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B LampA designation for a candelabra lamp or bulb that is a smooth, torpedo-shaped oval.
Baccalaureate DegreeThe degree granted by colleges and universities and some design schools following four to five years of general education and specific topic study.
Bachelor's ChestA small low chest originating in the 1700's. Find a chest of drawers.
BackThe inner surface of the wall, which is not exposed to weather, is termed as back.
Back BandAdditional molding piece adhered to the outer edge of casing to create a more substantial appearance.
Back Flap HingesThis type of hinges are used with thin shutters where butt hinges are not used. These hinges are fixed to the back side of the shutters and frame.
Back PanelA panel used to cover the back of a case piece; often made of hardboard.
BackingA coating that is applied to the back of fabric to prevent seam slippage and excess wear.
BacklightingIllumination coming from a source behind or at the side of an object.
BacksplashA backsplash is a durable material, often tile, that is placed on the wall behind a kitchen or bathroom counter in order to deflect the water or other liquids from staining the wall.
BacksplatA slat of wood in the middle of a chair back.
BaffleA device fixed to a light fitting to prevent light from glaring into the eyes.
Baffled CeilingCeiling hung with panels of wood, metal, or fabric that serve as a screen.
Bag Table18th Century serving table with drawers and a cloth bag attached.
BaggingA painting technique in which a crumpled bag (or other material) is dabbed onto a glazed or emulsioned wall to create textured patterns.
BaguetteA small convex molding with semi-circular contours.
BailA metal ring or hoop forming a handle.
BaizeWool fabric resembling felt (usually green) used on gaming tables.
BakeliteA trade name for one of the first plastics to come into widespread use. The colors of this plastic are usually limited to browns and blacks. Bakelite was a popular material used in producing early pieces of modern furniture.
Baker's RackCommonly an open slatted back storage unit with shelves used for storing goods in the kitchen such as cook books, wine, etc. Most commonly made of wood and metal or a combination of the two. Find a baker's rack.
BalanceThe arrangement of objects around an epicenter, or creating an even feel or atmosphere in a room.
Balanced FootingIt is commonly known as Strap footing. In this the load from the outer column is balanced by the load from the inner column through a cantilever beam , acting through a fulcrum.
Balanced LightLight from more than one direction meant to eliminate glare and high contrast of light and dark, or unflattering or fatiguing shadows.
BalconyA horizontal cantilevered projection including a hand-rail or balustrade to serve as passage or sitting out place.
Ball & ClawA carved lions or birds claw clutching a sphere, usually at the end of a cabriole leg or tables base.
Ball FootThe rounded end of a turned leg having a hooded effect.
BallastThe connecting mechanism within a fluorescent lamp.
Balloon Back ChairA rounded back Hepplewhite style chair in the shape of a hot-air balloon. Find a chair for your living room or dining room.
Balloon ShadeA window treatment with gathered fabric and soft billowy folds. Find window treatments and curtains.
Balloon ValanceValance in the same style as the balloon shade.
Balloon, Pouf, Or Cloud ShadesLoosely gathered, full, soft, and billowy shades that pull up from the bottom.
BalusterIt is a wooden , metal or masonary vertical member supporting a hand rail.
BalustradeIt usually consists of a row of balusters surmounted by a rail and is provided to perform the function of a fence or guard for the users of the stair
Bamboo ShadesShades woven of split bamboo and a cotton warp. Also called matchstick shades.
Bamboo TurningStyle of turning and painting wood to resemble bamboo. Popular in the 19th Century.
BandingAn Inlay or Marquetry that produces a color or grain contrast along the perimeter of a surface such as a tabletop.
Bandy LegAmerican colonial term for the cabriole, or curved leg.
Banister-Back ChairGenerally made of maple and often ebonized. Features vertical split banisters in the back. Widely used in rural America in the 1700's.
Bank Of LightA large, well-lit area of light.
BanquetteA long upholstered seat, settee or bench, that's usually built-in. Term also refers to the ledge at the back of a buffet.
BarA counter like piece of furniture or built-in cabinetry typically used for mixing and serving drinks. Find a bar or pub table.
Bar StoolA stool that has a seat height of about 30", opposed to a counter stool that normally has a seat height of 24" to 26". Find a bar stool.
Barge BoardIt is a timber board used to hold the common rafters forming verge.
BargeboardElaborately carved trim used around the edge of gables, most commonly found on gothic revival homes.
BarkclothA soft and textured fabric that resembles the bark of a tree.
Barley TwistA furniture leg that's turned so that it resembles a screw thread.
BaroqueA highly ornate decorative style that originated in Italy in the 1600's. The style is characterized by irregular curves, twisted columns, elaborate scrolls and oversize moldings. The Italian equivalent of French "rococo".
Barrel BackA chair or sofa with the arms and back forming a continuous curve. Find living room furniture.
Barrel BoltThis type of bolt is similar to tower bolt except that the stapples are replaced by a barrel.
Barrel ChairA semicircular upholstered chair with a loose seat cushion. Find a living room chair.
Barrel VaultAn arched roof with a roundheaded arch shape.
Barrier-Free DesignDesign for the handicapped that presents no physical obstacles or barriers to access and allows free movement in the environment.
Barrier-Free FixtureA fixture specifically designed to allow access to people who use wheelchairs or who have limited mobility.

Habitable room on the roof with or without toilet / kitchen. Bat- It is the portion of a brick cut across the width or a brick cut by some fraction of its length.

BartileQuarry or clay tile (gray or red) roofing material. It is costly but never needs replacing.
BaseFinish trim used to cover the joint where the wall meets the floor.
Base CabinetA cabinet that rests on the floor and supports a countertop.
Base LightingA light placed next to the floor behind a deflector board that directs light upward.
Base MoldingThe molding placed at the juncture of the floor and wall.
Base PlanA map of the existing kitchen that shows detailed measurements and the location of cabinets, appliances, sinks, and any fixed elements.
BaseboardBase trim made of wood.
Baseboard UnitsPlugged-in or prewired units near the floor for room or area heating.
BasementThe lower storey of a building below or partly below ground level.
BasinA shallow sink.
Basket WeaveA variation of the plain weave where groups of warp and weft threads are carried as one. A balanced weave carries the same number in each direction?two over and two under ; 3/ 3; 4/4. An unbalanced basketweave carries uneven groups of threads, over and under, such as 2/3 or 3/4.
Bas-Relief – LiterallyRaised or indented sculptural patterns that remain close to the surface plane.
Bas-Relief (Low Relief)The type of sculpture wherein the figures protrude only slightly from the background.
BassinetA bed for a baby. Originally basket shaped. Find baby furniture.
Bast FibersNatural cellulosic fibers obtained from the stems and leaves of plants. The best known are linen and jute.
BatikA method of applying dye to cloth that is covered, in part, with a dye-resistant, removable substance such as wax. After dyeing, the resist is removed, and the design appears in the original color against the newly colored background.
BattenIt is the name given to a narrow strip of wood normally nailed over joints of boards.
BattingThin layers of natural or synthetic cloth used to line cushions, pillows, quilts or crafts.
BattlementA parapet indented or crenellated along the upper line of a building.
BauhausA style of the early 1900's taking its name from the German School of Architecture. This minimalist style has had a great effect on contemporary architecture and furniture design.
BayThe area between columns, piers, or buttresses.
Bay Or Bow RodsTraverse or curtain rods that are prebent to a bay or bow window shape.
Bay WindowA window projecting outward from the walls of a room is termed as a bay window.
BeadIt is a rounded or semi-circular moulding provided on the edges of surface of wood.
Bead And ReelA molding of alternating round bead shapes and oval or disk shapes.
BeadboardTraditionally, wood paneling that's routed vertically so that parallel lines span the height of the board. Beadboard is often used as a wall material, wainscoting and on cabinet doors.
BeadingThe process whereby decorative beads are sewn, glued, or otherwise attached to a surface.
BeamThe primary horizontal load-bearing element in a structure.
Beam Or R. C. C. BeamThese are the supporting elements. For bigger span and heavy loading conditions or in situations where intermediate walls are not provided, to reduce the span of the floor slab , R.C.C beam and slab construction is adopted.
Beam System ConstructionSolid beams of steel, wood, or concrete supported with a series of posts.
Beamed CeilingA ceiling with exposed beams or trusses.
Beamless SlabIt is also known as flat slab , it is a type of construction in which the flooring slab is directly supported on columns without the agency of beams or girders.
Bearing Capacity Of SoilThe maximum load per unit area, which the soil or rock can carry without yielding or displacement is termed as the bearing capacity of soil.
Beau BrummelA Georgian dressing table for men. Named after an English fashion arbiter.
Beau-GripA registered trademark of Beaunit for viscose rayon.
BedA coating of sedimentary rock.
Bed Frame (Or Bed Base/Frame)A frame or type of platform that a bed rests on. Usually, a metal or wooden frame with legs used to raise the bed off of the floor, headboards can be attached to most bed frames. Find bed frames and bedroom furnishings.
Bed MoldingSame as crown molding. beltcourse A projecting row of bricks or stone On the facade that separates one story from another; also called stringcourse.
Bed RailsMetal or wooden frames that join a headboard and footboard together and also support the mattress set. Most commonly used bed rail styles include hook-on and bolt-on designs.
Bed SkirtA gathered or pleated strip of cloth reaching from the bottom of a mattress or box spring to the floor. Also referred to as a dust ruffle or bedskirt.
Bedding EnsembleCan be any combination bedspreads, pillow shams, bed skirts, etc. Find bedding sets.
Bedding PlaneSurface in sedimentary rock parallel to the original surface on which the sediment was deposited.
Bed-In-A-BagBedding set that includes flat and fitted sheets, standard pillowcase pair, comforter, bed skirt and standard sham pair. Twin has one pillowcase and sham, king and California king have king size pillowcases and shams.
BedspreadA decorative covering for a bed that can reach to the floor on either side and usually is large enough to cover the pillows. Find a bedspread.
BeidermeierA German furniture style from the first half of the 1800's. The furniture is often plain and squared in form and borrows elements from many styles, particularly French Empire. The Beidermeier style concentrates on strength and comfort at the expense of grace and refinement.
Bell FlowerA hanging flower of three to five petals carved or inlaid one below the other in strings. Used primarily down the legs of tables and chairs, or on chair splats.
Belter, John Henry (D. 1865)A New York furniture craftsman hest known for his Rococo Revival pieces of carved laminated rosewood.
BelvedereA cupola or lantern. The small square towers that rise from the roof of the Italianate buildings of the nineteenth century.
BembergA registered trademark of Beaunit for cuprammonium rayon.
BenchA long seat that can seat at least two people. Benches can be made from any material from wood to concrete. Find an entryway bench or bedroom bench.
Bench Cushion (Or Bench Seat)A long seat cushion that covers the entire deck area of a sofa, loveseat or settee, opposed to individual cushions.
BentwoodA process of steam bending wood for shaping into furniture parts, particularly chairs.
Berber RugsWoven or tufted wool rugs left in their natural color state?white, beige, brown, or charcoal, with flecks of light, or dark neutrals.
BergereAn upholstered French arm chair with closed arms. Features include an exposed wood frame, loose seat cushion and wide proportions. Popular during the Louis XIV and Louis XV periods. Find a living room chair.
Bergere ChairA large armchair, usually associated with the French Country or Provenciale decorating style. It often features an upholstered seat, back, and arms, a loose seat cushion, and an exposed wooden frame.
BermA pile of earth used to create a visual or physical diversion or to add variety to a landscape.
Beveled EdgeA slanted and polished edge finishing detail used on wood, marble, glass, etc.
Beveled GlassPlate glass that has its perimeter ground and polished at an angle.
Beveled PanelingPaneling with edges cut at an angle other than forty-five degrees.
BiasThe cutting and sewing of fabric at a diagonal or 45 degree angle in relationship to the fabrics pattern.
BibelotFrench term for a small decorative and often rare object.
Bibliotheque-BasseA low cupboard with shelves for books. Doors are often of glass and sometimes fitted with grilles.
BidetA sanitary fixture for cleansing the genitourinary area of the body.
BiedermeierThe term used to describe the Empire style as interpreted and built by the craftsmen of northern Europe.
Bifold DoorA door with vertical double panels that folds back against itself; frequently used for closet doors.
Bifurcated StairsThis type of stair is provided in modern public buildings. In this type of stairs , the flights are so arranged there is a wide flight at the start which is sub
Bills Of LadingThe form that the supplier provides to the truck driver to show what is being shipped and who has title to the goods.
Bi-LoftA registered trademark of Monsanto for acrylic.
BiotechnologyThe aspect of technology concerned with the application of biological and engineering data to synthetic products and environments. Also called ergonomics.
Bird's-EyeA marking of small spots often found in the wood from sugar maple trees. Highly prized throughout furniture history.
Bishop Sleeve CurtainsDrapery lengths pulled into a bloused, poufed effect.
Bishop's SleeveA drapery treatment with side panels of lightweight fabric tied back slightly above the midpoint to form a billowing drape above and a flowing effect below. Find window treatments and curtains.
Bistro TableTerm conventionally refers to a round table about 40" in height designed for small spaces and intimate dining. It is common for people to also refer to bistro tables as pub tables. Find a pub table.
Bisymmetrical BalanceAlso called formal or passive balance, the arrangement of like parts or objects in mirror image on each side of a central point.
BlanketA large piece of woven material used as a covering for warmth, especially on a bed.
Blanket ChestA low box-like chest for storing blankets often called a hope chest. Used during Colonial times for storage and as a bench. Find a cedar blanket chest or hope chest.
BleachingUsing chemicals, such as bleach, to dramatically lighten or to remove color in a wood.
BleedColor penetrates through another coat of paint.
BlindsRigid or soft window coverings, oriented either horizontally or vertically, that obscure light, provide privacy, and can be raised, lowered, or adjusted to different levels.
Block FootA square foot at the base of a straight leg.
Block FrontAn American furniture form of the 1700's, used primarily in chests. The front is divided into three vertical segments consisting of a concave panel in the center and convex panels on each side.
Block PrintA two-dimensional art form printed from a flat wooden or linoleum block on which the background has been carved away, leaving a raised design pattern.
Block PrintingThe oldest form of printing known to man. Motifs are obtained by the use of wooden, linoleum or copper blocks.
Blocking CourseIt is a course of stone masonary provided immediately above the cornice to check the tendency of the cornice to overturn and incidentally it adds to its appearance.
BlowingThis is commonly known as blistering of plaster. This consists the formation of small patches of plaster swelling out beyond the plastered surface.
Blue CA registered trademark of Monsanto for polyester.
BlueprintsFloor plans printed in blue ink and used for construction plans.
Board And BattenVertical wooden siding made of parallel boards with narrow strips of wood (battens) to cover the cracks.
Board-And-BattenA form of vertical siding composed of boards laid side by side, with the resulting joints covered by narrow strips of wood, or battens.
BobecheA glass ring placed at the base of a candle to gather wax or dangle crystals. Find candle accessories.
Body ImpressionsThe "normal compression" of upholstery layers as they lose resilience over time. Often mistaken for sagging on mattresses, sofas and other upholstered furniture. Find a new mattress set.
BoiserieCarved panels used on French pieces from the 17th Century.
BolectionA rounded, projecting molding.
BolsterA long pillow or cushion usually placed on a chair,sofa, or bed.
BombeTraditionally a low baroque style chest with bulging convex sides originated in France. Term can also apply to some commodes, bureaus and armoires. Find living room furniture.
BondIt is a term applied to the over-lapping of bricks or stones in a wall in alternate courses , to bind the whole wall together.
Bonded (Rebonded) FoamCarpet underlay (padding) of chopped foam and filler materials bonded together by heat, pressure, and some adhesives.
Bonded GlassGlass pieces that have been adhered together by glue, resin, or cement.
Bonheur-Du-JourA small French writing table that usually features tall legs; sometimes fitted to hold toilet accessories and miscellaneous items.
Bonnell CoilAn hourglass-shaped mattress coil that's cylindrical at the top and bottom and tapered in the center. Mostly used in promotional and lower-priced bedding today. Find a new mattress set.
Bonnet RoofA hipped roof with two pitches. The top is steeply pitched and the bottom, which covers a porch, is low pitched; used on houses of French influence.
Bonnet TopA hooded top usually found on secretaries, china cabinets, bookcases and curios.
BonsaiThe art of dwarfing trees or plants by growing and training them in containers.
Book MatchA look achieved when alternating pieces of veneer are placed so that adjacent edges meet. The name comes from the final appearance, which resembles the pages of an open book. This is one of the most common veneer methods.
Book MatchingTwo adjacent sheets of veneer that are opened like a book and glued side by side to produce a symmetrical pattern.
BookcaseA piece of furniture with shelves that is normally used in an office or study for storing books. Find a bookcase.
BoraxBorax really isn't a period of furniture as it is a term that refers to lower priced, mass produced furniture from the 1920's to current day. Upholstered pieces are characterized by a large overstuffed design and usually have wood trim. Case pieces are often decorated with veneer panels and plastic moldings. A popular design of Borax furniture is a "waterfall" front.
BorderA strip of companion wall covering used to trim and accent. Packaged in five-yard spools.
Border RodA heavy wire that's normally placed around the perimeter (top and bottom) of a mattress and/or box spring. The border wire is attached to the outermost coils to provide the shape and form for the mattress set.
BossAn oval or round ornament applied to a surface. Term also applies to works in relief.
Boston RockerA large wooden rocker with a spindle back and wide top rail, which is often painted or stenciled. Originated in America in the 1800's. Find a rocking chair.
Boucle'sKnitted or woven fabric with characteristic looped or knotted surface that often resembles a spongy effect. Term also applies to a variety of looped, curled, or slubbed yarns. In French, "boucle" means "buckled" or  "ringed".
Boudoir PillowA small or baby size decorative pillow, usually measuring about 12" x 16". Find a decorative throw pillow.
BoulleA designer of the Louis the XIV period who was famous for his inlays of metal and tortoise shell. "Boullework" can be used as a descriptive phrase.
Bow WindowA curved projecting window (in the shape of a bow).
BowbackA popular type of Windsor chair, also the style of a back such as a bow back rocker. Originally popular in America during the 18th Century. Find a dining room chair.
BowfrontA rounded curve on the front of a piece of wood furniture to appear convex.
Box BurnsFurniture damage caused when the shipping carton rubs against the fabric or frame materials.
Box PleatA double pleat, underneath which the edges fold toward each other.
Box Pleat (Or Boxpleat)A symmetrical skirt pleat made by folding the fabric to the back of each side of the pleat to create a dentil pattern.
Box-SpringA foundation that's designed to support an innerspring mattress. Find a mattress or box-spring set.
Boys And CrownsA very old term for a type of carved ornamentation used on the cresting of chairs, daybeds, etc.
BracketSupporting element found below an eave.
Bracket FootA low foot running both ways from the corner of wood furniture to form a right angle.
Bracket LightingA light placed on the wall behind a bracket board that directs light upward and downward.
BraganzaAn inscrolled or knurled foot, also commonly called a Spanish foot.
Braided RugsStrips of fabric braided, then sewn together in ovals or circles. Originated in Colonial New England.
BrainstormingGeneration of ideas without stopping to judge their quality.
BrassAn alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is yellow in color, and though harder than either of its constituents, it is appropriately malleable for jewelry making.
Break FrontA china cabinet or bookcase that's divided vertically into three segments with the middle segment projecting forward. Find a china cabinet or bookcase.
BreakfrontA case piece whose front plane is broken with receding ot advancing sections. Also, the projecting section of the facade on Late Georgian houses that is topped with a pediment.
BreastThe front of the fireplace and chimneypiece.
Breast WallsThey are stone walls provided to protect the slopes of cutting in natural ground from the action of weather.
BrecciaA clastic sedimentary rock with angular fragments.
Breuer, Marcel (1902-81)Important designer/architect associated with the Bauhaus and known for the design of several classic chairs.
Brewster ChairAn American Colonial style chair with large turned posts and spindles. Named for Governor Brewster of Massachusetts.
BrickClay and other additives formed into rectangles and dried in the sun or fired in a kiln oven; used for walls and floors.
Brick MasonryThese walls are also provided to support earth , loose stone , coal etc. The wall acts as one mass to resist the thrust from the backing and is much stronger than dry stone masonry wall.
BrickmouldExterior wood moulding to cover the gap between a door or window and its frame.
BrilliantsSeveral pinpoints of light that produce a glittering effect.
BroadclothDense cotton fabric with a smooth, semi-gloss finish.
BroadloomA wide loom for weaving carpeting that is 54 inches v.,de or more.
Broadloom CarpetWoven or tufted carpet typically twelve feet wide.
BrocadeA heavy textile with a raised design resembling embroidery. Usually made of silk, rayon, nylon, or polyester.
Broken PedimentAn ornamental crest running across the top of a tall piece such as a highboy or chest. The pediment is interrupted or broken by an opening that highlights a carved finial such as an urn or other shape.
BronzeHabitually, an alloy of copper and tin generally used in casting. The term is often applied to brown-colored brasses.
Brush PaintingApplication of paint with a hand-held brush. Ideal for small areas and detail work.
Brushed FinishA lustrous (but not shiny) finish achieved by brushing a series of uniform scratches into metal.
Bubble PlanningThe first step of diagramming where bubbles represent zones and are placed in proximity relationships.
BudgetingThe facet of a design project that dictates the amount of money to be spent on various aspects of the job.\
BuffetSee sideboard.
Buffet (Or Sideboard)A sideboard without a hutch or storage cabinet on top. The French definition of the word is a small sideboard, a place to keep dishes. Find a buffet or sideboard.
Buffet-Style DiningWhere guests serve themselves a meal from a table or sideboard (balancing the plate on the lap may be implied).
Building InspectorAn official whose job is to inspect new or remodeling construction for structural soundness and safety features.
Building LineThe line upto, which the plinth of a building adjoining a street or extension of a street or on a future may lawfully extend.
Building SystemsComponents of a building that are permanent. These include HVAC, electrical and lighting systems, and plumbing.
Built-InAny element, such as a bookcase or cabinetry, that is built into a wall or an existing frame.
BulbMore accurately the lamp bulb or lamp, it is the glass container that houses the filament of incandescent lighting and in fluorescent lighting contains phosphorus and gas.
Bulking Of SandWhen dry sand comes in contact with moisture, thin film is formed around the particles , which causes them to get apart from each other. This result in increasing the volume of sand. This phenomenon is known as bulking of sand.
Bullion FringeCorded fringe that's twisted into a rope or braid. Primarily used on the base of upholstered furniture, window treatments, accent pillows and lamp shades. Also called bullion trim.
BullnoseA 180-degree rounded wooden edge on the starting step (also on a table or cabinet top).
Bump OutLiving space created by cantilevering the floor and ceiling joists and extending the exterior wall of a room.
Bun FootA flattened ball or bun shaped foot with a slender ankle above, normally used on a chest or seating piece. Very popular during the William and Mary period.
Bungalow StyleAn architectural style of a small house or cottage usually having a single story and sometimes an additional attic story. Most commonly associated with Victorian and Craftsman period bungalow homes and decor.
Bunk BedTwo beds that are joined together so that one is placed above the other. Find kid's furniture.
BunkieCommonly refers to a twin-size mattress used on bunk beds.
Bunkie BoardA platform type of base or a board usually covered with fabric. Used to support a bunkie mattress on a bunk bed.
BureauA dresser used to store clothing also a piece of furniture with drawers used as a desk. Bureau's normally feature either a fall-front, which slopes at 45 degrees, a tambour front or a cylinder front. Find bedroom furniture.
BurjarA large upholstered arm chair style that was made by Thomas Chippendale.
BurlA dome-shaped growth on the trunk of a tree. Intricately patterned burl wood is often used by wood turners and furniture makers.
Burl VeneerMade from scarlike wood growth or from root wood that imparts a complex, swirling grain pattern to the veneer.
Business Accounting SoftwareEnables computers to keep accounting records.
Butcher BlockA surface made from thick cubes or strips of hardwood used for cutting or chopping food items.
Butler's Tray TableA tray with four flip-up handholds that can be removed from the table legs on which it stands. When the sides are down an oval tabletop is created. Find coffee and cocktail tables.
Butt HingesThis type of hinge is most commonly used for fixing door or window shutters to the frame. The sizes of hinges vary from 50mm long x 37mm wide to 125mm long x 75mm wide.
Butt JointThe junction of the ends of two pieces of wood such as on a sill.
Butterfly TableA small drop-leaf table whose leaves are supported by a swinging support resembling a butterfly wing on a rudder. Find dining room and kitchen tables.
Button TuftedButtons that are fabric covered and sewn through the upholstery surface and tied down. The placement of the buttons and their resulting folds produce geometric patterns.
ButtressIt is similar to a pier built on the exterior of a wall and properly binded to it. Buttresses are placed at intervals along wall to make it stable for resisting outward.
Buttressed ChimneyIn Medieval construction, a stepped chimney built in the shape of two buttresses placed back to back. buyer One who selects lines or companies whose furnishings are sold in furniture and department stores.
ByobuSmall-scaled decorative folding Japanese screens.
Byzantine ChairA three cornered chair originated in the Orient and later used in Italy.
Byzantium (A.D. 330-1453)The eastern capital of the classical Roman Empire known for its colorful tile mosaics.