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C LampA cone-shaped lamp or light bulb.
C.O.M.Customer's own material?purchased by the customer from someone other than the furniture manufacturer for upholstery on a selected piece.
CabinA room constructed with non-load bearing partitions with adequate provision of light and ventilation.
CabinetryFine finish woodwork, as opposed to rough carpentry.
CabinetworkSee cabinetry.
CableA molding design that resembles inter-twined rope.
Cable System ConstructionA method of nonresidential building where a canopy is held in place with steel cables hung from a central column.
CabochonA gem shaped ornament of convex, hemispherical form.
CabrioleA double-curve or reverse S-shaped furniture leg that leads down to an elaborate foot (usually a ball-and-claw type).
Cabriole LegA decorative S-shaped table or chair leg that curves outward at the knee then tapers at the ankle. Commonly found on Queen Anne, Chippendale and other 18th Century pieces. Often seen with ball and claw feet.
CadSee computer-aided design.
CadonA registered trademark of Monsanto for nylon.
Café CurtainA curtain that covers only the bottom half of a window and hangs from a wire or thin curtain rod. Find curtains.
Cafe CurtainsCurtains that cover the bottom half of a window.
CaissonA caisson may be defined as a watertight structure made up of wood , steel or reinforced concrete , constructed in connection with excavation for foundation of bridges , piers.
CalenderingA finishing process of ironing under heat with a large cylinder roller. The roller may have raised patterns to imprint designs, and the fabric may also be glazed with a resin, then calendered to produce a high sheen or other special finishes.
CalicoCotton or cotton-blend fabric printed with small, colorful patterns.
California KingA bed size that measures 74"x86". This style is popular on the West coast of the United States. The additional size comes in the length creating a rectangular shape rather than the square shape of a standard king (Eastern King). Find a mattress set.
California King-Sized BedOne of the standard sizes for North American mattress manufacturers. 72" wide by 84" long (the depth varies greatly depending on the style and type of cushioning). Slightly narrower and longer than a typical King-sized bed.
Cambrick (Or Dust Cover)A non-woven cloth that covers the bottom of an upholstered piece of furniture such as a sofa or box spring. Also commonly called a "dust cover".
CameThe lead strips used to secure the pieces of glass in leaded or stained glass windows.
Camel HairWool-like underhair of the camel that is lustrous and extremely soft. Because it is expensive, often used in blends with wool for coats, blankets and oriental rugs. Natural colors range from light tan to brownish black. Classified as wool under the Wool Products Labeling Act.
CamelbackA curved sofa back characterized by a large central hump. This design was often used by Chippendale and Hepplewhite. Find a sofa.
Camelback SofaA type of sofa with a curved back, typically seen in more traditional styles (Queen Anne, Chippendale, Federal, etc.).
Camel-Back SofaA sofa with a serpentine back that rises to a hump in the center.
Campaign FurniturePortable furniture that's folding or collapsible, or made of flat components that can be assembled or disassembled. Initiated for military use and usually features handles, it is most associated with colonialism.
CanapeA type of French settee with padded back and seat, open arms, and a decorated frame. Most commonly associated with Louis the XV design.
Candle FollowerA device that fits onto the top of a candle. As the wax melts the follower keeps the wax from dripping down the side of the candle. Find a candle accessory.
CandlepowerIs the unit of luminous intensity approximately equal to the horizontal light output from an ordinary wax candle.
Candlepower (Cp)The intensity of light measured at a lamp. This term is generally used for task and ac-cent lighting.
CaneSplit rattan, often used to cover chair seats and backs.
Cane ChairThese chairs were first made in England and were very popular since they were cheap, light and durable. First used in America in the late 1600's.
CanisterA luminaire shaped like a can that contains a lamp at the top or the bottom.
CanopyA fabric covering attached to a frame at the top of bedposts.
Canopy BedA bed supported by four tall posts with a cross members joining the posts that may be used for a supporting a fabric canopy cover, swags, curtains, etc. Find bedroom furniture.
CantedSlopping at an angle, such as a sofa or chair back.
CanterburyA portable magazine rack named after the Bishop of England.
CantileverA structural beam supported on one end. A cantilever can be used to support a small addition.
CantonniereA bed hanging used in 16th Century France. It hung outside of the bed curtains to prevent drafts.
CantreseA registered trademark of DuPont for nylon.
CapitalIn making of the columns, at their head the columns are enlarged so as to form a suitable diameter of a particular span. This flared up portion of column head is called capital.
CappingA turned ornamentation used to make furniture pieces more decorative.
CaprolanA registered trademark of Allied Chemical for nylon and polyester.
Captain's ChairA Windsor chair with a lower, rounded spindle back. Find a dining chair.
CarcaseThe basic structure of a piece of furniture; often forms the foundation for veneering.
Card TableA folding table that originated in England during the late 1600's to accommodate the nobility's passion for gambling.
Carlton TableAn 18th Century writing table that featured an adjustable top.
CaroleanRestoration and Late Jacobean furniture is also known as Carolean furniture. Carolean furniture includes Charles the second through James the second reign. This period of furniture is a result of Cromwellian severity in shape and style. Carolean furniture is appealing because of its beautifully carved spiral turned legs and stretchers. Chairs, tables, and beds usually have scroll shaped feet. Seats are often made of cane. Upholstery fabrics are luxurious tapestries. The most common wood used was walnut. Some pieces were made of oak.
Carousel ShelvesShelves that attach to the backs of tewo right-angled doors and rotate 270 degrees.
Carpenter's GothicThe wooden, board-and-batten version of the Gothic Revival style.
CartonnierA piece of furniture that took on many various forms. It usually stood at the side of a writing table to hold papers.
CartoucheAn ornamental shield or decoration usually placed above a door opening or fireplace mantel, often containing the name of a king, queen, or deity. Term also applies to a sculpture or back ornament in the form of an unrolled scroll.
Carved RugA rug with a three-dimensional design/pattern. Find an area rug.
Carver ChairA modern term for a 17th Century "Dutch" type of arm chair that featured turned posts and spindles.
CaryatidA top member of a pedestal or leg used for support in the form of a conventionalized human figure.
CascadesZigzag-shaped panels of fabric that usually frame swags or festoons.
Case GoodsFurniture that is used for storage, such as cabinets, dressers, and desks.
Cased GlassClear glass encased in a layer of colored glass.
CasegoodsA piece of furniture used for storage, including cabi-nets, dressers, and desks.
Case-GoodsFurniture made of hard materials such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic. Examples of case-goods are chests, tables, dressers, bookshelves, and cabinets.
Casegoods (Or Case Furniture)Non-upholstery pieces such as tables, hutches, dressers and chests, which have functional or storage capabilities.
Casein (Or Buttermilk)A traditional paint made by blending earth colored pigments with buttermilk (or skimmed milk) and a small amount of lime. Casein dries to a flat, smooth finish.
Casein PaintsCasein is a protein substance extracted from milk curd, which is mixed up with a base to form the paint, which is usually available in the powder or pasty form.
CasementA cloth drapery made of an open weave material that's normally somewhat opaque. Find curtains.
Casement DraperiesA strongly textural-looking fabric in a woven or knitted construction. Screens light, cuts down on glare, and provides daytime privacy.
Casement WindowA tall, narrow window that opens by swinging outward from the side.
CashmereFine downy undercoat hair of the cashmere goat from Tibet, the Kashmir province north of India, Iran, Iraq, and southwest China.
CasingThe type of molding found around openings such as windows or doors. Casing hides the seam between the structure and the adjoining wall.
CassapancaA wooden bench with a built-in chest under the seat.
CassoneItalian chest, often highly decorated with carving and inlay.
Cast IronIron cast in a mold.
Cast Iron FurnitureIron furnishings made with molds. Very popular since the 1800's for many items including garden furniture, plant stands and cast iron beds.
CastersRound wheels attached by a swivel to furniture pieces for mobility. Commonly used on dining and office chairs.
CastingThe process of pouring molten metal or glass, clay slip, etc. into a hollow mold to harden. Some casting processes permit more than one reproduction.
Cast-In-Situ PilesThe piles, which are cast in position inside the ground, are called the cast-in-situ piles.
CathedraThe bishop's chair from which the term cathedral is derived.
Cathedral CeilingA high, open, gabled ceiling
Cathedral WindowA pointed window set in the gable of a room with an open ceiling.
Caucasian Or Turkish RugsOriental rugs of a coarser weave than Persians, in geometric patterns and often vivid colors.
CaulkTo fill a joint with resilient mastic.
CauseuseA small settee that was very popular in early French furniture.
Cavity WallThis consists of two walls so they form a cavity in between. The outer wall is half brick width and the inner wall is sufficiently thick.
Ceiling FanBoth decorative and functional fans, which are installed on the ceiling to circulate air in a room. Find a ceiling fan.
CeladonFrench name for a green, gray-green, blue-green, or gray glaze produced with a small percentage of iron as the colorant.
CelaneseA registered trademark of Celanese for acetate.
CelapermA registered trademark of Celanese for acetate.
CellaLiterally a cell. The interior space of a Roman temple.
CellaretA case on legs or a stand for wine bottles.
Cellulose PaintsThis paint is made from celluloid sheets and amyl-acetate substitutes.
Cellulosic FibersA classification of natural fibers that come from plants and are made up of cellulose, cotton and linen being the most commonly used. Also a classification of man-made fibers that begin with cellulose., such as rayon and acetate.
CementCement in broadest term means any substance that acts as a binding agent for materials. Cement as applied to construction and engineering is produced by calcining at high temperature an intimate mixture of calcareous , siliceous and aluminous substances and crushing the resulting clinkers to a fine powder.
Center DrawA pair of draperies which open and close at a window's mid point. Find draperies and curtains.
Center GlideA center track (glide) that guides a drawer.
Center RailA support beam that runs head to toe down the middle of a mattress foundation or bed frame for added support.
CenterlineThe bisecting line through the center of an object, such as a sink.
CenterpieceAn ornament used to occupy the center of a dining table. Find home accessories.
Central Air-ConditioningCool or temperate air controlled from a central unit and distributed through ducts and vents.
Central And South American RugsFolk rugs from natives of Central and South American countries.
Central Vacuum SystemA vacuum located in one unit with plumbed pipe and outlets where the hose is attached. The wall plate covering the outlet activates the system when it is lifted.
Ceramic TileWhite clays fired to a point of vitrification. It conies in many sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns; a strong, hard material for walls, floors, and ceilings.
Ceramic TilesGlazed clay tiles, which stand up to large amounts of wear and tear very well.

The art and science of forming objects from earth materials containing or combined with silica; the objects are then heated to at least 1300°F to harden.

CertosinaAn ivory inlay found on some fine Italian antique furniture.
Cerusea ceruse finish usually pertains to wood. It is when a white pigment is rubbed into a wood to create a streaking of white in the grains.
CfmAn abbreviation that refers to cubic feet of air that is moved per minute by an exhaust fan.
Chair And A HalfAn upholstered seating piece that's larger than a armchair, but not as large as a loveseat. Find a living room chair.
Chair RailA molding that normally falls at a height of three to four feet and bands an entire room. Originally incorporated for wall protection, chair rails are now used primarily for decoration, to cap wainscoting, or as a divider between different wall treatments.
Chaise LongueA long, low upholstered couch in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support the legs. Often mistakenly referred to
as a chaise lounge so much so that the latter term has come to be commonly accepted as well.
Chaise LoungeAn upholstered armchair with the back and seat lengthened for reclining. Styles ranges from formal to contemporary. Also referred to by some as a French long chair. Find a chaise lounge chair.
ChajjaA sloping or horizontal structural overhang usually provided over openings on external walls for protection from sun and rain.
ChambrayA popular variety of cotton fabric that combines colored warp and white filling yarns in a plain weave.
ChamferA corner or edge that is cut at an angle or beveled.
ChamferingIt consists in taking off the edges of wooden members. Thus a chamfered member has a sloping or bevelled edge.
ChandelierA ceiling-mounted lighting fixture consisting of two or more arms bearing lights. Styles can range from small and simple to extremely large and ornate. Find a chandelier.
Channel BackA sofa or chair with a back design of vertical sections of cushioning in a shell-like pattern. Find a sofa.
Channel QuiltStitching in lines that run parallel to the length or width of a fabric.
ChannelingA grooved or creased effect in wood.
Charles Of LondonA style of sofa or chair with a low rolled arm. Find living room furniture.
ChasedA metal surface that's ornamented by embossing, engraving or carving.
ChasingA technique in which steel punches are used to decorate and/or texture of metal surface.
CheckA lengthwise separation of a wood board that extends across the annual growth rings.
ChecksSplits or cracks in wood, which are ordinarily caused by seasoning. A common characteristic of genuine cherry wood pieces.
Chemical FinishesSee standard finishes.
ChenilleA type of fabric featuring a plush, variegated texture and often exhibiting an iridescent appearance.
ChesserA combination of a dresser and a chest. Chessers are narrower than a dresser and shorter than a chest, and normally have a small tilting mirror. Find bedroom furniture.
ChestA tall, narrow piece featuring a series of drawers for storing clothing. Find a chest of drawers.
Chest On ChestA tall chest with a larger chest of drawers that supports a slightly smaller chest. Find a chest of drawers.
ChesterfieldA sofa style with deep button tufting and large rolled arms that are the same height as the back. Term is still common in Canada and England. Find a sofa.
Cheval MirrorA freestanding mirror swung in a vertical frame. Also called a dressing mirror or cheval glass. Find a cheval mirror.
Chevreul, M.E. (1786-1889)French chemist who was head of dyestuffs at Gobelin Tapestry Works near Paris. Chevreul researched and published theories that were forerunners to the Standard Color Wheel theory.
ChevronA V-shaped ornamentation inspired by military insignia.
ChiThe life force or essential energy of the universe. Chi can be either auspicious or inauspicious.
ChiffonierA tall and narrow chest of drawers normally used for storing undergarments and lingerie. Term is a French word denoting a lady's work table, derived from chiffons, which means rags. Term can also be used in reference to a lingerie chest or highboy. Find bedroom furniture.
ChifforobeA combination of wardrobe and chest-of-drawers. Find bedroom furniture.
ChimneypieceThe decorative detail that covers the firebox and flue.
ChinaDesignation given by Europeans to porcelain from the Orient.
China Cabinet (Or China Hutch)A cabinet with with, or without, glass fronts to store and display china, the sides may or may not feature glass. Seldom found in America before the late 1700's. Find a china cabinet.
China PaintA low-temperature overglaze fired onto previously glazed and fired ceramic.
ChineseChinese art and furniture design heavily influenced European furniture periods, particularly during the 1500's through the 1800's. Styles especially influenced include Chippendale, Regency, and Louis the XV styles. All Chinese furniture is lacquered and usually features relief carving for decoration. Most pieces are small and simple and rely on decorative details for their beauty. Most common woods on authentic pieces were teak, sandalwood, and bamboo. Chinese rugs and wallpaper are famous throughout the world.
Chinese RugsOriental rugs woven in Chinese traditional or contemporary patterns in a deep, sculptured pattern.
ChinkingThe weatherproofing material placed between logs in a log home.
ChinoiserieA decoration inspired by Chinese art, which can be painted or lacquered on furniture or used as themes on wallpaper, fabric, etc.
ChintzA printed cotton fabric that is often "shiny" or glazed.
ChipboardSee particleboard.
ChippendaleA design that's more rectangular and heavier than Queen Anne pieces. Chippendale design features include cabriole legs, ball and claw feet, and highboys with broken pediment tops.
Chippendale, Thomas 11 (1718-99)An important English cabinetmaker known for the designs published in his book, The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director.
ChoirThe section of the church where the choir sings.
ChromaThe relative brightness or intensity of a particular hue or color. Low chroma is dull; high chroma is bright. Chroma, also called intensity, is a designation of the Munsell color system.
ChromiumA shiny silver metal resistant to rust.
ChromspunA registered trademark of Eastman Kodak for acetate.
CinquefoilTerm refers to a any five petaled design.
CircuitA wiring hookup that forms a path through which electrical current may flow.
Circular StairsThese stairs are circular in nature, in this form of stairs, al the steps radiate from a newel post or well hole , in the form of winders. These are generally constructed in R.C.C, cast iron or stone.
CirculationMovement from place to place within an environment.
CissingDropping mineral spirits onto wet spattered paint to make shadows of the spatters.
City Of LondonThe one-square-mile area that encompasses what was once Roman and Medieval London.
ClapboardThin, horizontal, overlapping, exterior wooden siding.
ClassicA work of the highest excellence able to stand the test of time.
Classical Rome (200 S.C.—A.D. 100)The Roman era of political conquest and architectural achievement. Roman design was discovered by the Western world when the excavation of Pompeii began in 1754.
ClasticSediments formed from the breaking up of earlier rocks.
Claw & Ball (Or Ball & Claw)A carved lions or birds claw clutching a sphere, usually at the end of a cabriole leg or pedestal tables base.
ClearanceThe amount of space between two fixtures, the center-lines of two fixtures, or a fixture and an obstacle, such as a wall.
CleavageThe tendency of some rocks to split or break along smooth planes that are more or less parallel.
Clere Story WindowThis type of window is used to achieve better ventilation and cooling effect in the living or main rooms of a building which have ceiling height greater than the surrounding rooms.
Clerestory WindowWindow placed or the top of the wall or in the highest story of the nave or choir of a church.
CloisonnéDecorative objects made by soldering metal strips into a pattern on a metal piece and filling the space between the strips with enamel.
Closed Floor PlansFloor plans with many rooms that are totally private from other rooms, having solid walls and accessed only through a door that may also close.
Closed ShowroomsA design-oriented store for placing orders of merchandise. They deal only with professional interior designers; clients are not allowed to enter.
Closed StairA stairway with walls on both - sides. Also called a housed stair.
Closed-GrainA wood that exhibits narrow, inconspicuous, annual growth rings is considered closed-grain. Examples are cherry and maple.
CloserIt is a portion of a brick cut in such a manner that its one long face remains uncut.
Club ChairAn upholstered chair with arms, normally made to match a sofa and covered in the same material. Find a living room chair.
Club FootA turned foot resembling a club; often found at the end of a cabriole leg.
Club SofaA fully upholstered piece of furniture with arms that are lower than its back. Find a sofa.
Coated Fabric Wall CoveringsFabric layered with vinyl to become wall coverings.
CobblestoneLarge rounded stones such as river cobbles set into concrete and used mainly as nonresilient hard wall materials.
CockbeadingBead molding applied to the edges of drawers.
Cocktail Table (Or Coffee Table)A long and low table normally positioned in front of a sofa, which provides a surface for serving. Find a coffee table.
CodeA locally or nationally enforced mandate regarding struc-tural design, materials, plumbing, or electrical systems that state what you can or cannot do when you build or remodel.
CofferA multi-functional traveling chest with handles and a domed lid but without feet, usually made of oak. Term can also refer to a chest or box covered in leather or some other material and banded with metalwork.
CofferdamA cofferdam may be defined as a temporary structure constructed in a river or a lake or any other water
Coffered CeilingA ceiling formed with recessed boxes or coffers.
Cogged JointThis joint is commonly provided between wall plate and the tie beam of wooden truss where it is essential to utilise the entire depth of the wall plate for bearing the tie
Coil CountThe specific number of coils in a mattress or box spring unit. The standard count is based on the coils within a full size piece. A high coil count was once touted to indicate better quality, however this term is no longer applicable to many of today's better mattress sets. Find a new mattress.
Coil SpringA cylindrically shaped spring used for upholstery cushioning.
Coil SpringsWire coils used in more expensive upholstered seating pieces to give a desired resiliency and firmness to the seat and back.
Cold Air ReturnsDucts used in forced-air heating systems to return cooled air to the heat source for warming.
Cold Cathode LightingThe term for all colors of neon lighting.
Collar RoofWith excessive loading conditions or increased spans the rafter of the couple closed roof tends to bend in the middle. This tendency is overcome by fixing the tie near the middle of the rafters. The truss then formed is called collar roof.
CollectorsUnits to capture the sun's energy or heat for active and passive solar heating.
ColonialAmerican furniture from the 1700's through the Revolutionary era. The formal styles are usually mahogany or cherry while plainer furniture was done in pine, oak, and maple. Queen Anne and Chippendale designs are often included in this category.
Colonial America (1640-1770)The period prior to the Revolutionary War that included Medieval and Early and Late Georgian interiors.
Colonial RevivalReproductions of classic American styles from the 1700's, although not always accurate in detail. Revival pieces were popular from the late 1800's through the early 1900's. Also known as just "Revival".
ColonnadeA range of columns connected by a horizontal entablature or cornice at the top.
ColorAn element of design, color is pigment in paint or part of the visible spectrum of light that enables us to see hues. It incorporates the study of hue, value, and intensity as well as color schemes, color application, and color psychology.
Color Group MoodsGroups of color that produce emotional response, such as light and bright colors producing feelings of spontaneity and happiness.
Color HarmonyThe selection and arrangement of colors to be pleasing to the eye and to the senses.
Color IntensityStrength of a color.
Color Rendition Index (Cri)Measures the way a light source renders color. The higher the number, the more the color resembles how it appears in sunlight.
Color SchemeColor combinations for the interiors of rooms and homes in general.
Color TransferThe process of applying a color from one material onto another by the means of moisture or heat. The term can also refer to the accidental seepage of color from one material to another.
Color WashingApplying a coat of thinned, sometimes translucent, paint over a white or colored ground.
Color WayA term used in interior design to describe a color combination.
Color WheelA diagram, usually circular, showing the range and relationships of pigment and dye colors.
ColorayA registered trademark of Courtaulds for viscose rayon.
Colored Incandescentlighting Accomplished with colored! glass lamps or by colored screens or filters placed over a white light.
ColorfastA term used to describe fabrics of sufficient color retention so that no noticeable change in shade takes place during the normal life of the fabric.
ColoringA general term for the dyeing and printing of textiles.
ColorspunA registered trademark of American Viscose for viscose rayon.
ColorwashingA decorative painting technique where a thin glaze (or water-based wash) is applied over the base coat of paint to create an effect of subtle layers of color.
Colour WashingColour wash is prepared by adding mineral colours (which are not affected by lime ) of desired shade to the prepared white
ColumnA column may be defined as an isolated vertical load bearing member the width of which is neither less than the thickness nor more than four times its thickness.
Columnar JointingIn igneous rocks, a regular six-sided form of jointing that produces regularly shaped pillars or columns.
Com (Customer’S Own Material)When a designer uses a fabric on a special-ordered upholstered furniture item other than of the fabrics available from the furniture manufactured.

Furniture industry term for "Customer's own material" or "Customer's own leather". Typically expressed in square yards for fabric (COM) and in square feet for leather (COL). Figure references the amount of material required for custom fabric or leather coverings.

Comb BackA Windsor chair having an extension of the back above the arm rail that consists of five or more spindles and a curved top rail resembling a comb. Find a dining room chair.
CombinationWooden furniture construction with more than one type of wood in the exposed parts of the piece.
Combination Felt PaddingCarpet underlay felt pad of some animal hair and some synthetic fiber.
Combination Floor PlansA floor plan with areas that are open and other rooms that are closed.
Combination WeaveA fabric employing more than one type of weave; for example, plain and twill weaves seen side by side in a fabric.
Combined FootingA combined footing is so proportioned that the centre of gravity of the supporting area is in line with the centre of gravity of the two column loads.
CombingA painting effect in which a comb (or comb like tool) is dragged across the paint or glaze to create a series of lines.
Combustion LightingCandlelight and firelight.
Comfort LayersThe layers of material in a mattress or upholstered seating that provide the comfortable surface feel.
ComforterComforters cover the mattress, but not the box spring. Since the top and bottom fabrics of a comforter are quilted together with a filling material in between, they are usually fluffier and thicker than a bedspread or coverlet. Comforters are usually used with a dust ruffle to cover the box spring. Comforters are usually too short to cover the bed pillows, therefore most people use shams. Find a comforter.
CommodeA stand or cupboard, traditionally used for storing chamber pots. Often used as a side table or nightstand.
Common RaftersThese are inclines wooden members laid from the ridge to the eaves. Cleats - These are short sections of wood or steel , nailed , screwed or bolted to the rafters of the truss for supporting purlins.
Commonwealth (Or Puritan)Commonwealth furniture is also known as Puritan, Cromwellian and Middle Jacobean. Commonwealth furniture was a design devoid of ornate style. This style was characterized as straight and severe. Pieces were square and rectangle. Sturdy underbracing was used on chairs. Settees had straight backs and low seats. Upholstery pieces had dull or dismal fabrics. Oak was the favored wood. Most popular during the mid to late 1600's.
Communication SystemsIntercom, computer network, and telephone. systems that connect people within the building or beyond the building.
Compact Fluorescent (Cf) LampsSmall, fluorescent lamps that consume one-fifth of the power and can last up to thirteen times longer than incandescent. May connect to an incandescent fixture.
Compartmental BathroomA bathroom in which the separate functions are housed in small rooms that open to each other.
Complementary ColorsHues directly opposite each other on the color wheel. As the strongest contrasts, complements tend to intensify each other.
CompositeOne of the architectural orders. The composite column was the result of combining both the Ionic and Corinthian columns.
Composite MasonryWalls constructed from two or more building materials are termed as composite walls.
Composite Roof TrussesTrusses built with the combination of wood and steel are termed as composite trusses.
Compounded FabricsSee layered fabrics.
Computer DeskA desk that's specifically designed to accommodate a personal computer. Find a computer desk.
Computer HardwareThe components of a computer system
Computer NetworkConnective cables that allow computer terminals within an office or design firm to access the same information.
Computer ProgramsThe software, or disks, that operate the computer hardware. Programs are instructions, information, and data bases that allow the machine to operate specific functions. These include graphics, CAD, word processing, and so on.
Computer TerminalA keyboard and monitor that are connected to a mainframe. Also, a personal computer that can be connected to other computer terminals via a computer network system.
Computer-Aided Design (And Drafting) Cad (Cadd)Computer software that enables the designer to draw, draft, arrange furnishing components, and compose simulated perspectives of a proposed interior space.
ConceptAn idea for the solution to a problem.
Conceptual DrawingsDrawings that show the concept or idea for a design.
ConcreteA mixture of sand, water, and portland cement that dries to a hard material; used for floors and walls, footings, foundations, and exterior flotwork.
CondominiumAn individually owned home in a complex. The owner pays a monthly or yearly charge to maintain common landscaping and recreation and/or fitness facilities.
ConglomerateA rock composed of rounded fragments, anything from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter.
ConiferA softwood tree type, with needles and cones rather than flat, broad leaves.
Connecticut ChestA low chest on legs that normally contains a double set of drawers.
ConnectorsThese are the metallic members used for connecting timber pieces in such a way that transmission of stress from one member to another is adequately ensured.
Console (Or Console Table)A term originally applied to a bracket that supported cornices or shelves and later used to describe tables that were affixed to a wall and supported with legs at the front. Today it describes any type of table used along a wall. Find a console table.
Console TableA long narrow table (usually around 30" high) used for displaying decorative objects, lighting, florals, etc. Often placed in a foyer or behind a sofa.
ContemporaryThe style inherent to the present time. Often confused with modern.
Contemporary StyleA style of decoration or architec-ture that is modern and pertains to what is current.
ContinentalA pillow that's 26" square, which is the traditional European sized pillow.
Continuing EducationSkills, training, and knowledge gleaned by the professional interior designer through seminars and networks sponsored by professional Organizations, institutions, and corporations.
Continuous CoilA mattress design in which each row of coils is made using a single, continuous wire. Find a mattress set.
ContrastThe difference in illumination level between one point and nearby points.
Contrasting WeltWelting or piping at seams that's covered in fabric contrasting or different from the main body fabric. Used on upholstered furniture and fabric accessories such as accent pillows and drapes.
ControlThe monitoring unit or thermostat needed for a furnace or an active solar heating system.
Convection OvenHeated air flows around the food.
Conventional DesignA type of decorative design taken from nature and adapted, stylized, Or conventionalized. The pattern is still recognizable as the nature object (flowers, for example) but is not reproduced in its naturalistic state.
Conventional OvenFood is cooked by radiation.
Conventional Traverse RodsDrapery rods with a cord-and-pulley system for operating pleated draperies.
Conversation PitSeating areas designed and built in as an integral part of the environment. The name pit implies a sunken area, but this type of seating could be designed on a platform or on floor level.
Cool ColorsGreen, blue-green, blue, blue-violet, and violet.
Cool White Deluxe Fluorescent LampsA quality, balanced spectrum lamp whose light does not appear cold and unflattering.
Coordinating Or Companionfabric Decorative fabric printed in the same pattern or in a pattern that coordinates with the wallpaper.
CopeTo cut a section of paneling to fit an adjoining piece.
CopingIt is a covering placed on the exposed top of an external wall. It is essentially provided to prevent the seepage of water through the joints of the topmost couse of wall.
CopperA bright, shiny, reddish brown metal used for cookware, tableware, decorative objects, and building components.
CorbelIt is the extension of one or more courses or brick or stone from the face of a wall.
CordelanA registered trademark of the Japan company for a vinyl/vinyon fiber. Cordura A registered trademark of DuPont
CorduroyA cotton or rayon velvet that's woven with ridges (or cords).
CorinthianThe Corinthian column, featuring acanthus leaves on its capital, is the most ornate of the architectural orders.
Corner Block Or BraceA diagonal brace placed at the corner of a frame structure to provide strength. Commonly found on the inside corners of dressers and chests for example.
Corner CupboardA triangular shaped dining room china cabinet made to fit into a corner. Find a china cabinet.
Corner WindowThis type of window , as the name suggests , is essentially located in the corner of a room. By use of this window it is possible to ensure light and ventilation from two directions at right angles.
CorniceIt is a horizontal molded projection provided near the top of a building or at the junction of a wall and ceiling.
CornucopiaThe horn of plenty, which symbolizes peace and prosperity, used as a design motif.
Corrected Grain LeatherLeather that's buffed to remove unattractive blemishes and embossed to simulate an attractive grain pattern or to add a decorative texture. Find leather furniture.
Correlated Color Temperature (Cct)Compares the apparent warmth or coolness of discontinuous-spectrum light.
Cost Plus Percentage Mark-UpA design fee method that allows the design firm to add a specific percentage to the net cost of the merchandise being purchased by the client.
Cost PriceThe price that the designer must pay for the goods.
Cottage FurnitureA style of casual furniture that's characterized by being painted and/or decorated. Cottage pieces often feature turned legs and very simple lines. The term originated during the Victorian period to refer to mass-produced simplified designs.
CouchA term from the 17th and 18th Century used to refer to a daybed. Not used as a term for a sofa or settee until more recent times.
Counter Flap HingesThis type of hinges has three parts and two centres. Provision of this type of hinge enable the shutters to be folded back to back.
Counter StoolA stool that has a seat height of about 24" to 26", opposed to a bar stool that normally has a seat height of 30". Find a counter stool.
Country StyleA casual style that gained popularity in the 1980's and remains popular today, often featuring nature and nostalgic motifs. The "appearance" of handcrafting is also important. Distressing is commonly seen.
Country-RockThe rock or rocks into which an igneous intrusion is placed.
Couple Close RoofIn a coupled roof, the notches provided at the feet of the rafters prevent them from spreading, but with the time span , they spend and roof will collapse , thus to prevent this , the feet of the rafters are joined by a tie , which by holding them in position , prevents them from spreading and thrusting out of the wall. This is called couple closed roof.
CourseA horizontal layer of bricks or stones is termed a course.
Court CupboardA small cupboard that's used for storing silver, china, or other precious items.
CourtyardA space permanently open to sky , enclosed fully or partially by building and may be at ground level or any other level within or adjacent to a building.
Covered AreaGround area covered by the building immediately above plinth level. It does not include the spaces covered by some projections.
CoverletA bed cover that reaches to the top of the bed and to the bottom of the box spring on three sides.
CovingAngled sides of firebox.
Crackle Glaze (Or Craquelure)A special type of glaze used to create a fine network of cracks.
Cramped JointThe function of cramp which may be of slate or any metal , is to prevent the tendency of the joint to be pulled apart.
CredenceAn early Italian cabinet that was used for carving meat or displaying plates. It was the original forerunner of the sideboard.
Credence TableA type of small table used for storing food before serving; generally a semi-circular table with a hinged top.
CredenzaA large low cabinet, usually 30"-36" high with a flat top used for serving and storage.
Crest Rail (Top Rail)The top horizontal rail of an upholstered piece, which can be very detailed.
CrestingA shaped ornamentation on the top of a structure, as in the cresting of a chair.
Crinoline StretcherAn arched stretcher found on certain Windsor chairs.
Critical Path Method (Cpm)A preparation method that begins by identifying the interrelationships of the tasks to be performed. This study shows the designer, which tasks must be completed before the next or other tasks can be performed, thus establishing the vital path.
CrochetingA fabric, trimming, or lace made by interlocking successive loops or stitches with a hook or needle.
CrockingThe loss of transfer of leather coloring or finish by abrasion.
CroftA small filing cabinet from the 18th Century that had many small drawers and a writing top.
CropTo trim or cut an art piece to fit a frame.
Cross DyeingTwo fibers of different affinities dyed in the same bath; the colors will be accepted differently.
Cross StretcherAn X-shaped stretcher in straight or curved lines. Found on some traditional style tables, chairs and on highboys and lowboys.
CrossingThe area of a cross-shaped church where the nave and transept cross.
CrowdingWhere people are grouped together in tightly restricted areas.
CrownIn arches, it is the highest point of the extrados or it is the highest part of the arch.
Crown LintelSee jack arch lintel.
Crown MoldingA decorative molding used at the juncture of the wall and ceiling; it can be flat or sprung, plain or complex.
CruciformFloor plan in the form or shape of a cross.
CryptAn underground vault, especially in a church, often used for burial.
CrystalA high grade of glass containing lead.
CrystallizedThe stone forms into crystals.
Cubic Feet Or FootageThe width multiplied by the length of a room and then by its height. The volume of space we walk through. Rooms with very high ceilings have greater cubic footage than those with lower ceilings.
CumuloftA registered trademark of Monsanto for nylon.
CupboardA cabinet, box or closet with shelves designed to hold cups, dishes or food.
Cupid's BowTerm used to describe the typical top rail of a Chippendale chair back, which curves up at the ends and dips slightly in the center.
CupolaA small-domed structure rising above a roof.
CureMaintaining the humidity and temperature of freshly poured concrete for a period of time to keep water present so the concrete hydrates or hardens properly.
Curing Of ConcreteIt is the process of keeping the set concrete continuously damo for some days in order to enable the concrete gain more strength.
CurioA rare or curious art object?a curiosity.
Curio (Collectors Cabinet)A case piece featuring glassed in shelves and doors for displaying collectibles. Find a curio cabinet.
Curtain PanelA large piece of fabric designed to cover part or all of a window. Usually hung in pairs. Curtain panels generally come in standard lengths of 84", 96", and 108" and their standard width is usually 45"-50".
Curtain RodsPlain or nontraverse rods of metal or wood.
Curtain Wall ConstructionSee metal or space frame system.
CurtainsLike draperies, curtains use fabric, but they are usually hung with in the window frame and close to the glass.
Curule LegsX-shaped legs used on a portable backless folding chair.
Curved LinesFlowing lines, part of the elements of design. Large curves are smooth and gracious; small curves can give a feeling of activity in the interior.
Curved StaircaseA staircase with a curved radius.
Curved-Back SofaA sofa whose back arches in a smooth, even curve with large, scrolled arms. Find a sofa.
Cushion DrawerA convex drawer below a cornice that runs the full width of a piece of furniture.
CushioningMaterials used to provide comfort in upholstered furniture and bedding. Popular cushioning materials include polyurethane foam, polyester, cotton, latex and wool.
Custom DesignAny design that is planned and executed according to individual specifications?not mass-produced.
Custom Floor PlanOne that is executed by an architect or designer to meet the needs of the space?custom tailored to the design program.
Custom GradeIs the most common grade and still produced a high-quality job.
Cut GlassGlass incised with an abrasive to create decorative patterns.
Cut LengthThe length of unhemmed fabric window treatments.
Cut PileA cut pile is when the ends of the rug pile is cut.
Cut StringIt is a stringer with its upper surface having carriages or houses accurately cut to receive the treads and risers and the lower edge being parallel to the pitch of the stair.
Cyma CurveA distinctive 'S' shaped curve incorporated into Queen Anne furniture.