Graand Prix bears an experience of more than 40 years for maintenance and installation of ACs and elevators.

The company Graand Prix is truly an experiences and skilled pioneer in the industry for premium assistance regarding the maintenance and installation of ACs and elevators as well. They established with a motto to redefined luxury to the homes and offices in order to provide an ease and convenience to them in their daily tasks. Previously they were involved in installing and maintaining the air conditioners of homes and offices but now they have proudly introduced their latest and true to the date venture named as Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. They have elaborated their areas of action and have expertized this field also with their well versed and skilled experience. That is the reason they have clients from all across the world. In fact, a huge number of leading and top most business houses are included in their clientele and rely on them for their ultimate assistance and end to end solutions.

The most important and considerable fact about the company is that in about 200 homes and offices and even more, they have successfully installed and maintained the elevator services. Their core strength is their well trained and professional team of highly certified members who are capable to understand the particular customer’s needs and decide the best assistance for him suiting his needs. Their end to end services comprise of the installation of elevator, its maintenance and time to time services for proper and uninterrupted functioning of the same. Their hard work, dedication and expertise are wisely invested in their esteemed customers. Apart from that, their sales executives and well-trained engineers pursue many years of experience in their particular expertized field and hence they have the caliber for the vertical transportation are always there to assist and handle the tasks of the company in a perfect manner. They appraising the needs and requirements of every individual customer, give assurance of quality and unmatched best in class services.