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VacuformingA process of forming plastic in a mold in which all the air is drawn out to form a vacuum that forces the plastic around the mold.

 A decorative window treatment mounted across the top of a window (outside the casing). Usually combined with blinds, curtain panels,or sheers.

Valance LightingA light over the top of a window placed behind a hoard that directs light both upward and downward.
ValueThe lightness or darkness of a color.
Value ContrastHues or neutrals that differ in value. Iow-value contrast is seen when light and dark values are used together; low-value contrast refers to similar hues or neutral values.
Value DistributionThe placement of differing values in an interior to create a balanced and pleasing effect.
VanityThe countertop and cabinet used to support a sink in a bathroom. Find bathroom furniture.
Vanity TableNormally a small table with a drawer and mirror for use in a woman's or girl's bedroom for doing their hair, applying makeup, etc. Find a vanity table.
Vapor BarrierA heavy-gauge plastic applied to walls or insulative window treatments to prevent moisture and air penetration.
VarguenoA fall or drop front desk of Spanish origin. Popular in the 16th and 17 Centuries.
VarietyA subelement of harmony made possible through repetition or similarity of objects or elements in an interior.
VarnishA coating that lacks pigment, offering a transparent finish for a wood surface.

A decorative container or urn, often used to display floral arrangements.

VasselierA traditional French style china cupboard/hutch and buffet. Find a china cabinet.
VaultA ceiling constructed on the principle of an arch. An arched roof.
Vaulted System ConstructionA tunnel-like arch system of building.
VectraA registered trademark of Veara for olefin.
Vegetable DyeDye colors that are derived from the natural pigments of plants and botanical products.
VehicleIn painting, the binding agent that holds the particles of pigment together and creates the film that adheres to the surface being painted.
Veiling GlareThe reflecting of a light source from a shiny surface into the line of vision.
VelocityThe medium in which the sound is traveling and the temperature of the medium.

A plush fabric with a short dense pile.

Velvet Weave CarpetA cut-pile woven carpet with no design. Colors are solid or utilize variegated yarns.
VeneerDecorative or prized wood cut very thin and applied to an inferior wood.
Venetian BlindA window treatment consisting of a series of horizontal slats that can be turned or raised to control light or privacy. Find window blinds.
Venetian GlassDelicate and fine glassware made at or near Venice, Italy. A term used to describe glass mirrors with an antique or veined appearance.
VentilationNatural fresh air through windows or through a central HVAC unit that circulates clean air through a building.
VentingA natural hairline crack in the stone.
VerandaA long covered porch along the front and/or side of a building.

The greenish-blue patina that forms on oxidized copper, brass,or bronze surfaces.

VerelA registered trademark of Eastman Kodak for modacrylic.
VernacularA type of building method common to a specific region, often build with wood indigenous to the area.
Vertical LinesUp-and-down lines that lift the eye, and give dignity and formality to interiors.
Vertical LouversMovable louvered blinds with vertical, rather than horizontal, slats.
Vertically RunA fabric that's been applied with the warp threads (bolt length) running top to bottom over the furniture's back, front and arms.
VestibuleAn air-lock entry consisting of two doors and a compartment-like room that prevents excessive heat or cold from entering the building.
VictorianA furniture style named after England's Queen Victoria, which was very popular through the latter half of the 1800's. Victorian furniture was usually constructed of mahogany, walnut and rosewood in dark finishes, which were often highlighted with elaborate carved floral designs. Common elements of this style include oval chair backs and marble tops on tables and dressers.
Victorian Era (1837-1901)The English and American era that coincided with the reign of Queen Victoria. It paralleled the Industrial Revolution, during which time many styles were seen. Victorian design is characterized by revivals of nearly every previous historical style, together with rapid technological development.
Vienna SecessionA group of young Viennese artists and craftsmen including Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann, and joseph Maria Olbrich who broke away from the mainstream of traditional art and design around 1897. The group eventually evolved into a more formal workshop?the Wiener Werkstate headed by Josef Hoffmann.
VigaA heavy rafter, most commonly a log, used for roof support in southwestern architecture.
VignetteA display of furniture and furnishings in a store or showroom that is done to simulate an actual room.

Furniture and decorative elements that are between 10 and 100 years old. Often found at flea markets, garage sales,and specialty vintage retailers.

VinylPolymerized vinyl (ethylene), essentially a plastic compound, extruded into sheets for floor and as wall coverings; also a coating for wall coverings and fabrics.
Vinyl CompositionA resilient hard flooring of vinyl and other compounds.
Vinyl Latex Wall CoveringsWall coverings that are vinyl through to the backing, which is usually a fabric. They are usually very durable, heavy, and scrubbable.
Vinyl TileExtruded vinyl sheets cut into square tiles.
Vinyl Wall CoveringsAny wall covering with a vinyl surface, including vinyl-protected, vinyl latex, and coated fabric wall coverings.
Vinyl WrapFlexible vinyl wrapping applied to underlying wood solids or particleboard to produce a surface that most often resembles wood.
Vinyl-Protected Wall CoveringsWall coverings, usually paper, with a coating of vinyl, which makes the covering washable.
VinyonA synthetic vinyl chloride long-chain polymer generally extruded in sheet form, and often imitating leather, suede, or nearly any surface texture. Often called vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
Vis-A-VisA tete-a-tete chair in which two sitters face oppositely.
ViscoelasticHeat sensitive, polyurethane foam. Often referred to as visco or memory foam. Find a viscoelastic mattress.
Visual ProportionThe way a proportion might appear regardless of actual dimensions or proportions.
Visual WeightThe weight or scale an object appears to have, regardless of actual weight.
VitreographA print made from a glass plate that has been prepared by sandblasting or etching.
VitreousClay fired to maturity, so that it is hard, dense, and nonabsorbent.
VitrifyTo change into a glasslike ceramic by high heat.

A glass-doored cabinet for display.

Vitruvian ProportionsCorrect classical proportions as recorded by Vitruvius.
VitruviusA first-century Roman architect and writer responsible for standardizing classical architectural forms.
VoileA sheer lightweight fabric used to make sheets, pillows, shams, duvet covers, and draperies for canopy beds.
Volts Or VoltageThe measurement of power that comes through the power line.
VolumeIs the true three-dimensional aspect of interior design because an object with volume is clearly perceived as a spatial form having length, width, and depth.
VoluteA spiral, scroll-like ornament on Iconic and Corinthian capitals.
VolutesThe scroll-like details on the capital of a Ionic column.
VycronA registered trademark of Beatinit for polyester.