Gessi has given a new style of living with creations ranging from faucets to ceramics , even precious bathroom textiles and air fresheners “ a unique designs to be experienced , to be worn and experienced”. Our designs involve all senses allowing every Gessi user fully enjoy personal spaces and celebrate a renewed contact with one’s inner self.

Our Italy products are manufactured in harmony with environment and user; they create a new awareness and design appreciation with a focus on product’s charm and elegance along with ethical content.

We have huge client age including architects, interior designers etc. Our teams of experts are creative, dynamic and innovative who think outside the box and giving a new shape to future. We have given a new concept to living style with our vast range of products.

Gessi products create living spaces where daily activities take a new and extraordinary value. Our believe is in innovation of a base for interior design and well being. Gessi gives full stress on protecting the environment, new production environment and freedom and a complete passion for objects which improves many people’s life.


Integrated quality and environmental management system governs an entire business complex and dedicated to continuous improvement. Gessi provides best quality products which are certified by world's most renowned certification bodies and UNI EN ISO 9001 certifications for company's production methods and production systems. We are one of the companies who have been awarded a triple certification for quality, safety and environmental protection.

Along with quality we strictly adhere that all our products according to standards and regulations. We believe in shared value and an indispensible element that helps us in reflecting our company's business philosophy and translates into a real commitment in every aspect ranging from products to processes to relationships with all our partners, customers and suppliers. We always pay a special attention in environment protection.

We always try to design an efficient, pleasant, comfortable, beautiful and respectful place for our workers and surrounding environment areas.

Certificate Of Qualification

Using advanced technologies and innovative processes, while constantly adhering to its strict policies and often exceeding regulatory requirements, Gessi reaffirms its objective to preserve the environment, to create products of unparalleled quality and to promote workplace health and safety on a daily basis.

    Gessi has always been highly dedicated to "green" production practices. The Company has been seriously involved in researching and developing technological and technical solutions for its products and processes for years. These aimed at reducing consumption and minimizing environmental impact, while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic design and offering new and innovative solutions every season.
    Every Gessi creation offers the added value of integral and genuine "Made in Italy - Made in Gessi" production processes.
    Gessi's production philosophy focuses on the individual and the pursuit of total quality: in the processes, the products and the work that is carried out, with special attention to the environments in which people live and work.

    With national and international certifications for products and processes, Gessi not only conforms to the requirements, but often exceeds the quality, safety and protection regulations issued by the certification bodies.