The spirit which Freedom tree provides is vibrant design destination – a thumbprint against standardization.

Every home maker spends a lot of time in designing their home – spinning stories, entertaining, and rejuvenating. Freedom tree understands their feelings and recommend, global color design and quirky coordination for your home. Our designs are made by many heads, hearts and hands. We have a variety of collection of furniture, table ware, textiles, floor coverings, lighting, home fragrances and accessories. We welcome everyone to the world of good designing, everyday, constantly evolving and stimulating all freedom of fun.

The way we see this

Freedom Tree's commitment is to Design improving quality of life. Through striking color and freedom of choice we will be a brand people love. Specially for those who want joyous alternatives for home and living. With signature color palettes, strong print direction, quirky curated product mix, we bring real and likable design for everyday living.

Why are we doing this?

The studio's spirit is to celebrate modern India as a vibrant design destination - it is a thumbprint against standardization. Loveable and fun products make everyday living beautiful celebrating a freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of being. Welcome to the world of good design everyday; constantly evolving and stimulating the freedom to have fun!

Design Services

For everyone color is a universal language and is loved by everyone. When it comes to choosing color for homes or business people are daunted by it. They prefer color which provides you a feeling of comfortableness and what they like. If you need to make a choice in colour please visit our studio and we will help you in the interior project you are working on. We have dedicated team of designers who will help you and help you in production selection matching your needs.

Net Distribution Services

Net Distribution Services Pvt Ltd. (NDSL) is India's multi channel online retailing company. The company has it base in Mumbai and its various throughout India. 

In today's high technology world customers are always seeking newer, smarter and cost effective ways of buying products and services. We provide our customers to do shopping for themselves using internet services to make their purchases. We have multiple brands on web stores and some company sources products which are sold by NSDL as an authorized retailer.

Our only motto is customer satisfaction and working towards the demands and needs of all our valuable customers.