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JabotThe side portion of a window treatment where fabric is draped vertically in soft folds on either side of a valance.
Jack Arch LintelA trapezoidal lintel with a wedge-shaped keystone used as decoration above windows. Also called a crown lintel.
JacobeanThis furniture period spans almost the entire first half of the 17th Century from James I to Charles I reign. Many furniture specialists claim that all furniture of the 17th Century is influenced and encompassed by this design. Pieces are large, square or rectangular. Carving is intricate and done in a tasteful low relief style. Seats of chairs are flat and stretchers sit low on the frame. Stretchers are usually rectangular and show up on most tables and chairs. Oak is the dominant wood.
JacquardIntricate fabrics such as tapestries, brocades and damasks whose patterns are woven with yarns of different colors.
Jalousie WindowA louvered glass window.
JambDoor frame is made up of two vertical members known as Jambs.
Japanese StyleJapanese domestic usage required little furniture. Chests and cupboards were built in with sliding doors. Usually finished with highly polished lacquer flecked with gold and decorated with fine-scaled flower, animal and landscape motives. Thin mats made of rice straw covered the floors and were used for sitting. Cloth cushions were also used, as were small tables of wood and lacquer. The folding screen was an indispensable adjunct to the other furnishings as it could be moved to change the entire aspect of the room. Japanese furniture forms have changed very little for centuries.
Jeanneret-Gris, Charles-Edouard (1887-1965)Important architect/designer better known as Lc Corbusier. Designer of several modern classic furniture pieces.
JewellingOrnamental carving in the shape of jewels. Very popular during the Renaissance period.
Jewelry ArmoireA small and narrow upright chest for the storage of jewelry and fashion accessories. Find a jewelry armoire.
Joggie JointThis type of joint is commonly used for framing the studs into the sill of a wooden partition wall.
JointThe junction of two or more bricks or stones is called a joint.
JoistOne of the series of parallel beams used to support floor and ceiling loads.
JoistsThe heavy beams that support the floor and rafters.
Journal Of Interior DesignThe scholarly, refereed journal of the Interior Design Educators Council.
JuteA cellulosic bast fiber obtained from the inner stalks of the jute plant and grown in India. Its main interior use is as carpet hacking.
JuxtapositionPlacement of colors next to each other.