The GPS Medical Ltd. is a supplier and manufacturer of authentic and reliable equipment of surgical, hospital and medical along with the orthopaedic, diagnostic, and surgical instruments. The company came into existence in the year 1930. All of the products are designed in such a way that they might benefit the people for whom these instruments and equipments are manufactured. They are quality tested by the team of skilled and highly certified experts following creational methods to ensure the successful commercial application. The GPC medical Ltd. is an established and well known manufacturer and supplier of quality ensured orthopaedic and surgical implants.

They have achieved expertise and pioneering that enables them to cater truly valued services in a comprehensive manner with wide range of surgical and orthopaedic implants and equipments. They being a leader among the pharmaceutical manufacturer company, they work with many industry leaders for manufacturing quality and credible equipments and implants so as to cater a remarkable contribution for the development of institutions engaged in medical and health care. It is one of the speedily growing companies that deals and operates in the sector of manufacture, export of miscellaneous apparatuses, lab and medical equipments.

They develop a huge variety of surgical and orthopaedic implants and develop them with great expertise and the other range of products are supplied from OEM manufacturers and small-scale developers who are trusted and authorized by us to deliver their products to us. Along with that, the products manufactured by the small scale manufacturers are reliable and proffer high standard and quality surpassed equipments. Not only in India, our products are exported in foreign countries and they are proud to have millions of happy customers.

Various top notch and leading business houses are included in their clientele. However, there are various mediums through which they export the products such as they are either directly exported to the buyer or with the help of channel partners who are involved in re-exporting and marketing the products to a number of rising and budding countries.

The company makes constant and serious efforts for the long-lasting and strongly bonded relationship with the clients locate all over the world including stakeholders, and employees. It is a well organized and well settled company that observes extremely high and standard business ethics with the professionalism. They are committed to quality ensured orthopaedic and surgical products are extremely cost effective ranges.

There are few facts listed about the company as given below:

  • The company has experience since the year 1930.
  • It caters services with trust and confidence.
  • They have export house which is government approved.
  • And the company satisfies global clients.

As they are the most experienced and skilled company, that is the reason that they are capable to cater all kinds of needs at both large and small scale. They deliver the equipments and implants that are customized as per the individual customer’s requirements and fulfil them seamlessly. This quality of them is resulting into the betterment of the clientele every day.