John N. Graber, who laid the foundation of Springs Window fashions, at the very first stage, invented a ‘Badger Crane’ which was a handcrafted craned draped with metal. This is so because he wanted to create a balanced effect between the venetian blinds installed by him. The Springs Window Fashions is a renowned name for customized windows treatments.

The year of 1939 was the time when the success story of Springs Window Fashions started. Further, a vast majority of people booked the orders for the Badger Crane Drapery Hardware, from the departmental stores located all across the Midwest. Since then the badger carne went into large scale production. Resultantly the Springs Window Fashions came into existence that make the Garber’s customized window treatments. The company from about 70 years is catering the beautiful, and customer friendly window treatments helping the customers to bring out the hidden interior designer in them in order to style their homes as per their sophistication and convenience.

At present scenario, the company is involved in creative and best in class superior window treatments. Their philosophy for catering best experience to the customers enables them to do innovation each time with the dedicated commitment of quality services. Their one of a kind customer services and quality ensured delivery of the same sets them apart from the others. Apart6 from that, they strive to proffer a customer complete reliability and peace of mind. The company’s business practices are truly inspired from ‘green by nature’ approach that is why they are the most preferable choice of the customers located all across the world. This approach includes manufacturing of facilities that are highly recyclable, eco-friendly material, and window treatments that are highly energy efficient. They make sure the testing of window treatments so that they are healthy for homes and offices as well. The window treatments are tested for emission of low volatile organic compounds.

Green By Nature

The company's business practices are entirely green by nature. In this way, there are many advantages while outsourcing their facilities as below:
  • Their products are components of green living.
  • They believe in energy conservation and not consumption. To achieve this, their window coverings are idea for regulating the sun rays to control efficiently the temperature creating healthier homes with energy efficiency.
  • The cellular shades in the window treatments provide more insulation and resist the escape of heat and cold from windows.