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Kandinsky, Wassily (1886-1944)A Russian artist associated with the Bauhaus.
KanekalonA registered trademark of Kanekafuchi for modacrylic.
KaolinA claylike substance used in making porcelain. The name comes from Kao-ling, a mountain in China where kaolin was first mined.
Key StoneIt is the highest central wedge shaped block of an arch.
KeystoneThe stone at the top of an arch that is angled on the sides, stabilizing compression and friction.
Kilim RugsFlat tapestry folk rugs that originated in Romania.

A furnace for firing clay, forming glass, or melting enamels; studio kilns can achieve temperatures up to 2500°F and can be fueled with gas, wood, or electricity.

Kiln-DriedWood that has been dried using controlled heat and humidity in kilns or ovens to specific ranges of moisture content. This helps to prevent cracking, warping,and shrinkage of the finished wood.
Kiln-FormingA glass-forming process that utilizes a kiln to heat glass in a refractory or heat-resistant mold, slump glass over a form, or fuse two or more pieces of glass together.
KineticActive. Kinetic sculpture has parts that move, whether by air currents (as with a mobile) or by motors and gears.
King CloserIt is a brick which is cut in such a way that the width of one of its end is half that of a full brick. It is formed by cutting off the triangular piece , between the centre of one end and the centre of one side.
King Post Roof TrussIt is a form of roof truss which is commonly used for spans varying from 5m to 9m.
KitschA German term that describes bad taste and is applied to pretentious or foolish art.
KnickknackA small ornamental article.
Knife-EdgeA sewing technique found on decorative cushions using a single seam or welt around the cushions perimeter.
Knitted CarpetA sturdy pile carpet that is constructed by knitting with multiple needles.
Knitted FabricsNeedle-constructed interlocking fabrics such as single and double knits, laces, rachel warp knits, arnache and malimo fabrics. Knitted fabrics offer speed of construction, variety in patterns, and lacy effects, and either stretch or dimensional stability characteristics.
Knock-DownFurniture that is sold unassembled or partially assembled.
KnotThe portion of wood that displays an area of growth around a tree branch.
KnotsThe knot of the rug is the underside of the pile. The more knots per rug, the tighter and lower the pile will be.
KnottingKnots exude resin. Knotting is the process of sealing the knots by suitable means so that the resin from the knots may not destroy the paint film by way of cracking, peeling or brown discoloration.
KodelA registered trademark of Eastman Kodak for polyester.