The amazing world of Glitorium welcomes its esteemed customers to explore a diverse range of hardware products. They were established with a vision to redefine the concept of selling hardware along with conceptualizing showroom. Also, they aimed to change the perspective of people towards here which was inclined merely to hammers and nails. In this way, Glitorium was founded in the year 2011 and at present, Glitorium hardware is renowned and recognized as one of the top providers of architectural solutions. They are not limited to Mumbai; in fact, they offer hardware solutions to many prominent and big cities of India with the help of a strong network of distributors and retailers.

Glirtorium is trusted by the leading and highly known interior designers and architects for all the relevant need and requirements of them. Prestigious architectural projects of these designers and architects are incomplete without products of Glitorium. This faith and trust of customers enables them to cater something new and innovative every time. Not only hardware, they also deal in quality flooring solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Customers are heartily invited to explorer their budget friendly solutions.

The Vision Mission & Values


To enhance and elevate the quality of life by offering Space Finishes that defines ones personality and presenting unrivalled designs by being customers centric.


  • To consistently evolve with time and setting benchmarks by introducing innovative and inspiring products.
  • Showcase transparency in every offering and dealing by adherently practising best corporate policies.
  • Constantly focus on organisational growth and act as a catalyst of progress for customers, stakeholders, suppliers and employees.


Every process and purpose at Glitorium is guided by the five-fold 'PRIDE' philosophy, which is alsothe way of life for every member of the organisation; the ideals they are proud of, and understandably so.

  • Perseverance

    to constantly innovate and integrate, thus delivering superior products and services time and again.

  • Reliability

    that helps in forging new alliances while strengthening associations already built over the years.

  • Integrity

    that is born out of the most vital aspects of honesty, righteousness and fairness places people and partners before profits.

  • Discipline

    in attitude, operations and procedures, thus ensuring smooth and flawless day-to-day functioning.

  • Empathy

    to understand, appreciate and satisfy the needs of employees, customers and business associates