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LacquerA type of varnish made from shellac or gum resins dissolved in ethyl alcohol or other quick-drying solvents.
Ladder-Back ChairA chair back with a number of horizontal slats like a ladder.
LaminatedComposed of layers bonded together for strength, thickness, or decorative effect.
Laminated FoamOne or more densities of polyurethane foam laminated together to form a single pad.
LaminationThe process of building up in layers or attaching a single ply as with plywood, foam, or plastic laminates.
LampThe technical term for light bulb.
LampworkThe technique of manipulating glass by heating it with a small flame. An open flame is advantageous in very detailed work.
LancetA narrow window with a sharp, pointed arch, commonly associated with gothic revival architecture.
LandingA platform or resting place provided between two flights. A landing extending right across a staircase is termed as half space landing and the one extending only half across a staircase is called a quarter
LandingsThe platforms of a stair where it begins, ends, or turns.
LaneseA registered trademark of Celanese for acetate and polyester.
Lapping JointThis is the simplest form of lengthening joint and is formed by lapping the end of one member over that of the other and fastening them together by bolting or using connections.
LaserA device containing a crystal, gas, or other suitable substance in which atoms, when stimulated by focused light waves, amplify and concentrate these waves, then emit them in a very intense, narrow beam.
Late Georgian (1750-90)The American period that utilized English Georgian design and Chippendale furniture.
LatexA rubber-based synthetic polymer extruded or sprayed on as a coating or backing to hold woven fabrics or tufted carpets stable.
Latex PaintA water-based paint that is easy to apply and cleans up with soap and water when still wet.
LathThin strips of wood laid parallel and nailed onto building studs. Historic method of plastering walls is to apply it over lath.
LathworkGrids or panels made with strips of lath, used as screens, trellises, or decorative trim on verandas.
LatillasSticks laid across the vigas to form the ceiling of the Southwest Adobe houses.
Latin CrossThe Western Christian cross with a tail longer than the top and arms.
LatticeA panel consisting of metal or wooden strips that are interlaced or crossed to form a grid with regular spaces.
Law Of Chromatic DistributionA rule governing the distribution of color intensity or brightness. The most neutralized colors are used in the largest areas, and the smaller the size or area, the brighter or more intense the chroma proportionately becomes.
Layered Or Compounded FabricsA group of fabric constructions that require more than one step to complete. Examples include embroidery, appliqu?, and tufting.
Lazy SusanA shelf that rotates 360 degrees.
Le CorbusierSee J eanneret-Gris, Charles-Edouard.
Leaded GlassGlass containing a percentage of lead oxide, which increases its density and improves its ability to refract and disperse light. Leaded glass is used for ornaments and for decorative and luxury tableware.
Lean To RoofThis is the simplest type of pitched roof consisting of rafters sloping on one side only.
LeatherThe tanned hide of cattle or swine, largely used for upholstery. Leather is strong, is comfortable, and has a long life span.
Leather TilesActual pieces of leather cut into shapes and applied as wall or floor tiles. Resilient semi-permanent material.
L'ecole Des Beaux ArtsA school of art, design, and architecture in Paris, France, noted for its emphasis on historical studies.
LedLED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. LED lighting is an energy efficient type of lighting that lasts longer then other types of lighting. They have a low light output so it may not work for all applications.
Lengthening JointThese joints are used to lengthen a wooden member. The method of lengthening the member varies with its situation in a framed structure.
Leno WeaveA variation of the plain weave that has warp thread in hourglass twists where the weft or filling threads are woven in.
Letter Of AgreementThe legal contractual arrangement between the design firm and the client that spells Out responsibilities and services of both parties.
Level-Loop CarpetWoven or tufted carpet with an uncut pile of even loops; used in both residential and nonresidential interiors.
Level-Tip Shear CarpetWoven or tufted carpet with some loops higher than others. Surface has a smooth, velvetlike texture.
Life-StyleThe way an individual or group lives.
LightAn element of design that is broken into two types
Light PipeAn acrylic pipe that conducts light along its corridor. The light source can be sunlight or artificial light.
Lighting As ArtUse of light as a medium to create artistic effects.
Lighting PlanThe portion of the working drawings or blueprints that shows where the lights, switches, and outlets are to be placed in a building and how they are connected to one another and to the circuit-breaker box. Also called the wiring plan.
Lime PlasterLime used in plastering may be fat lime or hydraulic lime. Fat limes make best plaster as they yield good putty after shaking. Hydraulic lime on the other hand yields harder and stronger plaster.
Limited EditionArtworks produced in a deliberately limited quantity. All items in the edition are identical and each one is an original work of art. The limited size of the edition enhances the value of each piece.
LineAn object or form whose actual or visual length greatly exceeds any actual width or depth it many have.
Line Of CreditThe total cost of merchandise that may be purchased by a designer on credit on behalf of the designer's clients.
Line Of NosingIt is an imaginary line touching the nosing of each tread and is parallel to the slope of the stair.
Line Or Outline LightingLighting the perimeter of an object to give emphasis or even lighting.
LinenThe best known of the cellulosic bast fibers, obtained from the inner stalks of the flax plant. Linen is strong and absorbent and varies from a coarse jutelike texture to fine table damask linen textures.
LinenfoldA medieval panel motif resembling folded linen.
LinocutA relief print process similar to woodcut. Wood blocks covered with a layer of linoleum are carved with woodcut tools, coated with ink, and printed by hand or in a press.
LinoleumA soft resilient flooring of ground wood and cork, gum, color pigments, and oxidized linseed oil. No longer produced.
Linoleum FlooringLinoleum is a covering laid over wooden or concrete floors in order to hide the defects of flooring or to enhance its appearance.
Linseed OilThis is extensively used as a vehicle in oil paints. It is obtained by pressing crushed flax seeds. The drying of the oil takes place due to its oxidation when exposed to air.
LintelThe support to the load above the opening is usually given by providing an arch or a lintel. Lintel acts like a beam and transfers the load vertically to the supporting walls.
List PriceGenerally accepted to be the same as suggested retail price a price to the consumer.
LithographsPrints made from a stone or metal plate to which the pattern or design has been applied with a special grease pencil or wax.
LithographyA planographic printmaking process based on the repellence of oil and water and characterized by soft lines and blurry shapes.
LithoponeThis pigment is obtained from the precipitate formed by mixing equal quantities of the solutions of barium sulphate and zinc sulphate under carefully controlled conditions.
LoftAn intermediary floor space created by introduction of a slab between floor and ceiling of a room , passage or wherever it is provided with maximum clear height of 1.5m for storage purposes only.
LofturaA registered trademark of Eastman Kodak for acetate.
Long, Formal CurtainsHaving a shirred or tabbed heading, these long curtains can be hand operable or stationary.
Long-Life BulbAn incandescent bulb that lasts from 2,500 to 3,500 hours.
Loop PileA loop pile is when the ends of the pile are finished loops
Loose CushionsPillows that are part of an upholstered piece but left unattached in the upholstery process.
Loose KnotA knot in timber that is not sound and may end up becoming dislodged over time.
Louis Xv Period (1723-74)The period during the reign of King Louis XV of France. Also known as the Rococo period and characterized by ornate, curvilinear, asymmetrical design.
Louis Xvi Period (1774-93)The period during the reign of King Louis XVI of France. Also known as the French Neoclassic period and characterized by rectilinear, classically inspired design.
Louvered DoorDoor with louvered panels.
LouversHorizontal slats in a shutter, screen, or window, sloped downward (or movable) to control light and air passage.
LoveseatA loveseat is a small version of a sofa made for two people. "ON CENTER" MEASUREMENT: Usually used for lighting or electrical components, this dimension is taken from center to center of the electrical box or outlet.
Low ContrastThe difference between colors whose values (lightness vs. darkness) are very close?such as all light colors or all dark colors.
Low KeyA color scheme in a variety of dark values.
Low ValueHues that have been darkened.
LowboyA low chest of drawers raised on legs, used as a dressing or serving table. With the addition of a tall chest, it becomes a highboy.
Low-Contrast ValuesValues near each other, such as dark and medium values or medium and light values, for example.
Low-Fire GlazesGlazes  Low-temperature ceramic glazes, usually associated with bright, shiny colors.
Low-Voltage LampsBulbs that consume little energy.
Lumbar PillowA small rectangular pillow designed to support the lower back. Often used on armchairs and sofas.
LumberTimber of logs dressed for use.
Lumber-Core DoorSame as solid-core door.
LumenIs the unit of luminous flux equal to the flux in a unit solid angle of one steradian from a uniform point source of one candlepower.
LumensA measurement of the amount of light flow.
LuminaireA complete lighting fixture with all components needed to be connected to the electric power supply.
Luminous CeilingIncandescent or fluorescent lights around which a box is framed and finished, with the cover over the lights made of translucent glass or plastic.
Luminous PanelsFluorescent or incandescent lights set into a wall or floor and covered with translucent glass or plastic.
LusterA brilliant iridescent film used on a ceramic glazes; formed from metallic salts.
Luxury HomesSpacious or luxurious homes with high-quality detail, cabinet work, and furnishings.