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Wood is one of the most important and used material in construction activities. This resulted in the cutting of trees and depletion of forests all over the world. This became a major concern for many companies, so they came up with Plywood as an alternative. Plywood is made by compressing several layers of wood with heat and pressure to form three or multi layered panel. As of now it is used in offices, homes, industries etc. It is flexible and strong hence, used in beautiful interiors, building furniture and cabinetry. Fineply make quality and standard Plywood. Company is situated in Chennai and is the manufacturer of different kinds of plywood like BWP Marine plywood, BWR plywood, Film Faced Plywood, block board, shuttering plywood etc. Their products are of stunning appearance and style. With their hard and dedicated work in the field of plywood they are among the best reputed companies in the market. They serve as a bench mark for every other plywood. Company is enriched with experts and professional that manufacture masterpiece for their customers and clients. Understanding the need and demand of customer they accordingly manufacture products with perfect finish and durability.

There are a number of reasons why they are the ultimate choice of many architects, builders and interior designers.
  • 1. They use imported tropical hardwood Gurjan timber.
  • 2. Each veneer is bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin which automatically extends the life of the plywood making it more durable.
  • 3. All of their plywood are 100% borer and termite free.
  • 4. Their products are resistive under any climatic conditions.
  • 5. They pass their products from quality control measures.
  • Each Plywood has to pass through a number of quality checks before entering into the market. This makes them on of the most reliable and quality based Product Company in the market. They have excellent research and development department that develops innovative products to keep them ahead of others.