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Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (1868-1928)Scottish designer/architect, influential with the Vienna Secessionists and designer of the Hill chair.
MagmaLiquid or molten rock material, it is called lava when it reaches the earth's surface.
Mainframe ComputerA large computer into which smaller computer terminals or personal computers can be accessed. Mainframes can handle complex data, problems, and CAD with speed and accuracy.
MaintenanceThe labor required to maintain a material?tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, scrubbing, or waxing.
MajolicaAn opaque glaze, usually white, with a glossy surface. Typically decorated with bright overglaze stains.
ManholeThese are the masonry chambers provided at suitable location and on the line of the sewer for the purposes of inspection and cleaning the sewers.
Man-Made FibersChemically derived and extruded from a viscose solution.
Mansard RoofA hipped roof with two pitches. The bottom pitch is very steep and the top pitch flatter, so it is usually not seen from the ground.
Mansard TrussThis truss is now rarely constructed. This truss has two pitches , the lower varying from 60 degrees to 70 degrees and the upper from 30 degrees to 40 degrees. This truss is more or less a combination of king post and queen post trusses.
MantelThe projecting shelf of a chimneypiece.
MarbleA very hard stone cut into slabs and polished for floor and wall materials. Smooth and formal, white or colored with streaks of color.
MarblingImitating polished marble stone with paint.
MarketIn reference to designer resources, a term that many interior designers use to mean they are going to visit one of the annual shows held at the marts.
Market CentersConcentrations of trade sources in one area of a city.
Markets, Marketing CentersConvenient clusters of trade sources that market goods and services wholesale to interior designers.
Marlborough LegA straight, square furniture leg with a square foot.
MarquetryDecorative patterns formed when thin layers of wood (and sometimes other materials, such as ivory) are inlaid into the surface of furniture or other wood products.
MartsWhere many firms have located in one building.
MarvessA registered trademark of Phillips for olefin.
Masonry Block ConstructionWalls or foundations of cinder block or concrete block without any wooden framework.
MassAn element of design that denotes density or visual weight within an object. Heavier mass or density will often make an object appear larger than one that has little mass or empty space within its shape.
MassingGathering or forming into a mass. The pulling of objects into a group so that together they have more visual weight or importance than they do separately.
Master Of Arts Degree (M.F.A.)A degree that may be considered a terminal degree in interior design education.
Master Of Fine Arts Degree (M.F.A.)A degree that may be considered a terminal degree in interior design education. M.F.A. degrees require a fine arts skill and showing of work. It is considered the design education equivalent of a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.
Master Of Science Degree (M.S.)A degree that may be considered a terminal degree in interior design education.
MastersThose whose art has passed the test of time to become classic.
MatA border of mat board or other material, used as famine or part of the frame of a picture.
MatchThe some color from one dye lot to another.
Materials And Finishes BoardsBoards used to Show pieces of the materials and finishes that have been selected for a design.
MatteMatte is a type of finish that has little to no shine or gloss to it. It is commonly used in paints and wood finishes. It is a popular paint finish for ceilings because it has little reflection, and since a matte finish is easily stained, it is good to use in an inaccessible place like a ceiling.
Matte PaintAny paint that dries to a flat, nonshiny finish.
Measurement Of CementCement should always be measured by weight and not by volume.
Measurement Of Coarse AggregatesCoarse aggregate may be measured either by volume (litres) or by weight. In case of wet aggregate , allowance for surface water should be made while determining the quantity of water to be used in the mix.
Measurement Of Fine AggregatesFine aggregates i.e. sand is normally measured by volume in case of ordinary works whereas in case of all important projects , it is measured by weight.
Measurement Of WaterWater may be measured by weight or by volume.
Mechanical FinishesA classification of decorative finishes that include calendering, napping, and flocking. Also called surface treatment finishes.
Mechanics LienA legal recourse related to the labor and materials payment bond. It is an action that prevents the owner of the property of giving or selling the property to anyone until the lien is satisfied.
MediaThe substances used to dilute paint-water for watercolor and turpentine for oil paint. Also the means or methods an artist uses to produce a work.
Medieval Era (A.D. 8004500)The Middle Ages or Medieval era in Europe was a time of poverty for the masses but in architecture was a period of great cathedral building and colorful stained glass windows.
MelamineA synthetic compound used to make plastic laminates.
MementosRemembrances or souvenirs of a person, a place, or an event.
MemorabiliaThings and events worthy of remembrance.
Mercantile BuildingsThese shall include any building or part of a building which is used as shops, stores , market , for display and sale of merchandise either wholesale or retail.
MercerizationA process of treating natural cellulosic fibers (cotton and linen), with caustic soda to enlarge and make the fibers more uniform, increase the luster, and better accept and hold dyes.
MerchantAnyone who is involved with the buying and/or selling of the kinds of goods with which he or she is dealing. A person acting in a mercantile capacity.
MetalAluminum, tin, brass, stainless steel, and other chemical compounds that are formed into strips, tiles, or sheers for use as wall, ceiling, and furniture materials.
Metal BlindsOriginally known as venetian blinds, metal blinds provide the look of two-inch wood blinds at less cost and with less stacking space required.
Metal Or Space Frame SystemStrong, lightweight steel skeleton framework based on the forms of geometry.
Metameric ShiftColors appearing different under different lighting due to the spectral energy distribution in the materials.
MetamerismThe effect of light on color that causes a color to appear differently in different types of light.
MetamorphicRocks which changed from another rock by the action of heat, pressure, or both.
MetopeThe space between the triglyphs on the frieze of the Doric entablature.
Mexican TileClay tile fired at low temperatures. Natural terra-cotta color or hand-painted in bright colors, glazed and unfired.
Mezzanine FloorAn intermediate floor between two floor levels aqbove ground floor and at least one side of it should form an integral part of space floor /below.
MezzotintAn intaglio printing process that produces areas of tone rather than clean lines.
Mid-Century ModernA decorative style first popularized in the late 1940s characterized by clean lines, the use of modern materials such as plastic and aluminum, and a sleek, minimal profile. The style reached its apex in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but continued to be popular into the early 1970s. In the past few years the style has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with several books, websites,and contemporary knockoffs.
Middle AgesSee Medieval era.
Mies Van Der Rohe, Ludwig (1886-1969)An important architect/designer associated with the Bauhaus. Designer of several modern classic furniture pieces.
MillworkMillwork is essentially anything created in a mill. Decorative wood panels, moldings, cabinet doors, wainscots, stair banisters and many other wood items and details are considered millwork. Because so many new building materials are being used for these items besides wood, the category of millwork has come to include these items as well.
MingChinese dynasty that ruled form 1368 to 1644 and was noted for artistic works produced during its reign.
MiniblindsOne-inch wide, concave metal slats held together with nylon cord. Slats or louvers are adjustable and are excellent for light and glare control.
Mini-Mainframe ComputerA computer about the size of a personal computer but with greater capacity and power somewhat similar to a mainframe computer.
MirrorGlass with the back coated with silver or a silver amalgam (compound) to give the surface a reflecting quality; used on walls, ceilings.
Mission StatementA philosophical statement of what the firm sees as its role in the profession. It contains broad statements of what the company wishes to achieve during an unspecified time period.
Mission StyleStyle that features oak furniture of rectilinear design; popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Gustav stickley was a great exponent of the style, which is named for and resembles handmade furniture from the early California Spanish missions.
MiterTo cut at a forty-five-degree angle. A joint where two diagonally cut pieces meet at right angles and are nailed or screwed together.
MitreIt may be defined as a cut formed at the required corner by cutting the corner of the sheet for a length of 15cm or the length of the end lap whichever is more along the vertical edge and for a width equal to the width of one corrugation along the horizontal edge of the sheet.
Mobile HomeA house trailer for temporary or permanent housing.
Mobile Home ParkAn area where only mobile homes are placed.
ModacrylicA synthetic long-chain polymer fiber consisting of 35 to 85 percent acrylonitrile units. It is a soft, buoyant fabric that is inherently flame resistant and used extensively for nonresidential draperies where fire codes must be met.
ModillionOrnamental bracket found under a cornice, similar in appearance to dentil, only larger.
ModularUnits of a standard size, such as pieces of a cabinet or wall system, that can be fitted together
MoldingA strip of contoured wood applied to a wall or other surface, normally used to hide seams between materials or to add a decorative element to a wall or structure.
MonitorThe computer hardware screen component.
MonochromaticA color scheme built around one hue,with several of its shades and tints.
MonoprintA print produced by painting directly onto an already-etched surface and printing the image by hand onto the paper.
MonotypeA print made when an artist draws or paints on a glass or metal plate and then prints the image onto paper.
Mood LightingLow-level lighting that creates an ambience or mood that is cozy or inviting.
MoorA Moslem of mixed Berber (North-African) and Arab ancestry.
Moroccan RugsHandmade pile rugs from North Africa that have geometric patterns and are coarsely woven.
Morris, William (1834-96)A designer of the Arts and Crafts movement who produced wall-paper, furniture, tapestries, carpets, stained glass windows, and accessories.
MortarIt is usually a mixture of cement and sand or lime and sand , or a mixture of three. It not only acts as a cementing material but also imparts strength to the work by holding the individual bricks together to act as a homogeneous mass.
MortiseA carved slot in a timber shaped to receive a tenon placed at the end of another post or beam, ensuring to secure it.
Mortise And TenonA joint that utilizes a square hole carved in one of the pieces Being joined and a projection that fits the hole in the other.
Mortise-And-Tenon JoineryA joint in which a hole (mortise) is cut into one piece of wood to receive a pro-jecting piece (tenon) cut into another.
MosaicThe process of creating a design or picture with small pieces of glass, stone, terra cotta, etc.
Mosaic TileSmall tiles fitted together with grout to form a pattern in floors, walls, and countertops.
MothproofingA finish that renders a fabric, especially wool, unpalatable to moths and other destructive insects.
MotifA motif is the subject or design pattern on a decorative object like fabrics, paintings or accessories. For example, if your child likes cowboys, you may look for a fabric with a cowboy or western motif.
Motivational LightingA lighting specialty that utilizes brightness, dullness, and darkness to motivate people to behave in a certain manner. It utilizes principles of psychology as well.
Motorized RodsDrapery rods that are electronically operable. Used for large or hard-to-reach installations.
Movable InsulationInterior or exterior insulation that protects against excessive heat loss or solar gain.
Movable Louver ShuttersWooden shutters with slats or blades that can be adjusted.
Mud PlasteringThis type of plastering is commonly seen in kuccha construction in villages and in other structures of temporary character. This is the cheapest form of plastering.
MullionIt is the central member usually used in the revolving doors, which is attached with ball
Multilevel LivingHousing that contains one or more changes of planes in addition to the main floor an upstairs, downstairs, or step-down or step-up areas.
Multilevel-Loop Pile CarpetA looped pile carpet with various levels woven or tufted to create texture or a pattern.
Multiuse AreasRooms or areas with more than one purpose or function.
MumtiA structure with a covering roof over a staircase and its landing built to enclose only the stairs for the purpose of providing protection from weather and not used for human habitation.
Munsell TheoryBased on three attributes?hue, value, and chroma-where exact color matching is possible through a notation system.
Munsell, Albert H. (1858-1918)American colorist whose system, based on hue, value, and chroma notation, is widely used in design.
MuntinA strip of wood that separates panes of glass in a window.
MuralsWallpapers hung in sequence to depict a scene. Also, a large-scale wall painting.
Murphy BedA bed that folds into the wall or a closet when not in use.
MurriniA small wafer of glass bearing a colored pattern. Formed by bundling and fusing colored glass rods together and then heating and pulling the resulting cylinder to a very small diameter. When cut into cross-sectioned wafers, each piece bears the original pattern in miniature.