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R, Er LampsLamps with a built-in, reflective surface.
R-20, R-30, R-40Indicate the degree of beam spread in reflector lamps.
Rabat RugsMoroccan rugs in a deep, hand-knotted pile with simplified Oriental designs.
Radial BalanceA type of balance that is seen in the same way as radiation from a central point.
Radiant HeatElectrical conduit or water (steam) heat plumbing in ceilings, floors, or walls that radiates heat.
RadiationA type of rhythm (a principle of design) illustrated by elements radiating out in nearly every direction from a central point, such as spokes of a wheel or concentric circles.
RadiatorsWall or baseboard units that contain steam heat or another heated fluid medium, permanent or portable.
RafterOne of the series of members designed to support roof loads.
Rag RugA plain weave rug woven with strips of fabric, historically rags or recycled clothing.
Ragging And Rag-RollingWet paint or glaze is partially removed by dabbing with a rag or rolling the paint off with a rolled rag.
RailThe horizontal section of a frame for a panel or door frame.
RailroadingRailroading usually applies to wallpaper or fabric and specifies it to be installed horizontally rather then vertically. This comes in handy at times in order to use less fabric or have less seams in the installation.
Rain GutterThe metal glitter and downspouts that channel rain and snow runoff from the eaves down the side of the building to the ground.
Rain Water PipeThis is the pipe provided to carry rain water.
Rainbow RoofA curved, gabled roof, attributed to ships' carpenters, used on some Cape Cod houses.
Raised HearthA hearth built on a platform or cantilevered in front of a raised fireplace.
Raking BondThis is a bond in brick work in which the bonding bricks are laid at any angle other than zero ninety degrees.
RakuThe technique of rapidly firing low-temperature ceramic ware. Raku firings were used traditionally in Japan to make bowls for tea ceremonies.
RamblerA one-story detached home with or without a basement. The social, work, and private zones are located on the main floor.
Random MatchA way to join veneer where no particular attention is paid to the color or grain of the material or the pattern in which it meets. Considered a rustic or casual look.
Random-Shear Carpet TextureSee level-tip shear.
Rapid-Start Fluorescent LampsEliminate flickering as the gases quickly activate the phosphorus in the light. May also be controlled with a dimmer switch.
RattanA climbing palm with slender, tough stems used to make wicker.
Raw Linseed OilIt is a transparent vehicle , yellowish in colour , sweet in taste and has very little smell . It has inferior drying qualities and is generally used for inside painting work.
RayonA regenerated cellulosic man-made fiber that imitates the luster of silk at a lower cost. Primarily used for drapery and upholstery.
RebarBendable steel bars set into concrete for reinforcement and to deter cracking.
RebatingIt is the process of cutting a rectangular grove along the edge of a member , so as to enable the edge or tongue of other member to fit in the former.
Rebonded FoamSee bonded (rebonded) foam.
Recessed Adjustable LightingArchitectural luminaires that are fixed into the ceiling. The lamps can be adjusted to the desired angle.
Recessed DownlightA canister that fits into the ceiling and casts pools of light downward.
Recessed LuminairesA general term for luminaires that fit into the ceilings where the light is noticeable but the fixture is not.
Red LeadIt is an oxide of lead , bright red in colour and is usually sold in powder form or in the form of paste made by grinding it with linseed oil.
ReedingRows of parallel convex beads or moldings used to embellish a column or leg. If the piece is grooved with concave moldings, it is fluted.
Refinement Or RefiningThe process of placing overlays of tracing paper to improve a space plan design.
Reflecting GlareA shiny object causing a distraction in a task area.
RefractionThe bending of a ray of heat, light, or sound.
RegencyThe period or style of English architecture that paralleled American Greek Revival. See American Empire.
Registers (Heat Registers)The metal grill that covers the duct opening of the HVAC system.
Reinforced ConcreteConcrete set with rebar or metal mesh to deter cracking and to give strength.
Relief PrintA process in which a print is produced from the relief carving on a metal plate or a wood or linoleum block.
Relief PrintingPrinting from a pattern that stands out in relief, as is done with a block print.
RenaissanceThe great rebirth of classical art and learning during the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries.
RenderingAn artist's conception or perspective of a finished building exterior or interior, usually clone in full color.
RepeatThe repeat of a fabric or wallpaper tells you the size of the pattern and how often it is reproduced on the item.
RepetitionA type of rhythm (a principle of design) wherein shapes, forms, lines, or colors are repeated in a congruous manner.
RepousseAn ancient process in which sheet metal is hammered into contours from both the front and the back.
ReproductionsPrinted copies of an artist's work.
ResearchExamining all factors that influence a design.
Residential BuildingsThese shall include one or two private dwellings, apartment houses(flats), dormitories, hotels etc.
Residential Interior DesignConcerned with the panning and/or specifying of interior materials and products used in private residences.
ResilienceThe ability of a fabric or flooring to return to its original shape.
ResilientA material with some give or ability to bounce back.
Resist Or Reserve PrintingCoating the fabric with a chemical paste that resists the dye, then dyeing the fabric. The area not printed receives the color.
RestorationA research, demolition, and reconstruction process to bring a building back to a specific state of its history.
Retainer FeeA deposit given to the designer upon the client's signature on the letter of agreement that retains or hires the services of the designer.
Retaining WallIt may be defined as a wall built to resist the pressure of liquid , earth filling , sand or other granular material filled behind it after it is built.
RetrofittingAdding active or solar systems to an existing building.
ReturnThe distance from the face of a curtain rod to the wall casing where the rod bracket is attached.
RevealsThese are exposed vertical surfaces left on the sides of an opening after the door or window frame has been fitted in position.
ReverberationThe phenomenon of undue prolongation of sound of sound by successive reflections from surrounding surfaces , after the source sound has ceased , is called reverberation.
Reverse PaintingA technique where paint is applied to the back side of the surface (typically glass) and viewed through the front. This process requires the painting to be done in reverse order; what appears closest to the viewer, as a detail or highlight must be painted first rather than last. Any lettering must likewise be painted in the mirror image4 so it will appear right facing when viewed from the front.
Reversible CushionsLoose cushions that can be turned to avoid excessive soiling and wear.
Revolving DoorThey provide entrance on one side and exit on the other simultaneously keeping the opening automatically closed when not in use. The door is so assembled as to exclude the wind draught.
RhythmIs the repetition of elements in a regular patter.
RibA projecting band on a ceiling or vault.
Ribbon WindowA continuous band of windows.
RidgeIt may be defined as the apex of the angle formed by the termination of the inclined surface at the top of the slope.
Ridge BeamIt is a horizontal timber piece provided at the apex of a roof truss. The common rafters are fixed to this piece and are supported by it.
RiftsawnWood that haws been cut so that growth rings are at an angle of 30 to 60 degrees to the board face.
Ring PorousHardwood that shows a distinct zone between early and late wood, such as oak and ash.
Rise Of RoofIt is the vertical distance between the wall plate and the top of the ridge.
Rise Of StepsIt is the vertical distance between the upper surface of the successive treads.
RiserThe vertical portion of a step providing support to the tread.
Robsjohn-Gibbings, T.H. (1905-76)Designer of a group of Creek furniture reproductions, including the Klismos chair.
RockAny natural material formed of a single mineral or various minerals.
RococoSee Louis XV period.
Roller PaintingPaint application with a roller?a sleeve of soft fibrous pile fabric that can hold and release the paint evenly. Faster than brush painting. It tends to spatter but. is very useful for large areas such as walls and ceilings.
Roller PrintingA fabric printing method whereby dye is applied to raised figures on a cylinder, then stamped or transferred to fabric as it rolls over the cylinder.
Roller ShadeFlat fabric or plastic material on a roller rod, which is operated with a spring or pulley mechanism.
Rollikan RugA flat tapestry folk rug from Scandinavia that often incorporates simplified floral patterns and stripes.
Rolling Steel Shutter DoorsThese doors are commonly used for show windows , stores , shop fronts and godowns etc. The door shutter acts like a steel curtain and provides adequate protection and safety against burglars and fire.
Roman ShadeA fabric shade that folds up from the bottom accordion style. May be interlined for energy efficiency.
Roman ShadesPull up with a cord into accordion folds.
Romanesque(A.D. 800-1150) The Medieval architectural period based on Roman design.
RoofA roof may be defined as a covering provided over the top of a building with a view to keep out rain , snow and wind and to protect the building from the adverse effects of these elements.
Roof MonitorsClerestory windows, skylights, and cupola windows that catch hear from the sun and allow ventilation for excess summer heat.
Roof TrussesA joist and rafter system that forms the triangular construction of a roof.
Room HeightThe vertical distance measured from the finished floor surface to the finished ceiling surface.
RosetteA decorative element featuring a floral design often used with a plinth and fluted molding in Victorian architecture.
Rotary Screen PrintingA mechanized silk-screen process where the screens are wrapped around a circular drum that rotates the ink onto the fabric moving beneath the rotary screens. It is a fast and efficient process.
Rotary SlicingA method of shaving a continuous layer of wood from a log that has been mounted on a lathe, producing a broad, open grain.
Rotogravure Or RotoA printed pattern overlaid with layers of vinyl for sheet flooring.
RotundaA round, domed room.
Rough ArchesThese arches are built with ordinary bricks which are not cut to wedge shape.
Rough Cast FinishingIt is a finish in which the mortar for the final coat contains a proportion of fairly big size coarse aggregates.
Rough ElectricalThe wiring installed when the building is framed
Rough PlumbingThe installation of pipes to carry water and sewage and central vaccume.
Rough Tooled SurfaceIn this type of surface finish , the projection of the stone block are removed by means of chisels and the surface is nearly dressed true. The corners and the edges are made accurate , chisel
Round Wire Tufting/WeavingCarpet construction technique that yields even, round loops.
Roundheaded ArchAn arch formed in a perfect half circle, not flattened. A Roman or keystone arch.
Row HouseAnother term for town house.
Rrough HeatingThe installation of furnace and duct work system when the building is framed.
RubberA natural or synthetic composition that yields a resilient, solid or marble-patterned flooring.
Rubber-Backed Tufted CarpetCarpeting tufted into a foam rubber backing that serves as a pad or underlay. Direct glue-down installation.
RubbingsDesigns made by placing a sheet of paper over any object with a flat, raised pattern and rubbing it with a special crayon.
RubbleStone or rocks set or installed to produce an uneven, random surface.
Rubble ArchesThey are constructed with rubble stones which have been hammer-dressed , roughly to required shape and size of the voussoirs.
RugA soft floor covering laid on the floor but not fastened to it. It does not cover the entire floor.
Rumford FireplaceA fireplace specially constructed to maximize heat output and minimizes smoke problems.
RunnerA long narrow area rug designed to go in a hallway or foyer.
Running MatchA veneer method in which each face is complied from as many veneer leaves as needed, resulting in one of the most affordable veneers, with a varied and unequal appearance.
RushA grasslike marsh plant used to weave chair seats and floor mats.
Russian StyleThe Russian furniture style is a blending of styles from throughout Europe. The production of metal furniture can be considered a purely "Russian" phenomenon since the production of metal furniture was not found elsewhere in Europe at the time.
RusticatedRough-surfaced masonry or stone.
Rya RugsDeep pile shaglike rugs handknotted with abstract, contemporary patterns from Scandinavia.