatives like ‘Start Up India’, ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ for the growth of entrepreneurship ventures and Grand Designs (P) Ltd. is an initiative in that direction only to make India a sparkling and developed country. Grand Designs (P) Ltd. strives to build an evolved corporation in the field of landscaping art and better infrastructure. We have the products that help in creating and maintaining natural elements in beautifully designed gardens. 

The services offered are provided by our highly professional and skilled team of designers and engineers. The range of products and services available are designed in a way to aim at providing superior quality work to our clients while providing excellent services at your door step. In the field of landscaping and infra development, Grand Designs (P) Ltd. has the solution to all problems with the experience professionals available to cater all your needs.
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