On graduating in the first quarter of the '90s Girish Dariyav Karnawat soon realized the limitations of architectural education in preparing an individual to take a design beyond the drawing board and through the other half that constitutes project execution: dealing with the numerous other participants involved, running a project and building it on site. The coming decade was to bring upon GDK the 'real' training.


Though working with various architects in Ahmedabad and Zurich in the first half of the decade brought him valuable experience, it is the second half of the decade that would prove to be a critical period of transition. An attempt at setting up office in Ahmedabad in the third quarter of the decade met with severely discouraging results. Nonetheless, his assistance to Kurula Varkey at the School of Architecture in Ahmedabad and, later on, engagements with the studio of Bijoy Jain in Alibag offered GDK critical insights into the discipline and practice of architecture.

In 2001 he moved base to Mumbai to set up ATELIER GDK: a unique one-man architectural practice that would be his primary medium for addressing concerns of tradition, creativity, intention, contextuality, education and industry.

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O Lobo Compound, Kadri Kambla Cross New Road, Mangalore, Karnataka, India - 575004



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Owner: Girish Dariyav Karnawat

Founded: 2001


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