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DacronRegistered Trademark of DuPont for polyester fibers in the form of continuous filament yarns, staple, tow and fiberfill.
DadoThe lower part of an interior wall, which has been treated with decoration.
Dado CapA molding used to finish the top of a dado.
Dado JointA rectangular groove across the width of a board or plank that another piece of wood fits into.Dado Rail
DamaskA heavy reversible fabric featuring a pattern that's distinguished from the background by contrasting luster.
Damp Proof CourseA course consisting of some appropriate water proofing material provided to prevent penetration of dampness or moisture.
DamperThe movable piece in a fireplace that controls the airflow and escape of smoke.
Data-Base CatalogInformation and graphic symbols programmed into a data-base software program. Useful in CAD and in business applications.
Data-Base ProgramsSoftware programs that manage, organize, and retrieve files used for working on documents, graphics, CAD.
DaubA coarse plaster used as infill wall finish in Medieval timber-framed buildings.
DavenportTerm originates from a the last name of a Boston upholster who made overstuffed couches. His couches were so popular people called them Davenports. This word has been replaced with sofa.
DaventryA small chest of drawers with a sloped top for writing.
David Brewster Color TheoryAnother designation for the Standard Color Wheel theory.
DaybedA seating piece that can also serve as a bed. Find a daybed.
De StijlAn early twentieth-century Dutch aesthetic philosophical movement best represented by the work of painter Piet Mondrian.
Dead LoadIt is the sum of loads comprising of the self-weight of the structure (weight of walls, floors, roofs etc.) weight of its footings foundation and loads of all other permanent construction in the building.
Dead ShoresThis is the system of shoring which is used to render vertical support to walls and roofs, floors etc.
DebossTo depress a design in leather, paper, or composition board.Decoupage
DecorateitonlineA revolutionary concept in interior decorating featuring a comprehensive website filled with decorating advice, affordable professionally-prepared design portfolios, and a fabulous online store with fabulous furniture and accessories from around the world.
Decorative ArtsArts such as ceramics, metal work, textiles, and furniture that are suitable as decoration.
Decorative DesignA classification of design wherein the building, furniture piece, or object is decorated with ornamentation. Decorative design is broken into four categories
Decorative FinishesA term for a group of finishes that add decorative appeal to fabrics. Examples of mechanical decorative finishes include various calendering, flocking, and napping finishes. Chemical decorative finishes include etch or burn-out printing and finishes that add brightness, softness, texture, stiffening, and delustering.
Decorative HardwareDecorative hardware is hardware that is seen or displayed in certain areas like knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinetry.
Decorative LuminaireAnother term for portable luminaire, consisting of plug-in, movable luminaires such as table and floor lamps. Also refers to an architectural or built-in luminaire that is decorative.
Decorator RodsMetal drapery rods that are decorative with traverse cord-and-pulley workings.
DehumidifierA unit connected to an air-conditioning unit that draws off excess humidity as a part of the cooling system.
DemographicsThe statistical data of a particular population.
DenimThis basic cotton cloth - first brought to America by Columbus almost 500 years ago as the sails on the Santa Maria - is rugged, tough, and serviceable. It is easily recognized by its traditional indigo-blue color warp and gray or mottled white filling, and its left hand twill on the face. Today, we most commonly associate denim as the material used for making blue jeans.
DentilA decorative trim of projecting rectangular blocks.
DentilsA small square block used in series in Ionic, Corinthian, Composite, and, more rarely, Doric cornices.
Dentils (Or Dentil Molding)Rectangular tooth-like blocks spaced at equal intervals along a cornice molding.
Depth Of The ArchIt is the perpendicular distance between the intrados and the extrados.
Descriptive SpecificationDescribes, often in intricate detail, the materials, workmanship, manufacture methods, and installation of the obligatory goods.
DesignThe art of conceptualizing the appearance of an object or space. The term also refers to the style, appearance, or characteristic of an item such as a modern lamp or rustic bench.
Design Development PhaseInvolves the preparation of all final plans, presentation graphics, and specifications required to explain design concepts to the client.
Design ProcessThe sequence of steps in creating and executing a design project.
Designer RugsCustom-designed tufted or woven area rugs.
Desk Manager SoftwarePrograms with specific options for managing a business.
DestijlA 20th Century style originating in the Netherlands. As with other Dutch furniture of the period, DeStijl furniture is characteristically simple and clean-lined.
Detached DwellingA single home on a lot of its own.
Dewolfe, Elsie (1865-1950)The greatest and best known of the society interior designers who paved the way for the modern interior design profession.
Dhurrie RugA flat woven wool or cotton rug featuring beautiful designs. Find a rug.
Dhurrie RugsOriginally cotton, now wool flat tapestry weave reversible rugs. Most are imported from India to meet Western demands.
Diagonal LinesAngular lines that may go one (or more) directions in an interior. Diagonal lines suggest movement and action.
DiagrammingThe graphic process of planning space on paper.
Diamond TuftingAn arrangement of tufted buttons which yields a diamond shaped pattern on the back of an upholstered piece of furniture.
Diaper-WorkA surface decoration that consists of a series of reticulations each of which contains an ornamental unit, such as a flower or leaf.
Dichroic GlassA thin metallic coating on any type of glass. This coating is applied at a high temperature in a vacuum chamber.
Die FormingThe process of placing metal between two steel dies or stamps and squeezing them together under high pressure. The process shapes and strengthens the metal.
DiffusersThe glass or plastic cover over a luminaire that serves to soften the light and spread it evenly over the area.
Digital ImagingRefers to the creation, manipulation, and production of images by use of computer technology, including software printers.
Dimensional StabilityThe ability of a fabric to maintain or return to its original shape.
Dimmer SwitchA switch that can vary the intensity of the light it controls.
DinetteA small dining set, which is often used in the kitchen. Find a dinette set.
Dining RoomTraditionally a formal room dedicated to the serving of meals. Find dining room furniture.
DiptychArtwork on two panels that are hung together. Historically, a hinged, two-paneled painting or bas-relief.
Direct ComplementTwo colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel.
Direct GlareGlare from an insufficiently shielded light source directly into the line of vision.
Direct Glue-DownA method of laying carpeting where a layer of adhesive is applied to the floor and the carpet is laid directly on top of it, with no pad.
Direct LaborThe time the various employees spend directly involved in the generation of the revenues of the firm.
Direct LightingLighting that shines directly on the desired area.
Direct PasteupGluing fabric or wall coverings up with paste or adhesive.
Direct PrintingAlso known as roller, calendar or cylinder printing; the colors are printed directly onto the fabric in the same manner as the printing of wallpaper.
Direct Solar GainHeating an area through direct exposure of sunshine to the occupied space.
DirectoireThe Directoire period of furniture (late 1700's to early 1800's) was a result of French reign under five directors. Styling was controlled by a Jury of Arts and Manufactures. All emblems of royalty and aristocracy in furniture design were abolished. Classic decorations including griffins and caryatids are familiar in Directoire furniture. This period is influenced hugely by Greek, Egyptian, and Roman styling. Simple elegance characterizes this period.
Disc FootA flat, disc-shaped foot used on tables and chairs. Very common on chrome dining furnishings from the 1950's and 1960's.
Disc PilesIt consists of hollow mettalic pipe attached with a cast iron disc to its foot so as to enlarge the bearing area of the pile.
Discharge PrintingA process that removes the dyed color in patterned areas and replaces it with another color.
Dispersion TrenchesThis is an alternative method of disposal of effulent from septic tank by soil absorption system.
DistemperDistempers may be defined as water paints consisting of whiting (powered chalk), some colouring pigment and glue size mixed in water.
DistressedA finish made to appear old or antique by the intentional addition of dents, scratches, and flecks of paint during the finishing process.
Distressed (Or Distressing)A furniture trait where pieces are purposely dented or otherwise marked to render an antique or rustic appearance.
Distressed FinishA decorative paint technique in which the final paint coat is sanded and battered to pro-duce the markings of wear and the patina of age.
DistributionCarrying air heated by active or passive solar systems to the various areas or rooms within a building.
Doctor Of PhilosophyPh. D., or doctorate degree; a possible requirement for full-time, tenure-track teaching positions in colleges and universities.
Dog-Legged StairIt consists of two straight flights of steps with abrupt turn between them. This type of stair is useful where the width of the stair-case hall is just sufficient to accommodate two widths of stair.
DolanA registered trademark of Hoechst for acrylic.
DomeAn inverted round dish or cup-shaped ceiling.
Dome System ConstructionAn arch rotated in a circle to become a dome.
Domestic Oriental RugsJacquard machine-woven rugs in Oriental rug designs.
DoorA door may be defined as a barrier secured in an opening left in a wall to provide usual means of access to a building, room or passage.
Door ShutterDoor shutter is the moving part of the door and their number varies.
DoorframeThe doorframe is permanently held in position and fixed to the masonry of the opening with the help of hold-fasts or rawl plugs.
DoricFeaturing a fluted, tapered shaft and a square abacus capital, the Doric column is the simplest of the architectural orders.
DormerA window set vertically in a structure projecting through a sloping roof.
Dormer WindowIt is a vertical window built in the sloping side of a pitched roof. This window is provided to achieve proper ventilation and lighting of the enclosed space below the roof.
Double Bed (Or Full Size)Refers to a bed for a mattress that measures 54"x75". Was once the standard or most popular size bed. Sometimes referred to as a full, double or standard. Find a mattress set.
Double ComplementTwo sets of direct complementary colors next to each other on the color wheel.
Double Extra Long (Or Full Extra Long)A double/full mattress that measures 54"x80". Find a mattress set.
Double Flemish BondIn this type of bonding brick work, each course presents the same appearance both in the front and back elevations.
Double GlazingFilling a window opening with two layers of glass that provide insulation and increase energy efficiency at the window. Also known as twin glazing.
Double RollA roll of wall covering with approximately seventy-two square feet, or double the area of a single roll.
Double-HungTwo layers of draperies, an overdrapery and an underlayer. Also, two sets of shutters, one installed directly above the other.
Double-Hung SashSash window where both sections are operable.
Double-Hung WindowA window with two vertical sliding sashes, that can be raised and lowered independently of each other.
Double-Shirred ValanceA valance shirred, or gathered, at the top and bottom.
Double-Turn StairA stair that makes two ninety-degree turns on two separate landings.
Double-Wide Mobile HomeA mobile home that is fabricated into sections the size of a single-wide trailer, then fitted together to become twenty-four to thirty feet wide and twenty to forty feet long.
Dover ChestAn early American hope chest that was normally made of maple or oak.
DovetailJoint construction made by cutting pins in the shape of dovetails, which fit between dovetails upon another piece. Commonly found in drawer construction.
Dovetail JointIn this method of fastening woodwork, wedge-shaped or flaring shaped pieces are cut out of each member and hooking the projection of one member into the other one forms the joint.
DowelA headless wooden pin used in furniture construction.
Dowel JointThis type of joint ensures stability of the components against displacement or sliding.
DownSoft breast feathers from ducks or geese.
Dowry ChestA chest that was made to hold the personal possessions of a prospective bride. Notable examples in American furniture history include the Hadley chest, the Connecticut chest and the paint Pennsylvania-German chest.
Draft DodgersA sand-filled tube of fabric or a heavy rug placed against a door to prevent cold air infiltration.
DraftingThe drawing by hand, machine, or computer of floor plans.
DraftsmanA person who drafts, draws, or produces floor plans and blueprints.
DraggingA paint effect that produces fine stripes on a surface, usually done by dragging a dry brush or through a glaze.
Dragging And CombingProduction of fine paint lines with a dry brush over a wet glaze or combing with any hard comblike tool.
DrainA line of pipes including all fittings and equipment such as manholes, traps, floor traps used for the drainage of a building.
DrainageThe removal of any liquid (storm water, wastewater, sewage etc.) by a system constructed for this purpose.
DralonA registered trademark of Bayer for acrylic.
DrapabilityThe characteristic of a fabric to fall nicely into folds when draped.
DraperiesPleated fabric hung with hooks on a traverse rod. Also refers to stationary side panels, tied-back fabric, and occasionally shirred panels.
DraperyOne of the most common types of window covering in residential and commercial interiors.
Draught ChairThe early English equivalent of a wingback chair.
Draw DraperiesCurtains or drapes mounted on a horizontal traversed rod so they can be open and closed with a pull cord. Find draperies and curtains.
Drawer Guides (Or Glides)Term referring to the track or runners allowing a drawer to move freely and evenly in a piece of furniture such as a dresser. There are many types of guides including wooden center guides, metal glides with rollers, and metal ball bearing guides.
DrawingsOne-of-a-kind, two-dimensional art forms produced with pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, chalk, crayon, or grease pencil on paper or other surfaces.
DresserA long chest of drawers used to store clothes. Term originally referred to a type of sideboard that was used for serving food and storing dishes. Find a bedroom dresser.
Dressing Of StoneBuilding stone has to be quarried out from the rock formation before it can be put into use and the process is called dressing of stone. The quarry of stone may be done either by hands or machines.
DrierThese are the materials containing mettalic compounds and are used in small quantities for accelerating the drying of paint film. They act as catalysts for the oxidation and polymerization of the vehicle used in the paint.
Drop FrontThe hinged front of an upright desk that drops down to provide a surface for writing.
Drop HandleA pear-shaped handle made popular in the late 17th Century.
Drop LeafA dining or occasional table with hinged leaves that can be lowered. Find a drop leaf dining table.
Drop Lid DeskA desk with a hinged front that covers the inner compartments. Find home office furniture.
Drop SeatA concave seat where the middle and front are lower than the side.
Drop-In SeatAn upholstered seat frame that sits in the main framework of a chair.
Drop-In Spring UnitA coil spring assembly (much like a mattress coil unit) used in upholstery to simulate an eight-way-hand-tied feel and support.
Drop-Leaf TableA table with a fixed center section and side flaps that can be lowered or raised and held up with various types of supports. Also called occasional table.
Dropped-Pendant LuminairesSimple, suspended luminaires dropped from the ceiling with a cord or chain.
DrumA cylindrical portion of a building used as the base for a dome.
Drum DyeingMaximum dye penetration of leather by immersing it in a dye solution in a tumbling drum.
Drum TableA circular top table on a tripod base with a deep skirt that may contain drawers.
Dry BrushingA paint technique in which a brush is worked over a glaze to create a cloudy effect.
DrywallAnother term for wallboard, sheetrock, or plasterboard; wall material made of pulverized gypsum rock.
DuckA closely woven heavy durable material.
Duck FootA webbed foot attached to a table leg which curves outward.
Duct Work Or DuctsMetal or plastic pipes that funnel heated or air-conditioned air throughout an interior.
Dumb WaiterA type of dining room stand with a central shaft and circular trays, which often revolves to enable those who are dining to help themselves to additional plates. Term also applies to a pulley type elevator that brought food up from a basement kitchen to the first floor dining room.
Duncan PhyfeA furniture style popular in the late 1700's to early 1800's. Duncan Phyfe pieces are characterized by feet that gracefully curve outward on both tables and sofas. Duncan Phyfe seating pieces often have lyre-shaped backs, rolled top rails and arms.
DupioniA lustrous silk woven from two different colors of threads so that it shimmers or changes color in the light.
DuplexA twin home dwelling?two units sharing one roof and foundation.
DurabilityIt is the property of concrete by virtue of which it is capable of resisting its disintegration and decay, which is caused due to any condition.
Durable FinishesChemical or decorative finishes that remain on the fabric through repeated cleaning.
Durable Press CalenderingA decorative mechanical finish that resin presses for durability and pattern impressions.
DurelA registered trademark of Celanese for olefin.
Durry RugsSee dhurrie rugs.
Dust Cover (Or Cambrick)A non-woven cloth that covers the bottom of an upholstered piece of furniture such as a sofa or box spring. Also referred to as cambrick.
Dust PanelA panel, usually of hardboard, placed between drawers to keep dust and other objects from passing between levels.
Dust RuffleDust ruffles fit under the mattress and on top of the box spring to decorate with fabric to the floor. Find home accessories and bedding.
Dustboard (Dust Panel)A panel placed between drawers in a chest or dresser to eliminate dust.
Dutch DoorA double door, split in half, with independent top and bottom sections.
Dutch DresserA cabinet with open shelves on the upper portion, and drawers or cupboard below.
Dutch FootA simple pad used as the foot on a cabriole leg. Sometimes confused with a duck foot.
Dutch RenaissanceThis furniture style was a huge influence on late English design. It is characterized by its square heavy style and its straight dominate lines. Chairs were made with turned legs, straight stretchers and low backs that were also straight in design. The main decoration was carving with leaves and scrolling. Chair seats often had leather attached with brass nails, also referred to as nailhead. Oak was the favored wood of choice. Most popular during the 1500's through the 1600's.
Dutch StyleEarly Flemish Baroque furniture, dating from the 17th Century, was but a slight adaptation of the late Renaissance style. Typical are oak cupboards with four doors and chairs with seats and backs of velvet or leather held in place by nails. Most pieces are massive, solid unpretentious pieces made of local woods with turnings.
DuvetA nondecorative comforter that is covered with a removable cover.
Duvet CoverA removable cover that encases a down-filled comforter known as a duvet. Find bedding and home accessories.
Dye LotBecause fabrics are dyed in varying quantities of yardage, consistency of color will vary. Therefore there will be differences in color from bolt to bolt.
DyeingThe process of coloring done in one of several stages
DyestuffA water-soluble coloring matter used to make a dye bath solution.
DyingThe process of applying color to fiber stock, yarn or fabric; there may or may not be thorough penetration of the colorant into the fibers or yarns.
DykeAn igneous intrusion, rather like a wall, into the surrounding rocks.
DynelA registered trademark of Union Carbide for modacrylic.