Glaze is a renowned brand in the natural stone industry, established more than two decades ago. During this period, the people behind Glaze have worked relentlessly to create a symbol of quality, and customer satisfaction. Through relationships with the best quarries around the globe, Glaze has acquired the ability to source premium material. Glaze found its niche in the competitive global market by proving time and again to its faithful clients that its product was and continues to be superior because of the right sourcing and price. At Glaze, we consider marble to be precious, its beauty to be marveled at for generations to come, hence disallowing us from compromising our products quality, in all aspects.

Glaze Mumbai is aimed at catering to the needs of Indian clients with a flair and passion for Marble and Natural Stone, bringing the ancient beauty of Rome, Naples, Sicily, Greece and many more to the living rooms of elite home owners of Mumbai.

Our company specializes in premium Imported Natural Stones handpicked from quarries around the world especially Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, etc. perfect for fulfilling your dream of creating an extraordinary interior. Glaze's assortment of natural stone is of exotic and rare Design and Texture, Our products range from Statuario, Thassos White, Vietnam White, Crema Marfil, Dark Emprador, Botticino Classico, Travertines, Onyx and the like.

The PolicyEver since its inception, it has been the policy of the company to stock materials of the highest quality, with correct specification, conforming to the international standard of 20 mm thick slabs, uniformity in thickness and controlled variation in color. All our material is processed in its country of origin using state-of-the-art equipment of Italian make, offered at competitive prices with an assurance of the best possible service.

Our MissionIt took nature millions of years to create natural stone. We at GLAZE will continue to bring it from different parts of the world to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. Uncompromising on quality, Glaze will continue to deliver one of Mother Natures greatest gifts to mankind.