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ZapataCarved decorative corbel on the porch of the Southwest Adobe house.

Wood that resembles the striping of a zebra, with dark stripes on a light background. Found on contemporary furniture pieces and decorative wall panelling.

ZeflonA registered trademark of Dow Badische for nylon.
ZefranA registered trademark of Dow Badische for nylon, acrylic, and polyester.
ZenMeditation school of East Asian Buddhism.
ZenanaFurniture that was reserved for the part of a home in which women and girls were secluded in ancient Persia.
Zero-Clearance Fireplace UnitA fireplace unit that can be set into combustible walls with no clearance.
ZigzagA molding or stitching with a series of frequent sharp turns from side to side.
Zigzag LinesLines that reverse upon themselves in a regular order, such as a herringbone pattern, or in an irregular order, such as a flame pattern.
ZonesAreas that have similar functions or purposes, such as work zones, social zones, private zones, and storage zones.