Gaggenau is a small town in the Black Forest. This is where our company was established in 1683. The first built-in kitchen appliances that you could buy in Europe were created here in the early 60s. Their name: "Gaggenau".

A success story begins.

Gaggenau, a small village in the Murgtal Valley, at the foot of the Black Forest. It's here that the company Gaggenau is founded in 1683 as an ironworks by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden (1655-1707). He uses the iron ore deposits in the Murgtal Valley to open up new sources of income for the impoverished farmers, thus laying the foundation for the success story of the brand.

A closely guarded secret: Our enamel.

Gaggenau had plenty of time to build up a very special expertise: With initial production of enamelled signs, we acquired valuable skills for the production of our enamelled ovens.

Today, the typical blue Gaggenau enamel is a recognized brand and quality mark - and its recipe is a closely guarded trade secret.