Our design philosophy has always been to work closely with the client on helping them realize their dream. Our designs almost always hove nature wropping around the built spaces with no clear boundaries, where one flows into the other and interior spaces speak with nature and are drenched with light. Our aesthetic approach and design sensibilities are deep rooted in Indianess with a very simple form follows function ap-proach. Spaces, functions and form are envisaged ony after many long interactive sessions with the clients often interspersed with lunch/dinner and sometimes even masala dosa timeouts.

We love to experiment be it our choice of projects, material, techniques, and design approach. Many a times we have design juries within the office where the floor is thrown open and even the trainees porticipote in throshing every design, detail etc and what it results in is a combined col-lective experience of over 150 years experience. Our team has grown to encompass artists, product designers, sculptors, lighting designers etc who we liaison with closely to enhance almost every project.

Personal Details
14, Temple Trees Row, Cauvery Colony, Near Koramangala Ist block, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560047



Phone:080 25535449

Owner: Gayathri Shetty

Founded: 1993