Home appliances play a significant role in the smoothly running lifestyle of every individual. All the appliances have brought in comfort and luxury in the busy life of every individual. At present, there are numerous home appliances manufacturing company available across the world. People generally choose those brand companies who have great experience and expertise in manufacturing home appliances. One of the oldest appliances manufacturing company having global recognition is Fisher and Paykel, which came into existence in the year 1934. They have been designing the most innovative appliances for the consumers since 1934 and are continuously growing with the expertise of total 80 years.

They have started manufacturing home appliance products from New Zealand and have walked across so many milestones till date. At present they have their operation in 50 different countries by having manufacturing units in Mexico, USA, Thailand, New Zealand and Italy. They possess the spirit of pioneering and curiosity culture which has helped them in continuously designing unique innovations in their conventional appliances. They continuously follow the idea of constant research and development process with the help of which they are able to come out with a sustainable design.

In the year 2012, Fisher and Paykel were purchased by the Haier group which also proved to be beneficial for the expanding growth of the company because of the collaboration with a huge international organisation. They still aim for rapidly expanding their business with new and innovative technology. They aim at becoming the most premium brand for home appliances across the globe.

All the appliances of Fisher and Paykel are completely manufactured and designed according to the requirement of the customers and latest technology. Throughout the 80 years of their experience, their major goal was to improve the living standard of the people with their designer and innovative products. They have in fact created real products for real living people. All the products of Fisher and Paykel ensure adaptability, durability, quality and functionality. All their products are completely real, in terms of material used, designing and its manufacturing. They are the masters in turning your imagination to reality.

Apart from the realism in their products, they are also very generous to their customers. Their generosity, willingness to work and the open spirit to serve the people have always given them strength in order to carry out their business successively. They are completely committed in delivering consistent high quality experiences to the customers through their products and to provide comfort in the continuous running life of the people.

Another significant reason to prefer Fisher and Paykel is their Human brand name and their curiosity to experiment.  They always keep their customers at the centre of what they do due to which all their products are human and possess life in it. They always connect with their customers who use their products in order to understand their expectations and ideas in a better way and incorporate them in their products. 

Our Vision

To be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world.

At the heart of the Fisher & Paykel story are people looking for the innovation that changes the everyday into something out of the ordinary. It appeals to their basic human desire to live life and improve it. Their goal has always been to improve life through good design.

Our Values

We create real products for real people living real lives. Our customers aren't often immaculate models living in austere surroundings; rather, they are busy people living lives enriched by friends, family, pets and visitors. We create products with life in mind. Products that are adaptable, functional, durable and of real quality. From the materials we use to our design philosophy and the way we conduct our business relationships - we are real people, making real products for real life.

We care about our customers, our people and our planet and work with a willingness and spirit of openness throughout our business. This is reflected in the high standards with which we communicate our everyday premium position. We care enough to delivery quality experiences consistently, wherever customers engage with us. The Fisher & Paykel brand is communicated with integrity by ordinary people with extra-ordinary skill and commitment to making life that little bit better.

Our brand is a human one. At the centre of what we do are the people who use our products. These are the people we come to work for. We want to connect with our customers wherever we can with stories and ideas that are meaningful to them and demonstrate that we care. These are people with routines and rituals, expectations and surprises, busy times and quiet times, joys and tragedies. They live in many countries around the world, each with distinct cultures, styles and preferences. These human qualities are reflected in the way we design, build and sell desirable, intuitive products to make people's lives easier and more enjoyable.

We understand the dynamic nature of modern living. We are fascinated by the fundamental question - 'how do you live?' because the answer informs how we design and build products to enhance real lives. This curiosity drives our considered innovation, from the big ideas through to the detail. We're curious about the world and how people live, wherever they may be. Our outlook is global, but we understand each local neighbourhood.

In terms of services, Fisher and Paykelmaintain its standard by providing appropriate customer care services to the customers. Their complete range of appliances for household includes Cooking appliances, refrigeration appliances, laundry appliances and Dish washing appliances. They provide proper guidelines to trouble shoot the problems of the customers by themselves. All these services lead them on the pathway to Success. 

Red Dot Design Award 2014
Fisher & Paykel wins another Red Dot Award in 2014. The Touch&Slide Induction Cooktop range has been awarded for high design quality.

iF Design GOLD Award
The Social Kitchen Experiential collaboration between Alt Group and Fisher & Paykel has picked up another coveted award - the prestigious iF Design GOLD Award. Announced in Munich, Germany it is the first time a New Zealand project has ever won the top prize at the influential iF Design Awards.

Red Dot Design Award 2013
Fisher & Paykel's new Gas on Glass cooktop and 60cm Built-In Oven designs have won the prestigious international design award known as 'Red Dot'.

Reader's Digest Most Trusted Brand
Fisher & Paykel was voted the country's most trusted whiteware brand in the 2011 Reader's Digest Most Trusted Brands Survey, an award we have also won every year since 2000.

Corporate Reputation Survey
In a similar vein, in the 2011 Corporate Reputation Index survey, of New Zealand's 25 largest companies, Fisher & Paykel was ranked in third place.

John Britten Black Pin 2011
Mark Elmore, Head of Design at Fisher & Paykel, was awarded The John Britten Black Pin in 2011, the highest award given by the Designers Institute of New Zealand. The award celebrates an individual who has achieved significant success in the field of design both nationally and internationally.

. Red Dot Design Awards
Fisher & Paykel was recently awarded two prestigious Red Dot Awards at the 2013 event in Germany. The Red Dot Awards - signifying the highest level of international design excellence - were awarded to the 60cm Built-In Oven and for the 903 Gas on Glass Cooktop.

Total Quality & Excellence Customer Service Award
Fisher & Paykel have won the Domestic & General's Total Quality & Excellence (TEQ) Award 2011, which rewards excellence in customer care.The award is decided through a survey sent to all Domestic & General customers who have had service work within the extended warranty period of their appliance and offers a unique insight into customer care by looking at the complete repair process from the politeness of the initial call handling through to the efficiency and courtesy of the repair agents. Fisher & Paykel's win was earned ahead of Miele and Electrolux as well as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Asko, all of which came in well behind Fisher & Paykel Customer Services.

Good Design Award
Fisher & Paykel have had many accolades for design. Fisher & Paykel were awarded a coveted Good Design Award in 2009 for CookSurface showing design at the highest international setting.

Best Awards
At the 2011 Best Awards, the Fisher & Paykel Designer Oven (90cm) was awarded a Gold Pin, while the matching Designer Cooktop range and the DishDrawer Wide also received Silver awards.

In New Zealand, CookSurface took out the country's most lauded design award: the Supreme Stringer Award for product design at the Best Design Awards in 2008.

Australian International Design Awards
Our CookSpace oven won a Design Award in the Australian International Design Award 2011 while the 90cm DishDrawer Wide won a Good Design Award at the same event.

Other Recent Awards Include

  • iF Product Design Award 2010 Kitchen/Household category Winner
  • HIA GreenSmart Awards 2009 - Finalist in the HIA GreenSmart Product category
  • GfK Number One Award 2008 Best Washing Machine category
  • K+BB Innovative Product of the Year Award 2008
  • House & Garden Magazine 2008 style award Product of the Year
  • Smarthouse Magazine Best of the Best Awards 2009 - Australia's Best Refrigeration system
  • 2007 Home Beautiful Product of the Year Award