Future Office Chennai, India, July 2014

Interestingly, yesterday's modern office too becomes today's traditional office. In this rapidly changing business world, the strength of an organization's communication procedures is one of the most crucial factors for its success. And periodic modernization is the primary delivery vehicle that not only ensures smooth internal and external communication but also maintains and upgrades the communication infrastructure of an organization.
To provide a large platform for manufacturers & suppliers of office systems to display the latest technology so that the user can access what is the best technology suitable for them, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will be organizing an exhibition "Future Office" from 4th - 6th July 2014 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai. The exhibition will have separate pavilions called Office Systems and Stationary.
Office Systems:
Any office with good architectural design, ample space, good lighting, comfortable working conditions and latest technology provides the boost for employees. This pavilion of the exhibition will mainly focus of infrastructure part of office like Modular Office Systems, Furniture, Lighting, Air-conditioning systems, Computers, Printers and other amenities

In today world the use of paper is coming down and also there are concerted efforts from individuals to reduce paper uses since it causes great damage to environment. However, no office can be complete with uses of paper. At the same time, there are so many other new stationery items are being developed for variety of uses, which can reduce the human efforts to large extent and at the same time help employees to improve on their work, presentations and apprearance.
Future Office Chennai, India, July 2014