Add a spark, a style, a decadence and an atmosphere to any area may it be you’re workplace or your home. At Golden Bricks Co. we only use reclaimed 20th century bricks to enhance the appeal of your living or working space with exposed brick effect, add to that the instant dazzle of a charming character and you’ll find yourself in an environment of unrivalled history and authenticity. Offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed our bricks and services have been used for enhancing the look and feel of commercial and living spaces .

We add charm and character to any space, you’d be amazed how different and sublime you’re bedroom or corner office or even a café will look once we’ve finished applying the exposed Brick Tile effect to it. In an instant and working on a budget you are able to completely transform and at the same time increase the value and beauty of your building. Applying them to the space of your choice, reclaimed brick are sliced into tiles, once in place they give an exposed brickwork effect which in itself creates a magnificent ambience and brings a certain rough and relaxing effect.

Our Company has been casting automated or modern and Hydraulically consolidated Roof/Terrace Tiles, Cladding Tiles with upgraded automation. We always take superiority as the criteria of our company. Our foundry is located at Vill. Kakkar Majra, Distt. Ambala, Haryana. The purpose of the company is to enhance the unit with the most recent automation and currently the company is casting modern tiles using German automation. With this Automation, Pugmill eliminates the air from the clay, making it additionally extensible thus enhancing the superiority of modern tiles. The burning of stiff clay at sharp degree results natural brick red color. We are also specializing in Hydraulic Automation which is recently adopted in Italy and other countries. These Hydraulically Consolidated tiles have been employed broadly in interior & exterior elevations by ingenious architects & designers who choose these tiles for their dynamic colors like Terracotta, Antique, Brown and many more. These tiles have very sharp high compressive strength, good luster and less water absorption. Modern & Hydraulically consolidated Tiles are fired at 1000°C near vitrification temperature because of which the sulphur present in the air cannot contaminate the building.


Long Lasting For thousands of years no other building material has endured like clay brick. With a life cycle that lasts for generations and colours that never fade clay bricks is the most durable natural building material available today. Not only does it maintain its appeal year after year, it is a safe and solid investment for your family and your home's resale value.. It is its ability to combine the right mix of ingredients to produce perfect bricks of great strength and durability lasting generations together.

Colour Of Life The intense color of the bricks add a significant aesthetic value. Uniformity and saturated color is an important factor when the design demands facial or internal applications. The bricks produced by golden bricks maintain the same hue and coloration as they are manufactured using german machinery.

Honest Sorting Sorting is done manually by our trained personnel. They adhere to strict sorting in the interest of customers. We strive to ensure that the quality that you order is the quality that you receive.

Extensive Preparation Of Clay We purify the clay of impurities like large stones, sticks, roots and grass. Then it is left for two weeks to cure and season. Then we mix, crush and homogenize the clay. Only tiles made from extensively prepared clay can form a uniform smooth surface. They are more dense and less porous.

Benefit for Customers The tiles look uniform and smooth on the surface and edges, without any visible lumps or protrusions. Dense tiles absorb less water and are more durable.