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IbdThe Institute of Business Designers.
IdcThe Interior Designers of Canada.
IdecThe Interior Design Educators Council.
IdsThe Interior Design Society.
IfdaThe International Furnishings and Design Association (formerly the National Home Fashions League).
IfiThe international Federation of Interior Architects/Designers.
IgneousRocks which have solidified from a molten state.
IkebanaTraditional Japanese method of arranging flowers according to strict rules of placement.
IlfochromeA trademarked photographic paper and the process of making prints with such paper. Ilfochrome prints are produced from slides or transparencies, not color negatives.
IlluminanceThe density of luminous flux incident of a surface in lumens per unit area.
Illusion LightingThe artistic science of creating illusion through specialty
ImbricationsOrnamentation in the form of fish scales or the segmented edge of tiles that overlap.
Impact NoiseSound resulting from direct contact of an object with a sound barrier, can occur on any surface, but it generally occurs on a floor and ceiling assembly.
ImpastoA thick, uneven surface texture achieved by applying paint with a brush or palette knife.
IncalmoThe glassblowing technique used to create horizontal or vertical bands of color by forming and connecting cylinders or colored glass.
IncandescentThe most commonly used household bulb, which emits light through a wire filament.
Incandescent LightingA type of lighting in which an electric current is passed through a thin filament, heating it to a temperature that produces light. The enclosing glass bulb contains either a vacuum or an inert gas to prevent oxidation of the filament. Incandescent bulbs are inexpensive and create good natural light and color renderings,but use more energy and generate more heat than fluorescent bulbs.
Incident Solar RadiationThe energy collected from the sun to power active solar panels/systems. Also called insolation.
InclusionsParticles of metal, bubbles, etc., that occurs within glass or is added for decorative effect.
Independent LivingElderly or handicapped persons who are able to live at home and care for themselves because the space is planned to accommodate their needs.
Indirect And Isolated Passive Solar GainSolar gain from a source other than the occupied space. Examples include greenhouses or solariums that can be closed off from the living or nonresidential space.
Indirect LightingA more subdued type of lighting that is not head-on, but rather reflected against another surface such as a ceiling.
Industrial BuildingThese shall include any building or part of a building or structure , in which products or materials of all kinds and properties are fabricated , assembled or processed for example refineries , mills , dairies , industries etc.
InfillMaterials used to fill the space between the timber frame of a building.
Informal AreasAreas for relaxed, spontaneous living, and entertaining.
Informal BalanceAlso known as asymmetrical, optical, or occult balance, it is the state of equilibrium reached through the arrangement of unlike objects or parts on each side of a central point.
InglenookA recess for a bench seat or two next to a fireplace. Popular in Shingle style and Craftsman homes.
IngressThe entrance to a building.
In-House DesignerAn interior designer who is a salaried staff member of a large organization; responsible for the interior design or facilities management of new and existing buildings owned by that organization.
Initial Load Deflection (Ild)A measure for the firmness level of foam used in upholstered furniture and mattresses.
Inlaid VinylFlooring in which successive layers of vinyl granules are built up to suggest texture.
InlayA decorating technique in which an object is incised with a design, a colorant is pressed into the incisions, and the surface is then scraped to confine the colored inlay to the incisions.
Inner QuiltA true pillow top mattress will have an inner quilt, which means that the first layers of upholstery are actually covered with a layer of fabric that is sewn to the tape edge of the mattress. Some so called pillow tops do not have inner quilts. These imitation pillow tops have border panels around the perimeter with two tape edges to give the appearance of a pillow top. Find a mattress.
Inner TuftingA very durable method of attaching and combining layers of padding below the quilted cover of a mattress to prevent shifting and settling of the padding layers. This method is rarely used in mass-produced mattresses due to the labor intensive process. Find a mattress.
Innerspring UnitThe spring and wire units made up primarily of coils, helical wires and border wires, which is the inside of an innerspring mattress. Some upholstered furniture such as sofas and loveseats can also feature innerspring units.
Inset TileA tile with a different design than the surrounding body of tiles.
InsolationSee incident solar radiation.
Institutional BuildingThese shall include any building or part thereof which is used for purposes such as medical or other treatment or care of persons suffering from physical or mental illness or disease. These buildings ordinarily provide sleeping accomodation for the occupants. It includes hospitals, sanatoria , orphanages , prisons , reformatories.
InsulationA material such as fiberglass that prevents heat transfer. Commonly used in batts (fiber blanket rolls), rigid panels, styrofoam beads, or other materials.
Insulation Of SoundIt is the control of noise transmission which is essential to minimise the disturbing effect of sound passing from one room to another through walls , partitions and floors or ceilings.
Insulative Window TreatmentsAny window covering that deters heat loss and solar gain.
InsulatorA mattress component that separates and protects the mattress cushioning from its innerspring coils. Common insulators consist of a compressed polyester fiber pad, compressed cotton, or a polypropylene mesh screen. Find a mattress.
IntaglioA printmaking process in which an image is created from ink held in the incised or bitten areas of a metal plate, below the surface plane. Engraving, etching, mezzotint, and aquatint are examples of the intaglio process.
IntarsiaAn Italian type of decoration that's similar to inlay and marquetry, where the design is sunk into the wood.
Integral Damp-ProofingThis consists in adding certain water-proofing compounds with the concrete mix to increase its impermeability.
IntensityThe relative pureness or brightness of a color, as opposed to the dullness or neutralization of that hue. Also called chroma.
Intercepting TrapThis trap is provided at the junction of house drain (inspection chamber) and street sewer to prevent entry of foul gases from sewer into the house drain. This trap is thus provided to disconnect the house drain from the street sewer.
IntercomAn electrical system That allows people to communicate within a building; also carries taped or radio music heard through speakers.
InterfaceInterdependency of design phases that must be accomplished simultaneously or consecutively. Also, a computer term in which different terminals can access the same information through a central mainframe computer or a networking system.
Interior ArchitectureThe nonresidential aspect of interior design that may entail remodeling and work with building Systems.
Interior Building SystemsThe systems that are a part of the interior
Intermediate HuesSix hues on the standard color wheel that are produced by mixing a primary and secondary color. They are yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, and yellow-green. Also known as tertiary hues.
International StyleFunctional modern furniture style developed in Europe during the 1920's and 1930's. The most important origin of this style was Germany's Bauhaus School. Simple lines and an absence of decoration are hallmarks of this design. Popular materials used included chrome and glass.
Interrelationship Of FunctionsThe way areas work together or depend on one another to function effectively.
IntradosAlso known as so fit , it is the under-surface of an arch.

Igneous rock formed by the cooling of magma inside the earth's crust.

Inverted Arch FootingThis type of foundation used to be provided for multistoried buildings in olden times. It is rarely done these days.
IonicOf the architectural orders, the Ionic column is recognized by its scrolling capital.
Iridized GlassFlat or blown glass sprayed with a vapor deposit of metal oxides for an iridescent finish. The iridized layer, which resembles an oil slick, can be selectively removed for a two-tone effect.
Iris PrintThe trademarked name for a digital print produced by an Iris Graphics inkjet printer.
IronA heavy black metal.
Iron BedTerm commonly used to describe beds made of metal that are coated with colored finishes. Find an iron bed.
Italian FinishingBed linen finishing technique developed in Italy, where luxury single ply yarns are treated individually to remove fibers and smooth the surface. This special finishing then compresses the fabric, reduces shrinkage that imparts a smooth lightweight feel to sheets.
Italian ProvincialLoose term applied to furniture of the Italian provinces made during the 1700's to mid 1800's. These pieces, although more rustic, copied the elaborate furniture styles of Milan, Venice, Rome and Florence. Later pieces (Late Italian Provincial) were heavily influenced by French design. The pieces feature simplified lines and lack ornate decorations. Very few of these pieces are reproduced today.
Italian RenaissancePopular through the 1400's to 1600's. Italian Renaissance furniture features a very rich appearance and is decorated with carving, inlay, and marquetry. Chairs have a very straight construction and are built with flat runners. Chairs usually have very sturdy stretchers. Tables are very big and elaborately decorated. Tables have stretchers and are rectangular in shape. Most pieces are made of walnut.
Itten, Johannes (1888-1967)A colorist who taught at the Bauhaus in Germany and at Yale University. He authored several books, including The Art of Color and The Elements of Color.