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Quarter SlicingA method used to cur. logs where the blade meets the grain at right angles to the growth rings, resulting in a straight, striped grain.
QuartersawnLumber that has been cut so that the grown rings are at an angle of between 45 and 90 degrees to the board face.
QuartziteThe metamorphic equivalent of a quartz sandstone, which has recrystallised into closely fitting granules.
Queen Anne (1702-14)Name given to the period design style during the reign of Queen Anne of England.
Queen CloserIt is a term applied to a brick, which is half as wide as a full brick. Cutting a brick lengthwise into two portions makes it.
Queen-Sized BedOne of the standard sizes for North American mattress manufacturers. 60" wide by 80" long (the depth varies greatly depending on the style and type of cushioning).
QuianaA registered trademark of DuPont for nylon.
Quick Setting CementWhen concrete is to be laid under still water or in running water , quick setting cement is used advantageously. The setting action starts within five minutes as it becomes stone-hard in less than an hour.
QuicksilverAn alloy of mercury and tin used for mirror backing.
QuintessA registered trademark of Phillips for polyester.
QuireAlternate British spelling for choir. See choir.
QuoinThe exterior angle or corner of a wall is termed as quoin. The brick or wedge shaped stone used for the corner of walls is also known as quoin.