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UltronA registered trademark of Monsanto for nylon.
Under-CoatAfter the primary coat is dry , second coat or under-coatings are applied on the primed surface. The color of the under-coat should approximately be of the same shade as that of the desired finish. It should be a thin opaque film , free from brush marks.
Under-DraperyA lightweight, usually a sheer drapery that hangs behind the heavier over-drapery. Find draperies and curtains.
Under-PinningThis term is applied to the building of new work underneath an existing structure without disturbing its stability. It may be necessary when defective foundation of a wall is to be replaced with new foundation or when the existing foundation of a wall is required to be strengthened to enable it to carry more loads.
UndertonesThe addition of a small amount of one hue to another, rendering the latter slightly warm or cool.
Unfinished FurnitureFurniture made from wood that hasn't been treated with any type of finish, which allows the buyer to stain or finish the furniture to their particular taste. Find unfinished furniture.
UnityA component of harmony (an element of design) that provides a change or relief from sameness in an interior through differences in the design and furnishing elements.
Universal DesignDesign that meets the needs of all users, without drawing attention to those with disabilities.
Upholstered CorniceA wooden top treatment that is padded, then covered with a decorative top treatment.
Upholstered WallsPadded, then fabric-covered walls.

The process of fitting furniture, usually seating, with padding, springs, and webbing, with a fabric or leather cover.

UplightAlso used to describe the lights themselves, this is actually the term for light that is directed upward toward the ceiling.
Uplighters Or UplightingCanisters, spotlights, or floodlights that cast light upward to the wall or ceiling.
UprightsThe outer vertical posts of a chair.
Urethane FoamSynthetic foam used for carpet and upholstery padding.
Urethane Foam (Polyurethane)Flexible polyurethane foam is used as a cushioning material in upholstered furniture seats, backs and arms. For seat cushioning, foams that have a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot or higher offer the best support and durability.
UrinalsThey fall under the category of soil appliance and as such the discharge from urinals is connected to soil pipe either directly or through a trap provided with gun-metal or bass domed shaped removable grating.
UrnTerm refers to a vase shaped decorative ornament, commonly found as the finial of a broken pediment.
UserAnyone who will use a completed design.
User FriendlyComputer hardware and software that are relatively uncomplicated and easy to operate.
U-StairA stair that makes a 180-degree turn at a single landing.