Frederic Schwartz

Frederic SchwartzFrederic Schwartz a design principal at Creative Group is an internationally renowned architect and planner focused on architecture, planning, interior and sustainable design. Schwartz public sector clients including national governments: USA, India, China, Singapore, Haiti and Germany and New York City agencies such as the Department of Transportation and the Housing Authority.

He has received 24 American Institute of Architects Awards and is the winner of 15 major national and international competitions including recently for three major new airports in India (the country's first 'green' airport) and an international master planning competition in Guangzhou, China, for an expansion equal to the size of Manhattan. Schwartz is currently partnering with the US National Park Service on a new sustainable design center in the Delaware River Gap National Park.

The firm has recently been selected for a public/ private housing initiative by the government of Ghana and international investment group to design a prototype new super-green new town for 20,000 for the capitol city of Accra that will be replicated in 10 other locations. FSA is responsible for the design of modular; factory produced affordable, sustainable housing and the entire public infrastructure including health clinics, community centers, schools and the sanitation facilities

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Principal Architect

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Harvard Graduate School of Design
Master of Architecture
University of California
Berkeley, A. B. Architecture

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Frederic Schwartz