The Good earth was established in the year 1996 at Kempes in Mumbai. Since then, the company has positioned standards for premium luxury and comforted items all across the India. The creative director and founder of this company, Anita lal believes that everyday living comprises of true luxury and is surrounded by the natural materials that are extremely pure. It is designed and handcrafted very beautifully. Apart from that, she stresses on the real meaning of luxury that refers to the use of genuine and original absolutes, resins and oils in order to fragrance the body or entire home. It is all about living with the spirit elevating designs.

The company caters a wide range of beautifully and amazingly produce products including glasses and tableware. Besides, they manufacture cushions, pillows, skincare products of pure and authentic quality, fragrances for home, accessories with silver plating, bed linen, and a wide range of apparels and outfits manufactured with fabrics that are hand spun naturally along with traditional crafts skills.

They proffer a wide range of services as mentioned below:
  • They have serious and dedicated shoppers offering suggestions as per the occasion, style and budget of the customer.
  • They have flexible cost effective options. They include emailing of the photograph, picking it up or its delivery. On customer's request, it is gift-wrapped too.
  • Customers can make payment with flexible payment options. Apart from that, they can make payment after receiving the product ordered on phone or else through credit card.
  • If you wish to get a call from their one of the personal shoppers, you can email them at Just specify the city you live in or you would prefer to accept the delivery in the city you live in.
  • Delivery charges are applied but they are budgeted and minimal.
The products are arranged in manifold categories such as dinnerware, living, bed and bath, wellness, for kids and gifting section as well. You can find kitchen ware here in many kinds like of bone chine, porcelain, studio pottery, and much more for different usage. The bed and bath collection has a wide range of bed and bathroom essentials such as towels, bed linens, cushions and pillows, quilts, Dohars and gudris, bolsters etc. All the products are extremely affordable, authentic and quality ensured.