Food & Wellness Club Competition 2015

The Food and Wellness Club Competition is held from 9th march to 25th May 2015 organised by young artists competition. It is an architectural competition of designing a food and wellness club for the upcoming theme park in Bologna. In the year 2016 F.I.C.O will become world?s biggest theme park dedicated to food culture and food farming. It is expected that around nine million tourists are expected to visit the park.

It will offer fitness area for visitors willing to discover body care and nutrition. The question of the completion is ?how to create an architectural space that combines the elements of food, relaxation, wellness and seasonality?


9 MAR 2015 "early bird" registration (50* Euros) - start
29 MAR 2015 "early bird" registration (50* Euros) - end

30 MAR 2015 "standard" registration (75* Euros) - start
20 APR 2015 "standard" registration (75* Euros) - end

21 APR 2015 "late" registration (100* Euros) - start
12 MAY 2015 "late" registration (100* Euros) - end

25 MAY 2015 (h 12:00 GMT, midday) material submission deadline

JUNE 2015 jury summoning

JUNE 2015 results announcement

Award Ceremony & Exhibition

Fulfilling an "early bird", "standard" or "late" registration does not affect submission deadline. Submission deadline is uniquely set on the 25 MAY 2015.

Food & Wellness Club Competition 2015