Gaia Pottery is a one stop shops for aesthetic range of designer pots and accessories a requirement for every garden and living room. We offer a wide variety of terracotta, earthenware, and art pottery of all sizes and textures. All our products are solely created with all natural things, Gaia lines of pots and interior accessories is made of plastic and anything synthetic.

‘Gaia’ is originated from Greek Goddess personifying the Earth. All our designs are natural forms in contemporary styles and selection of pottery is a source of inspiration from the works of artisans in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Bali. All our pottery to decorative vases planters, candle stands and artifacts are hind picked giving classic, contemporary or even casual designs. They give a new definition to living room, bedroom and garden.

All Gaia products are manufactured with an inspiration from primal Greek Goddess which personifies the earth. Our designs are very exclusive and represent natural forms in contemporary styles.