In order to cater new and invigorated experience to the customer while purchasing natural stone is what Graavaa aims at. They strive to provide varied range of products with ensured quality and an assurance of technology and expertise. All these elements drive the company and that is the reason of it becoming a leading and top most brand when it comes to authentic natural stone.

'Graavaa' is a Sanskrit word that means a glittering rock or stone. The company realizes this meaning by epitomizing natural stone derived from mother earth’s womb in its purest and finest form. All across the globe, this natural stone is sourced meticulously and passed through strict quality control prior to including in the product line of Graavaa,.

Natural stone
Conventionally, granite is used for purposes like flooring, pavements, exterior cladding etc. it is so because soft stones like limestone, marble, sandstone etc. are easy to work with them by the fabricators. But with the advancement of technology and accessibility of various fabricating tools, granite has become the first choice among the other varieties for interior and exterior applications. It has one more advantage of availability in a number of colors catering needs and requirements of every individual customer. Granite comes with intrinsic strength, high resistivity against abrasion and many other factors contribute to make granite, top pick of Graavaa for table tops.

Pearl mineral group
Graavaa, being retail venture of pearl mineral group, it leverages to provide customers with quality ensured products with great expertise and professionalism. Pearl Mineral group has a number of quarrying operations in many states of India and supplies stones for various international and reputed projects of India like Amity University, Singapore airport, Essar group, and Uppal Builders are few among them. Pearl has an experience of 25 years in quarrying; sourcing and processing therefore its initiative of Graavaa will enhance its expertise providing customers with best in class services and products. Graavaa understands the language of stone and this is where it is distinctive from others. Customers prefer Graavaa to meet their demands of natural stone to be incorporated in commercial and residential spaces, projects and retail outlets.

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