Get Structured Before The Big Shift

Is Your Move Planned, Prepared And Disruption Free? Consider Careful Planning To Give Your Home T.L.C While Moving Into A Permanent Or Temporary Dwelling, Be Sure With These Smart Tips.

Oct 15, 2015
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1. Pare Down your Clutter

Just about any way you start, but don't hold onto old unused things that are untouched and forgotten. Declutter your stock of trash to streamline if you can't even remember when you used them last by analyzing to store, donate and trash them. Pare off your belongings and label them for move after categorizing the purge.

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2. Set Up an Inventory

There's nothing worse than having to scramble for your essentials. Make a checklist of items to stash upon, from bills to required items, get organized before meltdown. Here are some help:

  • Furniture- Table, sofa and bed according to space

  • Textiles- Carpets, curtains and linen

  • Appliances- Complete kitchenware and utensils

  • Supplies- Security and first-aid kit 

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3. Check for Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui Principles

Vastu Shastra and Fengshui are two sciences to curb the bridge between man and nature, the ancient sciences for architecture, nature and energy flow (chi) is employed to create harmony amongst inhabitant in dwellings. Orientation, geographic influences, placement of rooms and location of water body etc. play vital role in determining the stats of happily ever after. By placing our bodies and environment in alignment, we would be more tuned with our daily chores to ensure a safe stay and auspicious tenure. To understand the basic difference between the two science's follow

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4. Seek Expert’s Help

Plan a walkthrough to get specialists help for they have an eye for detail to have a better picture of what you feel for your space, they would inspect for minor changes in plans for better utilization of space and provide efficient resources without having to hassle ourselves with brands, products and price variety. This actually saves our time and help avoid expensive mistakes. With new construction, it is mandatory to hire professionals. Find designers near you and browse their portfolios on

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5. Designer Services a La Carte

Such services include small subset referring to 'a la carte' interior design, while majority of the decor is done by us. These piecemeal services are particularly ranging from 'paint colour selection', 'window treatment design', 'furniture sourcing' to even 'space planning' of areas which are majorly accessed by guest for which they charge hourly. These services are palatable investments and this phenomenon can also piqued curiosity seeking the designers creativity, fresh design ideas, design development and all nitty-gritty details while testing the waters.

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6. Don’t Leave Kitchen Undone

Before moving in, make sure the kitchen is well done and if it requires the following:

  • Anthropometry- Placement of counter top, chimney, microwave and lighting are ideal

  • Paint- Beforehand work would result in better groove

  • Clean cabinet and fridge- Scrub clean to skimp and settle for a quick wipe-down

  • Check for switches and appliances- Do prior inspection to be better safe than sorry

  • Space for storage- Plan out your cabinets and trolleys

  • Arrangement- Go according to 'Work triangle rule' i.e. cooking station, fridge and sink should be in a triangular space for easy access

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7. Check for Leaks and Water Logging Areas

Don't be fooled with freshly painted walls and refinished floors. Diagnose kitchen, bathroom and balcony to avoid bad slip or laundry run and smooth water drains. Unlevelled slopes can be chronic water logging grounds. Check walls, wood and ceiling for leaks, damp odours, blistering and peeling, stains and discolouration in paint and wood which can lead to bacterial growth. Therefore a prior inspection for the same is best cure to ensure you have a dry and well ventilated apartment. 

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8. Check Electrical Point Efficiency

Have inspections before possession and get them fixed when looking for television, cable box, DVD player, sound system, and video game console set-up, check for electrical points and surge protection as per your appliances. Look for loose live wires and point's compatibility with wattage for preventing electrical overloads. 

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9. Maximize from Minimal Resources

Tough small spaces are practical and easy with current lifestyle, there are some compromises to make with your choice but space planning can help enhance the appeal. Follow these tricks to make your space look bigger:

  • Choose a light colour palate for decor as it's a space expander

  • Avoid contrast for clash of colours making it congested

  • Let natural light into the room

  • Create organized floor to ceiling and wall to wall spaces

  • Use small prints or neutral colour fabrics

  • Keep mirrors to add extra light

For some great space saving multifunctional furniture ideas look onto

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10. Splurge on Decor and Home Furnishing

Take advantage of open spaces and Spartan rooms. Furniture is a wise investment although not an obligation. Decor and furnishing can equally elevate your space with paintings, photo frames, many DIY wall decal ideas, from curtains to lightings and even accessories. Think out of the box, look at everything as a potential resource for decorating. Form your own ideas to expand space or give a compact feel with bright colours, niches and rugs all accordingly. Also see various decor related brands and their products on

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