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Gender Bender
Gender Bender
Gender Bender
Gender Bender
Gender Bender
Gender Bender
Gender Bender

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Can architecture insinuate gender identities?
How can SPACE reflects alternate attitudes and lifestyles...

How could SPACE reflects the activism and non-conformist view of the group who erase the gender barriers..

Can we have a space which could be called ANDROGYNOUS....GENDER FLUID ?

These are the questions the installation tries to address. Gender Bending / Gender Fucking , (terminology is commonly know), is less to do with the aphorisms, sexuality and the externality that people associate with the lifestyle. On the contrary, what makes the group unique is their courage to question the social mores, the given gender , the status quo, and the non-confirmative attitude.

The installation addresses these while portraying the space through the palette of Color Next 2013. It addresses the Political / Social externality Vs the Private and Sublime Internality.
Architectural space is speculative..., subjected to contrived and metaphorical meanings and interpretations 'so is the installed space.
It is the male centrality in architectural theory, discourse and standards that needs to be challenged, revised and infused with gender sensitivity..
Can Architecture generate Gender Fluid, Sexualized or Engendered Spaces?
Space itself has no is non-gendered, but we can infuse and attribute it with one...
Asian Paints color next 2013, predictive research did exactly that, trying to tag the space with associative color metaphors.

The exterior is clad with mirror finished ACP , which is reflective of the societies views of anything to do with Alternative Gender issues. At one level, it is the incomplete , fragmented view of ourselves, staring back at us...

The slated trapezoidal prism reflect the color in multitude ways depending on the angle of view of the spectator. Each vantage points throws up a different view and color palette - another interpretation of Gender Fluidity , that it defies
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