Glass Top Freezers/Glass Top Deep Freezers Commercial Refrigeration Blue Star

Brand:Blue Star
BrandBlue Star


DISPLAY MORE. SELL MORE. Glass Top Deep Freezers offer economical freezing, storage and display solutions, all at the same time. Aesthetically crafted, they turn an ordinary display into a striking one. They are ideal for both small stores as well as modern-day large format deparmental stores, and for use in parlours and eateries. The sides can be custom-branded to suit any particular product or company. A choice of premium display freezer models, gives you stunning looks and superior performance as well. Overall, it is a smart choice for the smart retailer! SALIENT FEATURES Robust construction for heavy-duty use Easy-slide glass door Corrosion-resistant body Tropicalised for high ambient temperatures Locks in all models High density PUF insulation for better holding time Highly energy-efficient compressor Eco-friendly Cyclopentane foaming PUF insulation