Gond Art Exhibition Mumbai 2015 by Sukhnandi Vyam

Gond Art Exhibition Mumbai 2015 by Sukhnandi Vyam held from 13th to 14th August 2015 at the Artisan Art Galler in Mumbai is an exciting event based on the individual series of Gond mythology and folklore. It has distinctively emerged as a part of highly sacred roots which depicts the talking myths of the Gond art. This exhibition has brought forth all the relevant connections with the belief of co-existence between ecosystem and nature.

DAY 1: The first day of exhibition particularly depicts the myths of Gond creation by Arundhuti Dasgupta Singhal. According to the myth, the world, Gods, humans, our village and homes are responsible for fascinating us for the eons. This idea of Gond creation myth is both starkly simple as well as strikingly profound.

Day 2: The second day of the exhibition reveals the oral narrative about the Gond Ramayani by Utkarsh Patel. The theme of this narrative is entirely different from Valmiki's Ramayana. In this narrative, the story centers on Lakshman and his journey. Also, women have also played a significant role in this narrative.

Registration Fees:

  • Two Day Pass: Rs 800/-
  • One Day Pass: Rs 500/-
  • Student Rate: Rs 300/- per day
  • Two Day Pass for Students: Rs 500/-
Gond Art Exhibition Mumbai 2015 by Sukhnandi Vyam