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Nahani TrapTrap provided in floors to collect used water from floors of bathroom , kitchen or washing floor etc. are known as Nahani traps.
NapThe fuzzy surface of a fabric formed by short hairs or fibers.
NasadThe National Association of Schools of Art and Design.
NaturalA wood finish without any added color or stain.
Natural Fiber RugsAnimal skins, berber rugs, cotton rugs, floccati rugs, sisal/maize mats, and wool rugs.
Natural FibersCome from either cellulosic sources (cotton, linen, jute), or protein fibers (silk, wool, leather) which are derived from natural sources.
Natural LightSunlight.
Natural Saturation PointThe amount of naturally occurring white or black value in a pure hue according to the Munsell system for color notation.
Natural Thermal FlowThe movement of heated air up and/or toward cold air and the consequent dropping of cool air.
Natural Traffic PatternThe pattern of movement users will follow in an environment if their circulation is not hampered or obstructed.
Naturalistic DesignA classification of decorative design that is a copy or representation of something in nature. It is realistic decoration or ornamentation.
Navajo RugsHandwoven flat tapestry rugs in earth-tone neutral colors and geometric patterns. Woven in the southwestern United States by members of the Navajo tribe.
NaveThe main section of the church where the worshipers stand or sit.
NcidqThe National Council for Interior Design Qualification.
Ncidq ExaminationAn examination administered to interior designers after a minimum of two years of professional work experience. Must be passed for full acceptance into several of the professional design organizations.
Needle-Constructed FabricsFabrics made or decorated with automated sets of needles, including knits, laces, some casements, and sehiffli embroidery.
Needlepoint RugsHand or machine rugs, most often from China or Portugal, with small stitches of wool yarn on an art canvas background.
Needlepunched CarpetCarpeting constructed of fibers held together by needlepunching or interlocking the fibers by meshing together with barbed needles. Used primarily in indoor-outdoor and nonresidential applications.
Negative SpaceThe area between the form in a two- or three-dimensional design. Empty or void space not filled in with furnishings, accessories, or mass.
NeoclassicAny revival of the ancient styles of Greece and Rome, particularly during the late eighteenth and early nine-teenth centuries.
Neoclassic (1790-1830)The period in America influenced by the excavations Of Pompeii.
Neon LampA thin glass tube containing a gaseous element (neon) that glows when charged with electricity. The tubes can be bent into any shape for artistic. or advertising purposes.
Neon LightingThe red spectrum of cold cathode lighting formed with neon gas.
Network Of LightingInterconnected wiring of lights indicated on the lighting or wiring plan in nonresidential buildings.
Neutralized ColorsAny hue that is dulled or grayed or lessened in brightness or intensity.
NeutralsBlack, white, and gray. Brown is a hue, derived from orange, but it is often referred to as a neutral, as are beige, tan, and the colored spectrum of off-whites.
New ConcreteThe concrete developed based on new concept has been termed as new concrete.
NewelIt is a wooden or metallic post supporting the hand rail and is usually provided at the hand, foot or at points where the balustrade changes its direction.
Newel PostA vertical post found at the end of a staircase railing that stabilizes the horizontal handrail.
NicheThe rounded, half-domed end of a room, or a similar recess in a wall.
NippersThis is another device for lifting stones. The pointed ends of the nippers are inserted in the holes made little below the stone top face and the stone block is raised by attaching a chain to the central ring of the nipper assembly.
NoggingThe infilling between the timbers of half-timbered homes in the seventeenth century, normally composed of brick or plaster.
Nogging Of BricksIt consists of brick work built within a framework of wooden members. The frame work consists of vertical posts called studs and held in position by horizontal members called nogging pieces.
NomexA registered trademark of DuPont for nylon.
Nonarehitectural LightingPortable luminaires.
Noncellulosic FibersThe range of synthetically composed man-made fibers that begin as chemicals and organic substances other than cellulose. Also known as synthetic fibers.
Nondurable Or Soluble FinishesThese are fabric finishes that are removed with repeated washing or dry cleaning.
Nonglare GlassClear glass with a faintly textured surface that does not reflect light.
Nonresidential DesignInterior design work where the client is not a residential occupant.
Nonresidential Wall CoveringsWall coverings that meet standards or codes for durability, fire safety, anti low maintenance. Wider and in longer rolls than residential wall coverings.
Nonresilient Flooring MaterialA category of materials that are hard and have no give or resilience.
Nonwoven TextilesA group of fabrics such as felt, webbing, and films that are processed into fabrics without going through the yarn stage.
NormanThe name given to the Romanesque architectural style in England.
NosingThe outer projecting edge of a tread is termed as nosing. Nosing is usually rounded to give good architectural effect to treads and makes the stair
Notching JointThis joint is commonly provided at the junction of two members meeting at right angle. It consists in cutting a depression to the full width of one member to enable it to be fixed to another member.
Novelty TwillA twill weave that changes direction to create a pattern such as herringbone.
Nut OilIt is a cheap vehicle and generally used for painting ordinary works of temporary character. It is colourless , less durable and it dries very quickly.
NylonA long-chain synthetic polymer fiber that consists of amides linked to aramide ring molecules. Nylon is a versatile, durable fiber used extensively for carpeting and upholstery.