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Gemini Hotel
Gemini Hotel

Location: Lucknow, Up, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Area: 164000 Sqft

Project Started: 2010

Site Area - 46000 Sqft


Structure - C S Bhandari.

Electrical - Integral Design

Plumbing - Satish Vishwakarma & Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd.

HVAC - Design Centre Consulting Engineers

The Project is a business hotel with an international franchise like Sheraton or Hilton. The site is in the newer part of the city in a location surrounded by commercial corporate setups. This building is one out of the three on this plot: the other two being corporate towers.

The program of the project is developed keeping in mind international standards and the local contextual forces: as a business hotel capable of holding banquet facilities for up to 1000 people.

The complexity due to the contradictory program required for a radical solution in the basic planning: to segregate the hotel and banquet functions. The design of the hotel is developed as a functional chassis to incorporate flexible interior requirements by the operators. this chassis is cladded with a skin system intelligent enough to adapt to various apertures. The skin is made in a "Jalli" : the graphics of which is inspired by Indian traditional motifs, thus expressing a contextual awareness. This skin system defies the functional legibility of different spaces thus giving the building a solid singular aesthetic.

The intelligent control of this Jalli accommodates the requirement of an unrestricted view with controlled solar gain, allowing the energy consumptions and HVAC requirements to reduce.