Global engi-tech has large market share in the field of waste management equipments. They have introduced food waste crusher for food waste disposal it is new equipment. Each unit is prepared with plastic molded parts, ss contact parts, casting parts, and ss blade. The nourishment waste crusher is an electrically worked unit used to pound sustenance squander to keep away from channel line chock-ups due to nourishment waste. It is utilized as a part of lodgings, inns, homes, container, open lobbies, eateries, sanctuaries, and so forth it can likewise be utilized as a versatile unit for capacities like gatherings, relational unions, and so on.

It is accessible in 0.5 hp to 3 hp engine having the limit 10 dinners waste to 1500 suppers waste at once. The crusher can be supplanted with the assistance of channel line of the ss soak in home kitchen. There is no compelling reason to cut the stainless steel sink, the crusher can fit at the same spot and you can change over and channel the nourishment squander as fluid. The vast crusher can squash around 200 kg of nourishment waste in 60 minutes.
The crusher can pound all kind of nourishment waste including bones of the non-veg sustenance. It can be utilized for bubbled vegetables, breads, plate of mixed greens, fish, bones, peels, chicken, meat, and egg shells.