Furniture is the key element while designing the interiors of any space. Whether you want to use your space for sitting, relaxing, working, eating or doing anything furniture adds elegance and functionality to that space. Investing in good quality furniture can be rewarding as it can last up to lifetime and one can easily handover to the next generations. However, for those who are keen on changing looks or renovating –used or refurbished furniture can also be a good option. more
Living Room FurnitureA living room is the place where we sit, talk and mix with family members or entertain our guests. It is the heart of any home. So, its furniture should be chosen with care and with proper planning and consideration. There are many things which can be assimilated in a living room like coffee tables, lamps, chairs, T.V cabinets, ottomans etc.
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Outdoor FurnitureOutdoors are the place to relax and have fun with family and friends. Choosing the right type of outdoor furniture will enhance the enjoyment of nature besides adding elegance to the outer space or garden. Care should also be taken to choose the right material for outdoor furniture which suits the weather of the particular area.
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Bedroom FurnitureBedroom is a place where one can relax and unwind after a long day. It is like a personal sanctuary for its owner. Basically a bedroom is furnished with a bed and nightstands. Nowadays people use their bedroom not just for relaxing but also for working or watching TV. A modern bedroom is furnished with wardrobes, dressers, nightstands and an optional working desk which can also be used for placing TV or gaming console.
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Dining Room FurnitureTraditionally there were dedicated dining rooms in a house where guests were entertained and this room was used for consuming food. During medieval period the dining room was on a separate floor of the house but with the advent of modern times a dedicated dining room has been replaced by dining cum living room or placing dining tables near kitchen for convenience. However, in some homes the culture of a separate dining room is maintained even today. These are termed as luxury dining rooms. A simple dining room is furnished with dining table and chairs along with side tables, cabinets, bar stools etc.
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Bathroom FurnitureA bathroom may be described as a room we use for personal hygiene. This room may contain a toilet, sink, bathtub or a shower. In the bygone era, rooms were dedicated only for bathing but with the modern areas and less space a commode is also installed in the same room. There are different varieties of bathroom like powder room which only has a sink and a commode for guests, or a shower room - a small room adjacent to the master bedroom for more private use. A bathroom also needs to have some storage for which there is a dedicated range of bathroom furniture.
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Kitchen FurnitureKitchen is basically used to prepare food but with the advent of modern times a kitchen may also be used to dine, store food and even entertain guests. A modern kitchen is also equipped with a range of kitchen furniture besides the traditional stove and sink.
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Kids FurnitureWhether you are a first time parent or already a parent of two-three kids, choosing the right furniture for your kid’s room is always a great task. It involves lot of patience and research to find just the right type of furniture for your kid’s room. We are discussing below some of the must-haves furniture pieces for your kid’s room.
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Study Rooms FurnitureA study room is a place where one can sit peacefully and concentrate on work. Whether it is a home based office or a study room for kids or teenagers, the study room furniture reflects the taste and personality of the owner of the room. The user should feel comfortable and productive in such a room.
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Dressing Rooms FurnitureDressing room may be best described as a place where you would like to dress up every day and also to be used as a personal space for grooming and storage of vanity and clothing items. Before the regency period only the rich and the royal class could afford a special room for dressing but today this is an essential part or extension of one’s bedroom.
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Bars FurnitureHome bars are the perfect place when you do not feel like going out for a drink or when you are entertaining guests at home. Setting up a home bar is not an easy task and one needs to plan carefully for small things. With the right furniture for your home bar, you can create an environment which will be relaxing for you and for those special cocktail parties.
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Office FurnitureOn an average a working individual spends around 7-8 hours in office. So it becomes very important to choose the office furniture wisely. Good office furniture will increase the productivity; keep the office clean and well-organized, besides keeping all the necessary things handy as and when required. Boring and traditional office furniture may lack functionality and it will not create any enthusiasm to work. Colorful furniture also adds zest and style to the work area.
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Restaurant FurnitureThere are different types of restaurants and café depending upon the tastes of the people. Some of them are meant to be take away café’s while some are for relaxing with family and friends and thus are called fine dining restaurants. Depending upon the type and nature of your restaurant or café, the furniture should be carefully selected. For example a fine dining restaurant will need more exotic and classic finish furniture which is very comfortable while take away restaurants need only functional furniture which may not be comfortable or classy.
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Educational FurnitureThere is an age-old myth related to the school and teaching institutes that they should have smaller classroom size, so that they raise high standard students. Today’s schools are not just meant for reading writing activities but they serve as a learning hub to various things. Researches have shown that physical atmosphere of the classroom is like a third teacher. Thus, it stresses the need to place such furniture which pays attention to posture, fatigue, comfortability, durability and concentration power of the students.
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Recreational FurnitureCommercial places like restaurants and hotels are not only judged by the quality of the food they serve but also by the looks and the ambience of the place. Before even entering the place the potential clients can be impressed by the beautiful furniture pieces which look sophisticated and relaxing, thus attracting the clients to use them.
Handicapped FurniturePeople with special needs use their body in different manner. The traditional furniture types may not be suitable to their day to day requirements. We are fortunate that modern engineering and technology has proved to be a savior for the elderly and for the people with special needs. Today several types of furniture have been created which not only makes them independent but also provides support and therapy to them. Ho
Hospital FurnitureHospitals are necessary for the well-being of the patients. Likewise, the furniture for hospital should be comfortable and relaxing besides being safe and sterile for the patients who are using it. Hospital furniture should be easy to maintain and should be fully functional to provide the utmost comfort to the patient and the care-givers. They can be portable or stationery which are made out of raw materials such as stell, iron, plastic, brass or combination of two or more. But the basic consideration should be maintained on posture, style & function and ease of transfer.
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Furniture is the key element while designing the interiors of any space. Whether you want to use your space for sitting, relaxing, working, eating or doing anything furniture adds elegance and functionality to that space. Investing in good quality furniture can be rewarding as it can last up to lifetime and one can easily handover to the next generations. However, for those who are keen on changing looks or renovating –used or refurbished furniture can also be a good option.

Types of furniture-

Depending upon the usage of the space, the types of furniture can be:

Single seating: For single seating one can choose different types of furniture like-chair, bean bag, ottoman, and recliner, and stool, buffet.
Multiple seats: For seating more than one person we can choose from-Benches, Couch or sofa, Divan and love-seat.
Sleeping: For sleeping or relaxing we can opt for furniture like-Futon, Bed, hammock, Sofa-bed.
Surface: surface furniture can be-desk, table, changing table, wash stand and work bench.
Storage: For storing we have different categories of furniture like-bookcase, chest of drawers, wardrobe, wine rack, safe, sideboard, coat hangers, hat stand etc.


Materials for furniture-

Modern day furniture uses wide variety of materials or a combination of all types listed below:

Wood: This is the age-old and trusted material for making furniture. Some of the best types of wood for making furniture are teak, rosewood, mahogany. Now days, solid wood has been replaced by veneer boards or laminate. Laminate boards are further subdivided into –particle boards, MDF, HDF, pre-laminated boards, fiber boards etc.
Cane: This is the ecofriendly version of wood. It is light and airy and gives a casual look to the space.
Wrought iron: This material has been used since ages; it is the hallmark of elegance and style. Good for both outdoors and indoors.
Wicker: This is made from soft woven plant branches. It is light and easy to maintain. It is good as outdoor furniture.
Steel: It is tough, needs low maintenance and is good for both outdoors and indoors.
Aluminum: It is known for its resistance against rust and corrosion. It is good for outdoors.
Combination: Now day’s furniture is made by combining different materials like wood, glass, acrylic, brass and fabric to achieve the ultimate look.


Room specific furniture-

Kids room: Kids room furniture should be sturdy but without any sharp sides. It should be able to with stand the jumping, pulling and if possible it should be scratch resistant. Essentials for kids’ rooms are:

• Toddler or kids bed
• Multipurpose table and chairs
• Bookcases
• Toy box cum benches
• Study tables


Bedroom: This place for relaxing and resting. So accordingly furniture should be comfortable:

• King/Queen sized bed
• Nightstands
• Bedside table
• Dressing table
• Wardrobe
• Chair or couch


Living room: Living room is used for family get together and mixing up. Some of the furniture essentials are:

• Loveseat
• Sofa
• Armchair
• Coffee table
• Side table
• Ottoman
• Cabinet


Modular office furniture: Modern day office furniture is easy to install and totally functional. It not only looks good but also serves its purpose effortlessly. Some of the furniture categories are:

• Filing cabinet
• Desk/computer desk
• Ergonomic chairs
• Modular office cubicles
• Workstations
• Modular conference table and chairs
• Storage units


Tips while buying used or refurbished furniture-

Sometimes, used furniture is also considered while changing the interiors; especially if it is to be decorated on a limited budget. Following are the tips to keep in mind while considering such furniture:

  • It is good to always try out the furniture before buying. Inspect closely for cuts and joints or any re-polishing done to hide faults.
  • Used hotel furniture can be a good option for furnishing homes. Such furniture is nicely maintained.
  • Do not buy used mattresses as they may be infested.
  • While choosing used kids furniture always check if it has been recalled and what is the apparent fault in the piece.
  • Metal furniture can be a good option after rust has been removed and it has been polished. It also comes cheap.
  • Furniture which requires lot of assembly work may not be sturdy and durable.
  • Always have dimensions of the space ready while going for furniture shopping.
  • Always look for quality. Buying used furniture does not mean that you should fill your space with junk.