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Globe Panel Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company that manufactures the renowned brand "G L Plywood". The company is a pioneer in the sector with its thrust on cherishing relationships forever.

We celebrate our commitment to quality and Indian values as we reach towards various milestones. With its sincere efforts in developing quality products since its inception in the year 1992, GL has carved a niche for itself in the wood industry.

We live in a dynamic world, which is changing swiftly, full of exciting possibilities. In this fast paced world, we have enjoyed tremendous growth but its a question of immense importance as to how do we see ourselves in the near future. G L charts its future prospects through the medium of a blueprint which serves as a guiding factor for its forthcoming endeavors.

To inspire excellence.

To exude positivity and optimism in the minds of our associates.

To nurture Indian values and maintain our core competence.

To take on newer challenges and break new grounds.

The vision at GL is the broad spectrum of guidelines and policies that drive our growth. Our winning culture defines the broad framework that needs to be carried out in order to achieve and accomplish unbridled growth.

Leadership :Be in the reckoning globally as a leading brand in wood industry.

People :Nurture talent and make the company as one of the great employers to work for.

Relationships: Build rapport with associates and patrons.

Passion :Make passion a core ingredient of companys policies.

Nature :To help the green cause through optimal utilization of available resource.

Research & Development

The strength of research and development capabilities is at the forefront of the manufacturing process at GL Plywoods. Green practices at the manufacturing stage are employed so that there is no harm to the environment.

Strict quality control system is in place which makes sure that only superior products reach the end-user. R & D wing is sought after for its valuable and enriching processes at every stage.

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