Glo Panels Pvt Ltd - Established in 1980, based in Mumbai, India.

Today, whether you’re designing a home or office, a savvy knowledge of materials is increasingly critical. Keeping up with the constant flow of new innovations, let alone applications, properties and sources, is a difficult and time consuming task.

At Glo Panels Pvt Ltd, backed by years of experience and exposure in the Interior Design and Architectural industry puts us in an advantage in knowing the current and future market needs. We are focused, committed and constantly strive to source, innovate, design, produce and bringing new trends to the Interior Design and Architectural industry.

We’ve re-created this website with our most interesting and useful new and current materials available serving as an essential source for any designer and architect in keeping up with the latest development of our products.

It has its customers in more than 100 cities across the nation. And about 1000 partners, dealers and distributors all over India. You can fill the form below to know the nearest location of local glowood store.