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Gems School
Gems School
Gems School

Location: Kochi, Kerala, India

Cost: 105 Crores

Area: 32, 374 Sq.M.

Client: Premier Education Establishments Pvt. Ltd

The implementation of sustainability in all projects is the major highlight of Creative group. In a day and age where wide open spaces are hard to come by, Prof. Charanjit Shah pushed the envelope of the GEMS school stretching over an 8 acres sustainable, environmental friendly campus integrating the built & open spaces. The campus site is envisioned by the architect to be a natural retreat with all viewing angles towards the river front. Here, Ar. Gurpreet Shah, pioneer in sustainable design creates an entity with soft subtle touches and imbibes a sense of elegance by blending together the different functions of design. The architect conceptualizes the design in a way to stimulate all senses of look, feel, smell & touch for a child trying to find his own world in the environs of an institutional campus.