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Food Court
Food Court
Food Court
Food Court
Food Court
Food Court

Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Cost: 15 Crores Inclusive Of Cityside Development

Area: 400 Sq.M

Client: Airports Authority Of India

Project Completed: Jun-2012

"Tensile membrane structure offers versatility of form to food court"

"Organic and fluid form of tensile roof recreates a relaxing leisure ambience for travelers"

"Travelers are lured by the serene relaxing atmosphere of the tensile food structure"

"Tranquility descends as one glances over the nature engulfed food court"

On striding along the lush green lawns, travelers are awe-struck by the flamboyant and resplendent form of the food court. A beautiful amalgamation of a built-form in harmony with the nature around, the building succeeds to charm and rejuvenate the arriving and departing passengers. Rising from the abundant flourishing landscape, the recreational food court stands in the heart of the Raipur cityside development.

The architectural form of the food court and material selection is kept light weight to subdue the structure in front of the terminal building. Inspired from a butter fly sitting on a grass land, the tensile canopy supported by two crescent shaped steel tubes with flaring wings extend to the structural cables ensuring lateral support.