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Objet D'artA small object of artistic value,often used as a decorative element.
Objets D'artFrench term for any object of artistic worth.
Obliqueshouldered joint- These joints are commonly adopted in timber truss construction where members are jointed in acute or obtuse fashion.
Occasional ChairA chair kept away from the main seating area that can he pulled up and used occasionally, as needed.
Occasional PieceA small piece of furniture for inci-dental use, such as an end table.
Occasional TableA small table that can be moved and used for any purpose as needed.
Occult BalanceAnother word for asymmetrical, informal, active, or optical balance. The balance is not the same on each side but is achieved through arranging until the composition "feels right" and is therefore somewhat mysterious.
OculusLiterally an eye. The opening in the dome of the Pantheon.
OgeeA pointed arch with a curve near the apex.
Oil Bound DistemperIt is a form of distemper in which the drying oil is rendered mixable with water. When required , it is diluted with water.
Oil PaintA paint in which natural oil-usually linseed-is the medium that binds the pigments.
Oil-Based PaintsPaints that must be thinned and cleaned up with solvents or paint thinners. Durable, scrubbable finish. Requires a long drying time and has a strong odor.
OlefinA synthetic, long-chain polymer fiber consisting largely of ethylene or propylene. Olefin is durable and economical. Used for carpet face and backing and for upholstery.
On The BiasA line that is cut or placed diagonally to the pattern of a fabric or other material.
One - Pipe SystemIn this system , all soil and waste fitting discharge into a single pipe termed as soil cum waste pipe and a separate vent pipe is provided to which all floor traps are connected for ventilation of the system.
One-Turn StairA stair that turns ninety degrees at a landing.
Onion DomeA bulb or onion-shaped dome of Near-Eastern origin.
OoliteThe small round particles which make up a sedimentary rock. On mass they look just like fish eggs.
Open Competitive SelectionWhen clients such as government agencies advertise impending bids so that anyone interested in the project who meets qualifications may submit a bid.
Open Floor PlanA concept in interior and architectural planning where areas are left open, without wall divisions. The open areas can be used in a flexible manner to accominodate varying functions.
Open GrainA wood grain where the annual growth rings are pronounced and there is an obvious difference between the pore size of springwood and summerwood. Oak and ash and examples of open-grained wood.
Open Newel StairIt consists of two or more straight flights arranged in such a manner that a clear space called a well occurs between the backward and the forward flights.
Open Office PlanningA large office space in which workstations are divided only by systems furniture and other furnishings.
Open Riser StairA stairway that is open because it has no risers.
Open ShowroomA wholesale trade source that allows clients to accompany the designer into the showroom.
Open SpecificationA bid specification written in such a way as to allow multiple numbers of products for the item being required.
Open StairA stair not attached to the wall.
OpencastThe method of mining near the surface, by cutting into it from above rather than digging underground.
Operable WindowWindow that can be opened.
OppositionA form of rhythm (a principle of design) wherein right angles meet.
Optical BalanceAlso known as asymmetrical, informal, active, or occult balance. The balance is judged by the eye, or the optical senses.
Optical DensityThe appearance of a pattern or item as heavy or dense or filled in, and therefore judged as heavy mass.
OrdersColumns influenced by the Greeks and Romans are placed into specific orders, such as Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite, and Tuscan.
Ordinary Incandescent LampsIncandescent bulbs that last from 750 to 2,500 hours.
Organizational Tool ProgramsSoftware that analyzes, organizes, and synthesizes information. Used for writing specifications, critical paths, and word processing.
Orielbay window supported by corbels or brackets. Normally found on the second story of a home.
Oriental RugsHand-knotted (handwoven) pile rugs from the Near and Far East woven in complex floral or geometric patterns. Used for area, art, and accent rugs and wall hangings. May be very valuable.
OrientationThe placement of any object or space, such as a window, a door, or a room, and its relationship to the points on a compass.
OrigamiArt of folding paper to form figures and objects.
OrlonA registered trademark of DuPont for acrylic.
Ostwald TheoryA system for analyzing color based on the color and the amount of white or black added to the hue.
Ostwald, Wilhelm (1853-1932)A physicist who won the 1909 Nobel Prize for chemistry and who turned his research to color, producing the well-known book The Color Primer.
OttomanAn upholstered stool or hassock, designed to go at the foot of a chair. Often used in contemporary interiors in place of a coffee table.
OutbuildingsBuildings situated away from a house used historically for kitchens, dairies, carriages, or servants' quarters.
Outlet PipeThis pipe is installed at 3 to 5 cm above the floor of the tank. The pipe is always provided with a stop valve to stop supply of water to downtake pipe.
Outlet StripsPrewired or plugged-in casings that contain several outlets in a row.
OutliningPainting contrasting colors or white values on architectural molding.
Over Flow PipeThis pipe is provided a little above the inlet pipe to allow the incoming water to overflow in case the ball valve assembly does not function properly and it is not able to shut off the incoming supply of water.
OverburdenThe unusable rock and matter lying over the stone to be quarried.
OvercrowdingAn excessive number of people working or living within a given space.
OverflowA pipe in bathtubs and lavatories used to prevent flooding. The pipe is located just below the rim or top edge of these fixtures.
OverlayA sheet of velum or tracing paper placed over a rough design to improve and refine it.
Overlay DoorThe door is on the outside of the frame and, when closed, the door hides the frame from the view.
Oxford WeaveVariation of plain weave in which two fine warp threads are interlaced with one heavier weft thread.
Oxide Of IronIt is a pigment produced from haematite ore. The pigment is obtained by grinding and levigating the red or brown haematite.